3 [Gemma]

Translated by: whosays25



“Ack! Ugh!” I hurriedly distanced myself from the cabinet that I’m trying to clean. The moment that I removed the clothe covering it, I felt like inhaling a mountain’s worth of dusts.

This is too much! For how many years had this house been abandoned? The dusts accumulated to such terrifying extent! Now I feel like getting a lung disease.

I heard a noise on the living room part so I peeked in to see what’s happening there. Krystal removed the clothe covering the table which resulted to flying dusts and dirt. However, before those specks scattered around the place, she waved her hand then it all fell on the floor as tiny fragments of ice.

Whoa! Awesome! She froze the dust and it’s cool.

She suddenly glanced at me and furrowed her brows.

“What?” I stepped back because she looks angry, though it also seems like she’s just embarrassed that I saw what she did.

“Nothing!” Then I returned to cleaning that cabinet after getting my bokken on the sofa.

Might as well use it.

I copied what she did; I pulled the fabric fast which caused the scattering of dusts. I immediately slashed my wooden sword into the dusts and they fell off as ice fragments. Now that was awesome! At least, it will be easier to clean up this way and it would no longer hurt the lungs.

Even though I looked crazy and stupid while slashing the air, I don’t care. After all, only Krystal could see me like this. And she’s doing the same thing, too. She even lowered the temperature here and it’s probably so that the ice fragments won’t immediately melt.

I collected the fragments of ice in a bucket. It all looked like small diamonds. It’s a relief that the dusts and dirt clustered together which eased up my job since it would take forever if per fragment there is only one dust. Oh my, that’s impossible.

The sun will be setting soon. We finally finished tidying up the first floor. Yeah, only the first floor. Cleaning her house completely will be a heavy chore since it’s quite big. Now, at least, all the covers were removed and there’s no more dust.

“Sigh, finally! We’re finished!”  I hurriedly sat on the sofa since my back is aching. It’s been a long time since the last time I cleaned like mad. Back there at home, my damn stepmother and stepsister frequently ordered me to clean the house but it’s not this dirty. This one heck of clean-up operation really tired me.

Krystal sat on the sofa opposite mine. She exhaled some air then she’s back to her expressionless face. She’s not even showing fatigue. The heck! Is she a monster?

Suddenly, my stomach growled that’s why she stared at me. I only smiled because the sound is embarrassing. Crap. I didn’t even notice my tummy. I forgot that I haven’t had my lunch!

“Uh, excuse me, but where are we eating? Do you know how to cook?” I asked her. It made me worried because I don’t know how. My stepmom was the one who always cooked for us and she didn’t teach me anything which made me an idiot when it comes to kitchen matters.

“Nope.” She averted her eyes to the right side. Okay. We’re dead.

How are we going to feed ourselves!?

“Let’s go out to eat. Err, but I’m not familiar with this place. Is there a restaurant nearby?” I’m worried since it appeared that there’s not many establishment in this part of East Black Division. It’s unlike the White Division where no matter where you look, there’s a huge building. Here, the houses were not built close to each other and some even have no residents. If we put it into words, this place almost resembled a ghost town. I have this feeling that only delinquents and gangsters linger here.

She stood up so I also did.

“Let’s check the vicinity.” She started walking. However, she also paused when her stomach protested. I couldn’t help laughing because I thought that hunger is also nothing for her.

“Yeah. Let’s find a restaurant or any food stall.” Then I went after her while trying hard to contain my laugh.

“One more laugh and I’ll freeze you to death,” after that she marched out of the house.

“Yeah, yeah. Freeze me to death!” I followed it with a hearty laughter. That line seems to be her favorite. Haha! She looks cute when pissed off.

Before coming out, I fetched my bokken, readying myself if something unexpected occurs. We also locked the place.

It’s already dark outside. We encountered a few people, so few they could be counted using the hands. Moreover, all of them appeared scared since they were not raising their heads. Hey, what’s their problem?

I walked faster to catch up to Krystal.

“Hey, you told me you came from White Division? Why are you now here at Black Division?” She looked at me while continuously walking.

“When I was little, I lived here. We only migrated at White Division.” Oh, so originally she’s living here? Well, she has a house here. Stupid me.

“Then, why did you return here?”

“To collect the insignias. All gangs have their bases here at the Black Division.” Ah, I forgot that. She said her point since only the Flame Spectre is at White Division.

“Hmm. I now remember that it’s for the War of Best.”

I pondered. Only on this day that I learned about that war, although I’m quite aware about that Flame Spectre gang. I didn’t know that something like that is frequently held at White Division.

“Stop.” My body complied since she also paused.


“Someone’s here – “

“Ha! I got it!”

The next thing I knew, the bokken is not in my hand anymore. Then a child ran away from us while holding it. I feel like all the systems in my body lagged off, leaving me frozen and standing still. I only snapped out of it when I felt an extreme chilling sensation. Krystal is actually grabbing my arm and it’s now freezing.

“Hey! Hey! W-wait! What are you doing?!”

“Have you finally returned to your senses?! Let’s chase her, then.” Then she broke into a run to chase that kid who snatched the bokken from me. I angrily followed after them.

“Wait! Aren’t you going to remove this?” I said while running then I pointed on my arm which she froze.

“It will melt soon!” Then she ran faster.

I sighed. Ugh! It will eventually melt but I’m not feeling good about it. I feel like my arm will break in to pieces!

“Ah! She’s there!” I pointed at the next alley where that damnable kid is. Ready yourself for me!

I ran towards that alley and Krystal followed.

“The hell with that kid?! She’s so fast!” I heard Krystal complaining while running side by side with me. Yeah. The damn kid is a good runner.

“Hey, brat! Gimme that! Return it to me!” I shouted to her. She suddenly faced us and ran backwards.

“DON’T WAN-NA! Bleeeh!” Then she faced ahead and ran once again. But what pissed us off was when she mocked us and patted her butt.



I heard that Krystal suddenly grunted. I shut my mouth. Oops. It seems that I stole her line.

“You – “

“I know, I know. That’s your favorite catchphrase. Sorry. I just felt like shouting it to her.”

We ran faster to catch that little brat. It’s so annoying! We’re supposed to eat but this actually happened!


That kid will regret this when I caught her!


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