“We get hurt the moment we start to care… and they will only start to care when they realize that we get hurt…”


“Never be afraid to be different… because the more different you are from the rest, the more you make yourself deserving of your existence…”


“We can never go back and change what has been done… but we can earn the lessons learned and make things better next time…”


“Sometimes it’s better to be in silence than to tell others what you feel… cause it only hurts when you knew that they listen but they just don’t understand.”


“It’s easy to love someone who simply smiles, talks, makes fun and stares at you… the only hard thing is how to make that person fall for you…”


“Never let quarrels stay too long because when you let every minute pass by without fixing things, it might change everything.”


“Being the third party doesn’t mean you are destroying their relationship. It only means you made two people realize that they are not meant to each other.”

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