The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 25.1

TN: Warning, it's semi-depressing. ... “WIFE! Wife! I’m home!” Sapphire didn’t reply. She remained inside the room, quietly sitting on the bed. “Wife?” When she raised her eyes, Johann was standing at the doorway. And his eyes shone when he saw her. He flew to her and hugged her. “I miss you,” he whispered then… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 25.1

The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 24

TL: This chapter should have been posted earlier. However, because of so many irritating circumstances, something happened to the file and it couldn't be recovered, leaving me with no choice but translate from the start. Ugh. Unlucky me. T.T So, here's a full chapter as compensation for the lack of update yesterday. Enjoy reading. ...… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 24

The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.3

TN: The author was the one who made this short, I swear, it's not me being lazy today. Haha. Enjoy reading. ... Sapphire took a picture of her newly bought Prada shoes. However, the focus was not really at that. She intentionally emphasized her flawless legs on the photo. Immediately after, she posted it on… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.3

She Died

She Died – Chapter 8

Kittens enjoy! Chapter Eight   Eris Jane Trinidad “Hmm, is Eros already awake?” I placed my index finger on my chin while walking towards Eros’s house. I was already wearing the uniform that was given to me by her sister. Eros and I are going back to school! Yehey!1  I miss going to school. When I… Continue reading She Died – Chapter 8

The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.2

... She only rolled her eyes at him. Oh, right. She’s at the main branch, meaning, the main office is also here and so her cousin can immediately come here. “Go back to your, Mrs. Castueras,” he ordered to the manager. “I’ll handle her.” “Y-Yes, Sir.” The frightened woman hastily ran out. Poor her. “What’s… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.2

Announcement, She Died


Hello kittens! I'll be picking up She Died and continue translating this wonderful story. It was last updated last April 14, 2017 and since it has long passed the three months rule of no updates and announcements, we at sharramycats would like to adopt this cute baby kitten. The prologue and chapters 1-7 were translated… Continue reading SHE DIED (ANNOUNCEMENT)

The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.1

TN: Warning, the female MC turned into a meany tigress. XD Enjoy reading! ... Sapphire was not the type of woman to cry and wallow in sorrow when left behind by her husband. At that time, she just cried because of the argument and because he suddenly left. She then waited all night for him… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.1

The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 22.3

... Sapphire’s already in front of their house when the gate opened by itself. Or rather, Johann was there, waiting for her. “Wife! Who owns the car that sent you home?” She crossed the gate first then replied. “It’s Bari's.” “Huh?” he exclaimed in surprise. He suddenly grabbed her shoulders and went to check her… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 22.3

The Guy Inside Of My Bed

The Guy Inside Of My Bed c20 part 2

Good day everyone! It's already the last day of the month here's the part 2 of chapter 20 of TGIOMB. Nightmares part 2~ Hope you enjoy!  

Titan Academy Of Special Abilities

Titan Academy Chapter 39

Hello~ Hello~ How is everybody? Manic Monday? XD Anyway, we left the last chapter where Corrine finally unskinned herself of her angelic facade. Is this then the real her? Let's see how Shia will handle the rest. I think there would be some explosions. Here is the chapter of TA for the week: [Titan Academy Chapter… Continue reading Titan Academy Chapter 39