Titan Academy Of Special Abilities

Titan Academy Chapter 56-57 (Double Release!)

Hello~ How is everybody? Titan Academy is back! And we're happy to introduce the new cat in our family and also the co-translator of Titan Academy, (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ WELCOME TO CAMSECRET!!! ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) Camsecret:  Hi, I'm Camellia!! You can call me "Ella"/"Cam"/"Cams", whatever is your thing... And as you know, I'll be co-translating TA with seiji. Hope… Continue reading Titan Academy Chapter 56-57 (Double Release!)


Kaliskis Chapter 10.2

Before anything else, I'd like to thank our dear author, Mr. Mikael Lustre, for dropping by and leaving motivational words through our comment section. For our readers, as well, do leave your comments and suggestions or contact us thru our discord channel. Alright, I posted all available TLed chapters in my inventory. So after this… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 10.2


Kaliskis Chapter 10.1

For the record, I’ll be using interchangeably the words “fairy” or “water fairy” and “Lambanang-tubig’. Actually, I wanna use the shorter one. Um, should I? Lazy me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   Chapter 10.1: Mirror, Mirror (1) Roselda's bed was cluttered with various items; the unfolded book of Shells & Crafts, a glue, water colors, colorful yarns, scissors and… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 10.1


Kaliskis Chapter 9.2

TN: Thanks for waiting! Here's the other half of the chapter. You might wanna ask why am I cutting the chapters like this. It's on my own volition. I'm posting on an even length per post since some chapters could even go as 3x longer than usual. Well, whatever me. Also, I wanna take this… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 9.2


Kaliskis Chapter 9.1

Hello everyone! Sorry for being 'lost' for months; I've been busy... busy and lost. (•⊙ω⊙•) Anyway for a quick recap, our MC Roselda or 'Eda' met a water fay, a merman named 'Managat', and an unusual friendship between mortal and supernatural blossomed. But there's more in their story where hidden powers are moving underwater that may… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 9.1

Lucifer's Academy

Lucifer’s Academy Chapter 0 (part 1)

NEFERIPITOU ICEAH FREECS   “What? Will you not even ask for forgiveness for what you have done? Don’t you know me?!” yelled the guy that I bumped into in the quadrangle. I rolled my eyes and chewed my bubble gum instead. Jeez, I want trouble, and trouble, it looks like it’s in love with me.… Continue reading Lucifer’s Academy Chapter 0 (part 1)

The Señorita


12 – The Face-Off The day concluded with Tammy coming up with a plan together with the four young men. They couldn’t say for sure if it would prove effective. However, they felt that there's nothing to lose by trying it, and so their mentality shifted to the possibility of easing up everything and chasing… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 12

School Of Myths

Extra Chapter: Class and Clans

Here's the link. Enjoy.

The Señorita


11 – The Plan Tammy decided to stop thinking about what happened between her and Manuel. Another day went by and she returned to her house-helper life with Tetay. She sighed in relief since Tetay turned out to be a fine helper. There were just some instances when the latter couldn’t not think of Emilio.… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 11

The Señorita


TN: I'm guilty, sorry for the delay of updates. Here it is now, enjoy reading! 9 – Tetay   “Just like what I’m telling you, I don’t need another housemaid!” Tammy’s deep pondering halted as she heard Aling Simang’s angry voice from the living room. Out of curiosity, she tiptoed towards the room and hid… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 9