2 [Gemma]

Translated by: whosays25



“Whoooo thank you! Gosh, I finally have the chance to sit down after three freakin’ hours!” It feels great to sit on the couch. For so many hours I was only walking and only now did I have the chance to rest!

Thank goodness, I went together with Krystal. Actually, I only followed her, then after twenty minutes, we’re already here in an old house. As in, ancient. It seems, numerous years passed without anyone taking this as their residence. The stuffs and furniture were even covered by white clothes. Even this couch I’m currently sitting on.

“Are you really living here?” I asked to her.

“No. I’m from the White Division.” The moment she said that, I suddenly stood up.

“Really?! I’m from there, too! Actually, I had just that place. Err, I ran away from home. Hahaha!” I scratched my head.

“I know.”

“Really? How did you know?” Is she really aware that I came from the White Division?

“The road you took earlier, that’s the route to cross the borderline between the White DPrevious

and East Black Division.”

Wow. She knew. It’s fascinating that if this is the first time she saw me but she’s aware that I came from that place.

“Back there, when we are fighting those guys, I noticed that you used a wooden sword.” Whoa. She’s interested with that?

“Ah, yeah. That’s my bokken. My dad is a dojo instructor so I learned sword fighting from him and since then, I always have my bokken with me, in case of emergency.”


Looks like she’s not comfortable with me and I’m suspecting if she doesn’t know how to properly show reactions. It’s like she’s always just calm.

She suddenly turned her back against me and tied the flag she took earlier at the pole next to her. From what I know, that’s the flag from that boss. I wonder what’s that for?

“Uhm, Krystal? What did you say earlier? I mean, the flag serves what purpose? Why are you collecting those?” She sighed. Okay, fine. Seems she’s not into talking…

Out of the sudden she faced me.

“These are gang insignias. If you collect thirty, your group can enter the War of Best.”

“Huh?” Gang insignias? War of Best? What the heck are those?

“You know the Flame Spectre, right?”

“You mean, the only gang allowed to have their base in White Division?” I heard that name from Dad’s students before. If I remember correctly, it’s a legal gang with their base inside that place.

“Yes. They are the ones hosting the War of Best. It’s like a Battle Royale among the strongest gangs.”

“So, the reason that you are collecting gang insignias is to join that?”

She was stunned as if thinking deeply. Then, she once again stared at me coldly.

“Yeah, I need to win that War.”

“Okay. I’ll join you. I’ll help you.” When I said that, it’s obvious she got surprised. Err, I mean it’s not really obvious from her facial expressions. I just noticed that her way of looking at me changed but her face remained the same. Almost expressionless.


“Because you saved my life. I owe my life to you now, right?” Then I smiled at her. Well, it’s the truth. If not for her, I can’t imagine what would happen to me. And even if she say it’s not her intention to save me and that she’s only after the flag, for me she still saved me.

“Wait – “

“Besides, you said the participants are in groups. Eh, you are only alone. Don’t worry, I think I can be a help to you. I think I’m strong enough to fight by your side.”

We exchanged glances for a few minutes. Then after that, she only sighed. Hah! Does that mean she’s already accepting me as a group member?

She suddenly turned her back at me and went upstairs, to the second floor. Tsk. Looks like she is really not very talkative. Maybe it’s hard for her? Or maybe she’s really like that?

I stayed on the first floor and refrained myself from following. My eyes roamed the whole place and it’s actually spacious. However, there are several damages on the walls and some windows are broken. It’s a miracle that no thief had taken interest with the stuffs here. And she stated that she’s also from the White Division. Does it mean she only came back here in East Black Division?

I decided to go to the second floor to see how it looks like and to ask some questions to Krystal. I’m still holding on my bokken because I’m more comfortable with this in tow. When I arrived there, I hugged myself because it’s actually so much colder here than the floor below. But I was more surprised when I saw Krystal sitting at the center.

Her hands are freezing. Literally freezing, and there are even vapors being emitted.

“OMG,” I exclaimed and tried to cover my mouth using my hands but it’s already late. Krystal looked at me and her eyes widened.

“Shit!” She shouted then the ice from her hands vanished. I hurriedly went to her while my heart beats are racing.

“T-that! That’s what I felt before! And this is actually how you defeated those thugs bare-handedly.” So this is why I felt chills earlier.

“You saw it?”

“Yeah. Can I see it again?” It’s very amazing. I thought only I….

“Aren’t you scared? I’m not normal.”

“I’m not scared. I’m amazed. And besides, I’m not normal, too.” I smiled but she was puzzled by what I said.

“What do you mean?”


I pointed at her neck the edge of my bokken and I know she felt it. I thought I’m the only odd one. I thought only I am hiding a secret. It seems I’m not one of a kind.

“You…” I laughed at her reaction.

“This bokken has an Ice attribute. My dad said, only the two of us can use this. He said that it’s now tailored for me. I don’t know why. Then one day, after he gave this to me, I joined a session together with some of his students. I was just surprised when my sparring partner collapsed. And then I saw the wound on his back side. That’s where my strike landed. I thought this bokken is just really sharp but when I touched that part, it’s very cold to the point it looked like the blood froze by itself.”

I also did the same to the boss. I wounded his neck using the ice that this wooden sword of mine can produce. It can freeze the wound and blood that’s why the wounds didn’t bleed.

“But I never thought that someone is also like me. I thought, it’s only me alone. But I’m amazed it came from your own body.” I added. It’s really amazing because the ice was produced by her while mine only appear when I use this bokken.

We both stayed silent. But that silence was broken when she spoke.

“Do you think there are others like us?” I tried to imagine what she’s saying.

“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.”

She suddenly stood up so I also did the same. I followed her when she went downstairs. I was not able to adjust immediately since the temperature here is normal while the second floor is so cold.

“Hey.” I stared at her and was shocked when I saw a broom flying to me. “Let’s start cleaning our base.”

“Our base?”

“You’re in. I need your help.” Then she no longer faced me.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Then I ran towards her and gave her a big hug.

“H-hey! Get off!”

“Thank you!” She said it’s our base so it means, I now have my own home. Moreover, she also accepted me as a member!

“I said get off! Or I’ll freeze you to death!”

“Okay, okay!” I laughed. Looks like she’s awkward when facing people. But I think she’s a good person. I guess, this will be the start of my new life.


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