Short Stories


Love and Time

A Daughter's Hatred

A Daughter’s Hatred

 by xxdeprimido

Sneak Peek


by YoullNeverFindMe

Paper Planes

by wistfulpromise

Part One
Part Two

September NightLamp Post

One Wish For Christmas
|September Night|Lamp Post

by Luisa Rose

 The Mats

by Francisco Arcellana

May Day Eve

The Summer Solstice

by Nick Joaquin

The Witch

by Edilberto K. Tiemp

Wedding Dance

by Amador Daguio


How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife

by Manuel E. Arguilla

©Short Stories made by Filipinos.

Some of the works here are translated from Filipino to English, some are already in English. Some are made by amateurs while others are made by known Filipino writers in Philippine Literature history.

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