Way 9-11

Monday, when I opened my locker, another note fell..

#9. Enjoy his company.

The notes came consecutively, not like before that it is every week. It’s already the number 9.. The sender said that there are 11 ways. If I have the 9th way  now, does it mean there are two more left? Does the notes will soon end? I will completely forget about Allen? Well, I feel that what I feel for Allen is disappearing. The notes really help me a big time.

I hope after the 11 ways finish I can meet the one who is helping me in person. I want to thank the sender, if not for him maybe I am still crying for Allen now. If he didn’t teach me the ways I think I’m will still be hurting until now.

I want to meet the sender…

“In your life you search and search for the right person for you. Every time you break up with someone you get one step closer to that person. You should look at moving on as getting closer to meeting the one.” – Ian Philpot

Trey is already courting me for two weeks, I must admit I am slowly getting used to his presence. I will look for him if he is not around.

The 9th way said: Enjoy his company. Even if it’s not written in the way # 9, I will still do it. Trey is courting me full of effort and there are no times that I did not enjoy his company. He’s very sweet and sincere, he never fails to make me laugh so how can I not enjoy his company, right?

I am worried about the notes in my lockers, one week had already passed since I received the 9th note. And today is the last day of school, tomorrow is already the vacation period which means I can’t receive anymore letters? It’s such a waste I can’t receive it even though only 2 ways left. And I still don’t know who the sender is. It’s really sad if it’s like that. But this will be my last try, this will be the last chance that I will open the locker. I hope there is..

*teeng* (sound effect in opening the locker.)

“Yey!” I am happy that a note fell, I pick it up, and I’m not wrong, “Way number 10!”

I read it.

#10. Evaluate your feelings.

But it’s strange because there is something written under the way # 10. There is a small box and written beside it is: “Are you over him? Check the box if yes.”

way 10

EH? Should I answer it? But I think he’s right, I should confront my feelings. I should confirm to myself about what I really fee, I have to clear my feelings!

♪♪~~There will be no ordinary days for you
If there is someone who cares like I do
You have no reason to be sad anymore
I’m always ready with a smile
With just one glimpse of you
You don’t have to search no more
Cause I am someone who will love you for sure so

I was surprise when I heard my phone ringing, someone is calling me. By the way, my ring tone is “If we fall inlove” that Trey sang. That song is memorable for me.

+63*********** calling…

I was stuck staring at the screen, I know this number. Even though I amnot thinking about him anymore, it still does not change that I’ve memorize his number.

“Hello?” I answer it even though I know that it is him calling.

“Sena…” I’m right it is Allen.

“Ah, Allen… why did you call?”

“There are things that I want to ask you, I hope you will answer it. Don’t ask why, just answer it.”

Even though I don’t understand him I still said yes, “Okay.. what is it Allen?”

I don’t know why I’m nervous, I think that something that I did not anticipate is going to happen.

“Are you still crying during the night?”

“Eh?” I’m really shock by his question.

“Just answer it please Sena.” Allen

“I no longer cry..”

“Do I still have a remembrance or any thing in you?”

“Eh?” I’m shock again but I immediately remember what he said that I should only answer his question, “Ah, I don’t have.”

“Do you still mention my name?”

“I don’t.”

“Are you busy with things?”

“Yep, a lot.”

“Your bangs and highlights suits you.”

“Eh?!” I’m shock… because it’s not a question and he notice I had highlights and a new hair cut?

“I’m sorry about before when you are going to have a blind date with James, he got sick at that time and pass it to me. I didn’t know that it was you, the name you gave is different.”

“Wait Allen, why are you saying this things? And also you said that you’re inly going to ask question but you are not asking now.”

“Do you know that you and Trey suit each other, I’m happy that he is courting you.”


“Trey loves you, trust me. He will not hurt you.”

“Allen wait,” I want to insert in his talk, I don’t get why he saying those things. I’m not hurt at what he is said. But I just wonder why out of the blue he called me and saying things.

“I’m happy that you are happy with him. I’m really happy for you. Don’t cry again Sena, okay?”

“Allen! Wait, what are saying? Are you messing with me or what?” I’m annoyed because he keeps talking, not explaining things what he wants to convey.

“Sena.. you love Trey right?”

I didn’t able to answer.

“I think you already love him. Close your eyes,” I don’t know but I followed him. I closed my eyes, “Listen to your heart. Ask to yourself if you love Trey.”

Do I love Trey?

Dug. Dug. Dug.

“If you heart beat is fast that means you love him.”

I did not answer again, I’m just listening to my heart..

“Last question, do you still love me?” I’m surprise when he ask that, but I did not answer and only shakes my head, “It’s up to you to check the box, I hope your feeling is clear now. Don’t be confuse Sena and don’t hold to your past. Free yourself from pain.”

“Wait Allen! What did you mean about the box!” did he mean about the check box in way # 10 note? Because there is a box and written beside it is, “Are you over him? Check the box if yes.

“Sena, dare to fall inlove again.my heart stop beating for a bit because I was not prepared that he will said that, “That is the 11th way to forget me.”

“Allen—!” but I only heard the line disconnecting. I tried to dial it again and call him but I can’t reach him, I think he switch off his phone. I don’t get it.. what happen? What does he mean?

“Sena, dare to fall inlove again. That is the 11th way to forget me.”

“Sena, dare to fall inlove again. That is the 11th way to forget me.”

“Sena, dare to fall inlove again. That is the 11th way to forget me.”


The vacation is over, yehey! We are in our last year!

“Waaaa! We are classmate again bessy!” Kate said excitedly when she entered our new classroom.

“You’re right bessy! I’m happy!” We hug each other.

“Ehem! Me too, I want a hug too!”

“The boyfriend is jealous! Okay here, you can hug, even though I know that it is only Sena that you want!” Kate tease to my boyfriend.

“Ahaha! Okay, group huuuuuuuuuuug!” my boyfriend went to us and hug us very tight..

“Sena your boyfriend! Ugh! I think he want us to die in his hug! It’s suffocating!”

“Ahaha! Babe, that’s enough! We can’t breath! Ahaha!”

“I don’t want to! I will hug both of you forever!” He hugs us more tightly.

“Hey Trey! If you want someone to die by your hug not me! You can have Sena, your girlfriend! Stop bothering me!” Kate said jokingly.

“Ahaha! Fine! I don’t want my babe to die yet.” He let go of us and put his arms around me.

“AAAH! DON’T BE SWEET, A SINGLE LIKE ME IS BITTER!” we only laugh at what Kate said.

Ah, right. Trey and I are in a relationship now, I accepted his feelings during the summer vacation, we are almost one month. About Allen? I don’t have any news oh him after that call, they said that he transfer in a distant school. We just don’t have anymore news from him. I really want to thank him. At first I don’t understand, but I realize that he is the one who is helping me to forget my ex-boyfriend. I don’t get the sense and purpose why he did it. But if I see him again, I wan’t to ask him everything and thank him. I don’t have anymore feelings for him but if we are given a second chance, I want him to be my friend. Because of him I met Trey.. and I become very happy.


TL: Who guessed that’s Allen is the sender?

The next chapter will be Allen’s point of view.

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5 thoughts on “Way 9-11”

  1. Wow! That was unexpected. Totally didn’t expect to see Allen as the one who behind all this. But I guessed he must have been overwhelmed with guilt. Imagine… Crushing a girl’s heart is certainly a big no-no.
    Btw, thanks for the translation! Really appreciate it. Can’t wait to read Allen’s view 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So Allen’s been the one sending the notes? I hope he will found someone.
    And I’m happy for Sena and Trey. They suit each other.


  3. Allen is the sender… I totally didn’t see it comming!!! But I still dislike him. I would not even talk on the cellphone with him. I know next chapter will probably explain his side of the story but still… The only good thing out of it was Sena finally let it go and got to meet someone who truly loves and cherishes her, Trey. Sena and Trey forever! ❤


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