Let Me Tell You, Allen. 1


Very boring. I’m resting here in the hospital, in 3 days I will be having my operation. It’s too quiet in hospital especially at this time, I can’t sleep.

I just watched at the stars from my window that is beside my bed.

*tok *tok (sound of knocking)

“Huh?” I was distracted from my star-gazing when I suddenly heard a knock on other side of the wall, in the adjacent room. At first I ignored it, because I thought that maybe  the person just bump into it, maybe he is a messy sleeper.

[TL: lol, maybe the wall is made in wood not a concrete, but it’s a hospital? let’s just assume it’s a concrete but you can hear a knock from the other side.]

But it repeated again.

*tok *tok

I started to wonder, that’s why I tried respond to him.

*tok *tok

I knocked twice. He also responded immediately, this time it was stronger.

**tok **tok

I responded again.

*tok * tok

I was expecting to hear another knock as a reply, but I didn’t, no one responded in the other room. I don’t know why, hmmm. Maybe he also doesn’t have anything to do or maybe he also can’t sleep.

“Oh well,” since no one answered, I assumed that he don’t want to play anymore. I just continued looking at the night sky.

*tok *tok

I heard a knock again but this time it’s not from the wall but from the door.

I thought it’s one of the nurses that’s why I let him in, “Come in.”

I was surprised that instead of a nurse, a woman entered the room and greets me. The moonlight reflected her from the darkness of my room.. She has a dark and long loose hair, she’s wearing a white hospital gown that didn’t reach her knees. She’s pale and has a round eyes, because of her paleness her pinkish thin lips is more expressed. She is entering the room while smiling.

From the doorway she wave her hand at me,

“Hi, I’m Shekinah. Knock knock.”

Let me tell you that this girl knocked on my wounded heart.

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