Lucifer's Academy


We may look like an angel if you glimpse at us, But we are demon in nature. We can make your life a living hell in just a split second if we want to. We can be your worst nightmare in just a snap if you would dare to. We are more evil than Satan.… Continue reading Teaser

Lucifer's Academy

Letter From Dean

Good Day! This is an official letter from the Dean that will settle your decisions if you want to enter this school or not. Bluntly speaking, this school is not for weaklings. Entering this school might be the biggest mistake of your whole life. Think twice. Furthermore, this school has complete facilities such as rooms,… Continue reading Letter From Dean


Kaliskis Chapter 6.1

Hello everyone! This is your TL for Kaliskis and supposedly editor of TA and HITA, nier0. I apologize (deeply) for being MIA in the last three weeks (the heck, I went to?). Well, if anyone is interested, I got sick and was almost confined just right after the start of my classes. And so, after… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 6.1

Forlorn Madness

ForMad-Opus 5

Ok, it's been a long time but here it is~ Here's Chapter 5 Medea's POV  I’m tying my ballerina shoes when the new assigned knight that will serve me came. Sigh…I shall surely missed Patricia…She’s such an obedient child. I know the person who will replace her and I did not expect that we shall… Continue reading ForMad-Opus 5


Recommended Chinese Romance Stories (Completed)

I'm not really good with words so I can't give you my thoughts. Only just the title and the description. And also the link. If you want to know more about the story you can read the reviews in Novel Updates. Most of the stories I'll be recommending are short since I'm only showing the… Continue reading Recommended Chinese Romance Stories (Completed)

School Of Myths

School of Myths Chapter 3

Hello guys here is the link. I have posted this as soon as I have finished translating the chapter so it is still unedited and without proofreading yet. Nonetheless the editor will soon be at work. 2xbon

Titan Academy Of Special Abilities

Titan Academy Chapter 49

Hello everyone, good day! Here's another chapter of TA this week. Your compensation for last week. Titan Academy Chapter 49 Let's give a warm of big applause to Corensi who edited this chapter. I hope you enjoy!

Hidden Inside The Academy

Hidden: Chapter 13

CHAPTER XIII Victoria My eyes widen when I saw the person who pulled me. It's certainly Victoria. She pulled me to the Groven. Because she's a Sveta she's strong. Causing me to stumble every time. "Victoria I'm hurting." I pleaded her. I don't know why she's like this. She looks so angry. "Ugh." She grips… Continue reading Hidden: Chapter 13

School Of Myths

School of Myths Chapter 2

So... After a long while the admin decided to give me this project and I shall carry on with the translation. 2xbon here and I shall be in your care from now on. If I am not busy, I shall translate as many as I can. But if otherwise, once a week. So here it… Continue reading School of Myths Chapter 2