Way 2

way 2

Note #2: Make his name a bad word.

“In what sense, Kate?” We are at the cafeteria for lunch, I showed her my second note that I receive earlier on the morning in my locker.

“Hmm. I think you should not say Allen’s name.” Kate answered.

“Eh?” I ask baffled.

“That you should not say his name nor hear his name. We will change his name into another word.” She explained.

“Like I’ll censor it?”

“I think its like that, like you’ll say *beep* or *toot*, like his name is a bad word that must not be spoken by the people in the Philippines.”

I feel dejected, “It’s impossible, Allen is always the content of my mouth.”

She smacked me.

“Ouch! What was that for? Why did you smack me in my forehead!” I ask.

“You just mention a bad word.” Kate.

“What? I didn’t swear. You’re just bullying me!”

“You mentioned HIS name! From now on, it’s considered as a bad word and every time you say a bad word I’ll flick your forehead.” Kate said.

“Ugh. Yeah, right. Would it really help? I mean, it’s just mentioning Allen’s name!” I rolled my eyes but Kate flick me again in my forehead.

“Will you stop saying bad words? Yes, it will help. I think there is a reason why that person gave you the notes. I mean, his right because you always mention or hear the name of *toot* that’s why you can’t move on!”

“Well, you are right. From now on I will not mention *toot*. Let’s just eat.”  I was getting a fork when I accidentally knock it and it fell. I trying to get it when someone took it and gave it to me.

“Uh, here.” He said awkwardly while giving it to me.

When I look at the person, I panicked, “Toot!”

 “Toot?” he ask, puzzled.

I slap myself softly and shook my head, I took the fork and said. “N-nothing. Thank you.”

I immediately turned away from him, he also left.

“Throw that fork away, its dirty.” Kate suggested. I look the fork in my hands. “But..he touch it.”

“All right, use it. I hope you die from bacteria after using that fork.” She said sarcastically.

“Your so cruel.”

“You’re a flirt, that fork is a remnant and remember what the note #1 said, throw away all the remnants? So throw it.” She said and took the fork from my hand and threw it, then she took a new fork.

I mess my hair, “Why can’t you leave my mind! Your annoying toot! Super!”

“Sena, you know Allen right?” I was surprised when my teacher called me after class.

I just nodded.

“Can you call him at his class and say to go at my office since I need him?” My teacher ask.

“Ah yes ma’am, I can.” Even though I don’t want to, I can’t say no because she’s a teacher.

I went to his classroom but my heart beat is getting faster. Do I really have to talk to him? Well, I’m only going tell him to go to Ms.’s office right? Nothings wrong with that so I shouldn’t be nervous.

When I arrive at their classroom, I look around but he’s not there. When I went in I bump to a person, it was a guy. I think he is going home because of he has his bag on his back.

I talk to him ,”Uhmm, excuse me.” I

He stop walking and look at me, he smiled, “Yes?”

“Is Al– toot here?” I shouldn’t say his name right? Argh. So how can I look for him? But the letter said to make his name a bad word, if I don’t do it, it’s like I’m wasting the effort of that someone who’s helping me.

“Toot?” his forehead wrinkled and said, “We don’t have a classmate with that name.”

“I mean.. arg. His name is not toot.”

“Then what?” the guy ask me, confused.

“Uhmm.. you see, I cant mention his name.” I explained.

“Eh? Why?”

“It’s a bad word.”

“What?” he laugh, “Then who is it?”

“It’s toot!” I really look ridiculous now.

“Well, I don’t know any toot. Why don’t you describe him to me?”

I have no choice but describe toot to him, “He is as tall you. He has a brown fallen hair but not that long. He has fair skin and has a shuriken necklace.”

“Ah! It’s Allen!”

“Shh! You can’t say his name! It’s toot!” I look stupid, why did I also insist it to others the  way#2.

“Ah, yeah bad word. Why is that? What did All–” I look at him fiercely when he is going to mention toot’s name again, “Oh yeah toot right?”

I look away and said, “You don’t need to know. So do you know where he is?”

“He already left.”

“Huh? But Ms. Salugsugan called him.”

“Just text him he might be not that far.”

“I don’t have his number.” I deleted it, though I still memorize his number but I won’t text him no matter what. “You text him.” I said to him.

“I don’t have a load.” He said.

“Don’t be stingy.”

“I really don’t have.” He pointed out.

“All right, thank you.” I turned to leave, but he suddenly grab my hand.

I look at him confused. He smile as if ashamed, “Alright I’ll text him but in exchange, can I have your number?”

I was startled at what he said, “Oh sorry, I don’t give my number to strangers.”

“I’m Trey, so can I have your number now?”

“Nice meeting you, but no.” I remove his hand from me.

“Aww. Can I at least know your name?” Trey

“It’s Sena. I’m going now.” I am about to walk when I heard him shout, “Bye Sena, take care!”

I don’t know, his kinda cute. I was flushed when he asked my name and number, although I really don’t give my number to strangers. But.. he is really cute. *Blush*

I was walking when I bump into someone in the hallway, again. “I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“Sena! What are you doing here? Are you looking for Allen?” I know him, he is one of toot’s friend.

“Hey, it’s forbidden to pronounce the name of Al– toot!” Trey said. I’m surprised when he already caught up.

“What? Toot? Huh? What are you saying Trey? Besides, do you know Sena?” Toot’s friend ask bewildered.

I elbowed Trey and talk to toot’s friend, “Its nothing, don’t mind him. I just pass here because I have something to say to Trey, right Trey?”

I don’t want his friend to know that I went to their classroom for him.

“What?” ask Trey somewhat confused, but I just look at him with the expression saying, ‘just say yes’.  He seems to get it, “Ah right. She had something to say to me.”

“Ah I see. I thought she went for Allen.”

“It’s toot!” Trey said.

I elbowed him again. I don’t want toot’s friend to know that I’m calling him toot.

“What toot?”

“Nothing! I’ll go now, bye!” I pulled Trey because I want to avoid that person. “Where are we going?” I stop walking when I remember I was still holding Trey. I release my hand immediately, “I’m going home, just go where you’re supposed to go.”

“Eh? After pulling me, you’re just going to leave me?” Trey.

“Why? What do you want? I just pulled you because your noisy.”

“Huh? me noisy? What did I do?” Trey

“You always say toot!”

“But you said you don’t want to hear his name. Earlier Ash always mentioned his name that’s why I told him to say toot!” Trey explained.

“I know but– agh! Nothing! Just don’t be noisy!”

“Eh, what is it with toot?”

“Just don’t mind it.” I left him. I’m getting irritated, his annoying.

My days are a success. I haven’t mention nor heard toot’s name. Sometimes, Kate and I enjoy to play the bad word thingy.

I look at my locker everyday just to make sure if the note came. I’m getting hook at the mysterious note. Whoever it is, I’m thankful to the things the sender have done to me. If it’s a girl I’ll befriend her and if it’s a boy.. I might like him. I’m joking! Kate said it might be a fatso, but if it really is I can still befriend the sender right? Whoever it is and when I met the sender, I’ll be very grateful to him.

It looks like the sender sent it weekly because I receive it after a week.

“Bessy! There it is! There’s a new note!” I excitedly said and took the note that fell from my locker when I opened it. Kate and I immediately read it.

3. Do new things that will keep yourself busy.

When I read that, I receive a text from an unknown number.

From: +639*********

Hi Sena! This is Trey, from toot's class. How are you?

How did he know my number?

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      1. I see. Good luck to you. I think most Fili translators are in similar situation, translating what they have already read before, and as they translate, they also reread. Actually even I am the same. 🙂


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