Written by AnakniRizal


The Peculiar’s Tale


Category: Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Shoujo,

Why do people want to see the future? To change it? Or to prevent something bad from happening?

People want to see their future because they believe that there are greater thing set for them. They dream big and expect that something spectacular will happen. They’re also eager to unfold all mysteries in this planet. There are some people ‘though who anticipate the future because of the fear hiding inside their heart.

They want to see it badly. Well, except for me. I don’t want to see the future. I mean – their future.

I don’t know how, but it started two years ago. I gained the ability that normal people don’t have – the ability to see the future.


She can see the future.

He can see the past. And he can read minds.

They’re Peculiars. They exist. This is their tale.





Chapter 1: That Day

Chapter 2: Seer

Chapter 3: The Blog

Chapter 4: The List

Chapter 5: Because I’m bored

Chapter 6: Serenade

Chapter 7: His Eyes

Chapter 8: Photograph

Chapter 9: Her Eyes

Chapter 10: Rank 40

Chapter 11: Begins

Chapter 12: Bullied Proof

Chapter 13: Gloomy

Chapter 14: Who Knows?

Chapter 15: Unexpected

Chapter 16: Hanneul’s Wish

Chapter 17: Devil’s Hour

Chapter 18: Unknown

Chapter 19: I’ll Confess

Chapter 20: Confessions

PART TWO: Interlude 1

Chapter 21: Sibling Bond

Chapter 22: Favor

Chapter 23: To Change the Hearts

Chapter 24: Murder the Past: Tamaki

Chapter 25: Murder the Past: Ireneo

Chapter 26: Caught

Chapter 27: Exam

Chapter 28: Nine

Chapter 29: Hello?

Chapter 30: Commemoration: 30-a, 30-b

Chapter 31: Caesar Box

Chapter 32: Truth or Die

Chapter 33: Resolution

Chapter 34: Back to Reality

Chapter 35: Abducted

Chapter 36: The New Comer

Chapter 37: The Enemy is Near: part 1, part 2, part 3

PART THREE: Interlude 2

Chapter 38: Brainwashed

Chapter 39: Dream?

Chapter 40: Now


Chapter 41: Encounter

Chapter 42: Déja vù

Chapter 43: A Night in the Carnival

Chapter 44: The Carnies

Chapter 45: Artifice

Chapter 46: Journal

Chapter 47: Begonia

Chapter 48: Last Time

Chapter 49: Last Dance


Chapter 50: Beatrice

Chapter 51: Atrium

Chapter 52: Midnight Train

Chapter 53: Hey Jill

Chapter 54: New Home

Chapter 55: Day Two

Chapter 56: Behind the Scenes

Chapter 57: Culomus

Chapter 58: Azotea

Chapter 59: Rebel

Chapter 60: The Chain Gang


Chapter 61: Reluctant Hero

Chapter 62: Believe Me, I’m Lying

Chapter 63: Against All Odds

Chapter 64: We Are Peculiars

Chapter 65: Meet The Dawn

Chapter 66: The Aftermath

Chapter 67: On The Way

Chapter 68: I See Fire

Chapter 69: Conspiracy Woods

Chapter 70: Jing Rosca

Chapter 71: Beyond The Perimeter

Chapter 72: Que Sera Sera

Chapter 73: Baffling Hearts

Chapter 74: The Jaded Girl

Chapter 75: To Die Is To Gain

Chapter 76: Remember To Live


A Letter To Jill Morie

The Origin

TPT Special Chapter 1: The Disappearance Of Jill Morie

TPT Special Chapter 2: Why She Stayed

TPT Special Chapter 3: Bring Her Back

TPT Special Chapter 4.1: Karen x Cairo’s Backstory

TPT Special Chapter 4.2: Still

TPT Special Chapter 5: Assembly


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