Way 3.1

way 3

“Are you sure about that Sena?” Kate’s ask me laughing with a hesitant tone. I wrote my name in the taekwando form.

“Yes I’m sure, you read the 3rd note earlier right? It says to do something new! That’s why I’m here! I’m joining a club and you know I have never done taekwando right? I think this would be cool.”

“I think it would be a disaster! You can’t even open a bottle of ketchup what’s more if you’re battling the other taekwando student! You’might break your bones!” She said while laughing.

I look at her fiercely and said sarcastically, “You’re very a supportive friend.”

Kate’s laughing hard, “Eh but, why don’t you join in my club? Just join my club.”

“Heh. I prefer to have my bones broken in taekwando than in dancing! You know that I have a twisted feet. I will die early in dancing compared to doing taekwando!”

“All right, whatever you like. Just a reminder,  put 911 in your speed dials.” Kate said.

“Heh! Just leave me here! You go straight to your club, look at the time. Your club members are waiting for you!”

“What a sassy, you’re the one who want me to go with you. But now your casting me away. Okay I will, bye! Good luck! Just tell me after what hospital room number you are?”

I kick her leg, but she dodge it, “Woah! Don’t practice your taekwando in me!”

“Che!” I said, but she just laugh at me. She wave her hand then leave.

After I fill up the form, I gave it to the organizer near the door. “Here”

“Thanks, you can start now. Here is the uniform.” He handed me the plastic with the taekwando uniform.  “You can pay it until 27. The changing room is there in the right.” He pointed.

I look where he pointed, “Ah okay, thank you. After that I’ll head straight to the practice hall right? In the middle right?” I ask.

He nodded and smile, “Yes. The instructor will be quite late since his class will end late today. But he’ll come shortly in a while, so you have time to change you uniform.”

“Ah, is our instructor a student?” I ask.

“Yep, he is a black belter but he will only teach the white belters. This is what the club came up to save budget. It’s expensive if we will get an instructor. We only have one true instructor but he only teach the higher belters. He only comes every Tuesday. Anyway, your instructor is good even though he is still a student. You will all definitely learn from him.”

“Oh I see. I’ll change now.” I headed to the changing room, I went to the middle where the practice hall is. I said hi and just smile to the other white belters. “Ah, a new one? That’s good.”

I hear the instructor coming, “Hi everyone! We have a new member right? Is she here?” I was surprised see our instructor.

Someone pointed my direction.

“Sena! It’s you! Nice to see you here!” He delightfully said.

“You are the instructor of the white belters?!” I gaped when I saw Trey who is wearing a taekwando uniform with a black belt. Unbelievable.

“Yep,” he wink at me, “Don’t worry I’m always gentle to cute students.”

I can’t believe him. Really.

But there’s nothing I can do about it, he is my instructor, I join here and I can’t back out now. He’s just annoying, since he got my number to whoever it is, he always texted me and he also even tried to call me. He’s like a stalker! I didn’t answer his text nor his call. I also tried to not encounter him in the corridors and avoid him. Kate also said if I had bewitched him. He wish.

But luckily during practice hour, he didn’t annoy me, he is serious when teaching. He really looks like a teacher. But after the practice and after I change, I saw him waiting near the changing room. He already change with his bag on his back, his hair is still wet maybe because of sweat. He is leaning in the wall, his hand on his pocket.

“You took so long.”

“You waited for me?”

“Yup,” I continued walking but I saw him following me, “I’ll send you to your home.”

“What? What are you a dog? No, you can’t. I can go home by myself besides I’ll go with my bestfriend. In fact, here she is.” I saw Kate approaching, perhaps she is also done with her club.

“Sena who is this? Your boyfriend?” Kate ask instantly after seeing Trey.

“Yes I am.” Trey approach Kate and reach out his hand, “I’m Trey, Sena’s boyfriend.”

“Nice meeting you. Please take care of her.” Kate took his hand and shake his hands.

“W-wait!” I pulled out their hands, “Are you out of your mind? Boyfriend? Your face is so thick! Kate, he is not my boyfriend, don’t believe at what he said.”

“But he’s not that bad, he can be your boyfriend. Why? You don’t like him?” Kate.

“Look, your bestfriend like me. She know we suit each other.” He suddenly put his arm around my shoulder, Kate laughed. Argh, he is so arrogant. His confidence level is so high.

“Heck!,” I remove his arm from my shoulder, “Stay away from me. Let’s go home Kate.”

“Oh I remember Sena, I can’t go home with you. I will visit my boyfriend’s house, let’s meet tomorrow. Bye.”

She didn’t let me answer, she just turned and left. He left me here with Trey.

“What will you do? Your bestfriend can’t go with you. Your all alone. Why not let me send you home?” Trey.

“I can go home with myself, what do you think of me? Four year old?”

“Yes.” Trey.

“Whoa!” Does he really think I’m four year old?!

“You look like a baby, my baby!” son of a! Is that a pick up line?

“Whatever. I’m leaving, don’t follow me.” I walked but I notice him walking beside me, “I said, don’t follow me!”

“But what if we go to the same route? I’m not allowed to walk where you’ve walk?”

“At least, don’t walk beside me. If you want, walk before me or walk behind me! Not beside me!”

“But I like walking like this. It’s because we walk the same speed that’s why we walk together.”

“Argh! I don’t know anymore!” I had no choice but let him walk beside me. In the end, what ever I do and said, he will just insist what he want. I just better save my energy and not argue with him.

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