Way 7 and 8 part 1

“He’s actually courting you?!!”

“Shh! Will you lower down your voice!” I told Kate what happen yesterday but seesh, this bestfriend of mine mouth is really loud like there is a megaphone in it.

“Woah. Just woah. I know that there is a future between you two.” she smirk.

“Okay fine, your instincts is right.” I just said to her.

“Eh, what did you say to him? Did you agree?” she ask curiously.


“WHAT?!”she suddenly pulled the collar of my blouse, “Are you crazy?!!”

I remove her hand from my collar, “Can you please relax. That was a joke, of course I agreed. I don’t see any reasons to say no. I’m not crazy like you, of course I said that he can court me.”

“Ayeeee. You two are cute. Do you love him already?” she ask.

“No… not yet

“Not yet?! Ha? Why?” Kate.

“Because I don’t! He is my crush, yes. Okay I admit I like him. But love? I don’t know yet, I can’t say that I love Trey yet. I’m not even over Allen yet.”

“Allen again?!” she exclaimed.

“Eh what can I do? Eh I still can’t move on from him yet. I still feel bitter about our break up. It’s not like my feelings for him will go away that fast, it’s hard to forget.”

“Really? Hard to forget? Eh what about the coverage in our test next week you already forget it?” Kate said sarcastically.

“Eh that’s different! You can easily forget things that are stuck in your mind but the one that is embedded in your heart.. it’s not that easy to forget. If it really is like the coverage of the test that I feel right now, maybe I’m happy now.”

“Pfff. I’m gonna stab your heart, because it’s slow.” Kate.

“You’re really a brute.”

*bzzt. bzzt.*

“Someone texted me,” I took my phone on the table when it vibrated.

“Who’s that?” Kate ask.

“It’s Trey,” she took my phone from me when I said that.

“Let me see!”

“What the heck! You’re not that excited?” I said sarcastically.

“Eh of course it’s from your future boyfriend I need to see it!” Kate.

“What are you saying?! Future boyfriend?” I said.

“I know that in the long run you will still end up together!” Kate.

“Don’t say that! You really like to conclude things!”

“Because I’m more open minded than you, anyway let’s read it.” she opened the message and we both read it.

From Trey: ” Good pm princess! Did you eat? Don’t skip your lunch, okay?”

“Ayieee. So sweet. So he is calling you princess?” Kate tease me.

“I’m going to reply him so give that back to me.” I did not pay attention to her teasing and took my phone.

“Ayiieee. She’s replying. Eeh, she’s blushing.” she continued teasing me.

“Kate stop teasing me. Where is your boyfriend? Leave me alone, go to him and interrupt him not me.”

“Boyfriend? Did you not see the news in the tv?”

“Eh? Tv? Did your boyfriend become an actor?”

“No. What I mean is, if you did not hear it in the news. He’s dead.” Kate said.

I was surprise at what she said, “WHAT?!”

“Yes, he’s dead. I killed him with his octopus face girl that he cheated on me. I butchered them, pouref them vinegar and throw their detached body part separately in the manila bay, in the pasig river and in the canal at the back of our house, and anywhere where there is water that you can throw.”

When she said that, I know her boyfriend is not dead, it’s just her idiomatic expressions w/c means, she’s very angry with her boyfriend.

“What happen again? Third party?”

“Eh, what else! Let’s not talk about him, and also, he is not my boyfriend anymore. I broke up with him the other day, he can be with his octopus girl! I’ve move on from him, does he think he’s handsome?! Grrr.” that is my bestfriend Kate, we are different when it comes to heartbreaks. If it’s me I poured it in crying, while she poured it in anger or food..

I don’t know why, when I had a heartbreak I don’t have an appetite but her, she looks like a pig when eating that’s why she gain weight.


After the taekwando club, Trey waited for to get change and offered me to send me home. But we first go to Kate’s club so she can go with us together since I know she is going home alone because she broke up with her boyfriend, I don’t want her to go home alone. We send her first in the jeep stop near the corner of the school.

“Guys, thanks for sending me. But really, being single is hard and you don’t have someone to walk beside you. I look like a dog behind you, I’m O-P (out of place) and the wall almost became my bestfriend.” Kate said jokingly.

“Waa. Sorry bessy, why didn’t you say anything!”

“Sus, it’s nothing. I don’t want to disturb your moment earlier.” Kate.

“Ha? What moment?” I really don’t know the moment she is saying, do Trey and I have a moment earlier? Really?

“Ah nothing, I’m going now, the jeep is here. Thanks again guys, take care.” She ride the jeep, I wave at her and told her to take care also.

Trey and I continued walking toward my house. While walking, we talk different things.

“Just tell me if Maika is disturbing you.” Trey.

“She’s not, don’t worry.”

“Because that person is super obsessed with me, I’m just scared that maybe she will mess up with you because I’m courting you.” If you remember, Maika the one in the chapter 6.2, the girl who is obsessed with Trey and make stories that Trey dated her and kissed her.

“Don’t worry, I know taekwando. And we are both white belter. Hehe.”

“You’re right, you have a lot of muscles so you can beat her.” Trey

“Wah! What muscles? I don’t have it!”

“I was just kidding! hahah.” Trey.

I feel happy now that I’m walking with Trey. I don’t know why, but I really have this excited feeling whenever I’m with him. I really like him.

“Uhmm, in Saturday..” he look at the ground like he is shy and don’t know what to do while his hand on his pocket.

“Yeah? What’s in the Saturday?” I ask him

“Can I ask you for a date in Enchanted?” he suddenly took out the two tickets of enchanted from his pocket, “I bought it online, I’ve been planning to ask you out since yesterday but I only have the courage now to ask you.”

I smiled at him, “Sure!”

And it’s settled, I’m having a date this Saturday.


Friday, I received two consecutive notes in my locker. It was way 7 and 8, it actually surprised me because there are two notes, it’s usually only one.

I read it immediately.

#7. Go out on a date.

#8. Have atleast 3hrs call with a guy you dated recently.

I smiled at the note number 7, because tomorrow I will have a date with Trey. It’s exactly the way # 7.

But the way # 8, am I the one who will call or will it be Trey? If it’s Trey I will be very happy, I don’t want to have the first move, I’m embarrass.


Enchanted – an amusement park

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