School of Myths Chapter 1

Chapter 1: School of myths – Olympus University


July 14, year CS240, Friday

Early morning, Rachelle, Rain’s elder sister is currently driving their car. For now, only the two of them are living together because their parents died 12 years ago due to an accident. They didn’t even know the whereabouts of their relatives, so as the eldest, Rachelle made it her responsibility to take care of their needs.

They didn’t have any permanent residence for the reason that Rain was always kicked out of his school for he always finds himself in a battle royal. And whenever Rachelle disciplines this younger brother of hers, it would always end up for naught due to him being exceedingly stubborn.

Rain has already been to countless schools and still got himself kicked out every time due to the same reason, being involved in fights. And since he was loved so dearly by his elder sister, Rachelle always gave her all just to let her delinquent little brother finish his studies.

While on the road.

 “So where are we going this time, Ate?” Rain asked.

*** Rain Esfalls. 15 years old and like what was mentioned about him earlier, he seems to be fond of beating other people up. He’s actually a good and a reliable kid, it’s just that, he has the charm for trouble. He’s also lazy and doesn’t do well in class, it was already a miracle that he finished his elementary education.

Rain has a slim build, his height is at 5’5, has a slightly fair skin and has a red hair with a slight length to it. ***

 “I’ve found a new job and thanks to you, we’re moving out again. Fortunately, the job comes with a free housing the reason was perhaps that only a few people were willing to work there.” Rachelle replied as she drove.

*** Rachelle Esfalls. 24 years old and she’s the sole breadwinner of their family. Strict and usually has a domineering attitude, due to her brother being a delinquent child. Despite everything, she’s still very caring especially with regards to Rain’s condition, even though she’s aware that he has already learned to be independent.

Rachelle has a slim body with beautiful curves, her height is at 5’4”, she has fair skin and her hair was brown with just the right length. And her future seems to be full as well. (if you know what I mean :3). ***

 TL: perv. What we have here is a pun where the word ‘Future’ stands for a lady’s breasts, because in the original language the word there was ‘hinaharap‘ which could both mean as future/tomorrow and breast/boobs.

“So, it’s fine. But Ate, you do know who were the ones who started it, right? There wouldn’t have been a fight if they haven’t made the first move,” Rain replied.

 “Yes, I know, but the problem is, why do you have to beat them up so badly? Look they all ended up in the hospital. Fortunately, I managed to appease the parents of those you’ve beaten so they wouldn’t press any charges and thanks to that, all of my savings were spent. For God’s sake, Rain please don’t involve yourself in those fights anymore. I don’t even know if there’s still a school that would still accept you.” Rachelle countered.

“Okay, okay. I’ll try.” Rain replied.

Rachelle just shook her head as a reply to what her little brother had said and hoped that his words would bear some fruit.

It was already nighttime but they were still on the road. And since they still haven’t eaten they’ve made a detour and stopped by a store to purchase something to eat. A few minutes later they got right back on the road and this time they spotted the entrance towards the town where they’d planned to go.

A few more minutes passed and they arrived at their destination, the address of their new dwelling place. The house looked haunted, but it doesn’t seem to be old, just abandoned.

“Ate, are you sure that this is the address of our new house? Why does it look haunted? And I’m also getting goosebumps. *Brrrrr!Rain said.

“Well, not bad. Okay, let’s get inside!” Rachelle exclaimed turning a deaf ear towards her brother.

Rain just gulped, since he wouldn’t even be able to do anything once his sister has already decided. With the use of a key, Rachelle unlocked the door. And when she opened it, they were surprised as to what they saw. The inside was so clean and it was fully furnished.

“Wow! Don’t judge a book by its cover. Ate, were you sure that you didn’t make a mistake with the address? But then again, it’s fine if you didn’t!” Rain exclaimed.

“I guess this is it, let’s get our things moved inside so we can get some rest,” Rachelle said.

 “Okay!” Rain replied.

Even though the house wasn’t that big, it still has two rooms, a kitchen, restroom, living room, and a dining room. And that night, the siblings slept soundly.

The next morning, it was already late when Rain woke up. The first thing he did was to look for the restroom, after relieving himself he went straight to the dining room that was just beside their kitchen. He saw his breakfast on the table together with a small note. He immediately took the paper and opened its contents.

“Rain, I know that it would already be late when you wake up, so I already fixed you a breakfast. I may be back later in the afternoon. You just cook lunch for yourself. Be safe and don’t get yourself in trouble again. -Ate Rachelle.

After reading the note, he put it away and started eating his breakfast.

“So, what should I do now?” Rain thought to himself.

After eating he went to the living room and watched T.V., a few moments later he grew bored because of the strange programs that he just watched. Not long after, he decided to go out to take a stroll.

As he was walking, he noticed that this new place where they went to was somewhat strange. Why strange? Because of the houses, buildings, plants and even the animals, except for the people here, were all strangely different. Strange, because he has never seen them before, so he just continued to walk along. He also noticed that most pedestrians along the road would look at him, he can’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with his face.

While walking.

“What kind of job was Ate doing? And why is this place so weird? It seems that everything is so new to me.” Rain murmured to himself.

Rain just continued along with his stroll until he arrived in front of a huge school. This time he saw a familiar view because the school looked almost the same with his previous school. Yet the only thing different was the name of the school.

 “Olympus University?! What kind of School is this?” Rain exclaimed.

A few minutes later a car stopped in front of the school. And a moment after, the door opened and a person came out. Rain was slightly dazed when he saw that it was a girl who went out of the car. The lass has blonde hair, skin as fair as milk, her height was about 5’2”-5’3”, her pair of eyes were azure and the best of all she had a beautiful figure.

Rain’s pair eyes never left her as the pretty lady walked towards the school. He wasn’t noticed in the slightest even until she entered the premises of the school. Rain was stunned by the girl’s beauty as he thought to himself whether it’s also possible to study in the school. It wasn’t until a familiar voice woke him up from his reverie.

“Rain?” Rachelle asked.

 “Wait, the voice seems to be Ate Rachelle’s.” Rain muttered.

After saying that, Rain turned to his back and there he saw his Ate Rachelle. Rachelle stepped towards him at once after she called him.

 “What are you doing here?” Rachelle asked.

 “I just went for a stroll. What about you Ate, what are you doing here? Don’t tell me this is where you work?” Rain asked back.

“No, but it’s close and that’s how I came to know about the school here. I thought that I may be able to enroll you in this school, so I decided to drop by since it’s my break anyway.” Rachelle replied.

 “Really ate? Then, in that case, I’ll tag along!” Rain said enthusiastically.

 “Okay, but keep silent!” Rachelle said.

“Okay! Okay!”  Rain happily agreed.


TL: If you encounter the word ‘Ate’ in certain sentences where it would seem that it is misplaced, please do know that it’s a Filipino term which means ‘Older Sister’.


Ate – Older Sister

Hinaharap – Future/Breast

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