Seeking Perfection

Making others happy is easy. But Finding our own true happiness is one difficult thing that many have failed to do.

Seeking Perfection

by: Luisa Rose

We keep searching
For the right piece
In a puzzle
That is never ending.

We keep waiting
For the right minute
In a time
The is limiting

We keep looking
For the perfect thing
In a place
Where all is incomplete

But have we searche
For the right puzzle
Where we are
Deemed fit?

Or have we just waited
For the right minute,
And not made it
Happen, instead?

Or have we found
Or can we ever find
That perfect thing
On this imperfect ground?

We keep chasing trains
We keep catching rains
We keep getting bargains
We could never gain.

We never stopped to see
That dark impossibility
That lurks behind the shadowy
Veil of vain hypocrisy

We hear fairy tales,
We hear others’ tales,
We hear tales of knights and gowns,
But Have we heard of our own?

We’ve live the past,
We’ve dreamed the future,
But the living present
Makes a change, for sure

It’s not about the rules
Where we are standing,
Where they should be,
Where we should be.

It’s not bout the authority
Whom we must follow,
Whomwe must trust,
Whom we must blow.

It’s not about our decisions
For others, or their words
For us, or our view of them
Or their opinion of us.

It’s not about perfection
That we keep seeking,
That’s up so high
It takes a lifetime reaching.

It’s about building our life
Not by their rules,
Bot by their needs,
But by our owm desires.

It’s about our choices,
It’s about our dreams,
It’s about our own cares,
And not theirs.

When do we stop to see
Where we can truly be,
Where we can live,
Where we can be happy?


As I Die


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