Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/1/ That Day

If you were given a chance to see the future, would you try to change it? Or would you eventually let things happen? Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a chance but was forced to have the power to see ‘it’. Two years had passed since I decided not to interfere with the so called ‘fate’ of the humans, because I believe that everything which will happen to this world has already been decided long before.

But on that particular day… The memory of that day was still haunting me. That day, I regretted doing nothing because of that particular decision.

It was one of the stormy day, the sky was crying… The wind was blowing hard. Almost nothing could be seen ahead of the road due to the strong typhoon. The loud roaring thunder could be heard and the dancing lightning could be seen.

I can still clearly remember that day.

‘Krrssssh’. The bus ticket collector turned off the television which suddenly malfunctioned. The speedy bus was in tune with the angry storm, thunder and lightning. Even though I boarded it, I was not aware of its destination.  I was only aware of one thing – I wanted to escape. Escape from reality. A few weeks after I was discharged from the hospital, after that particular day, unusual things had been happening to me.

When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I become…” I could still recall when I glanced at the people beside me, a mother and a child pair, the child was on her mother’s lap while she was rocking him and singing him a lullaby to sleep.

“Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Here’s what she said to me… Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see… Que sera sera.” I don’t know what suddenly appeared in my brain, I stood up to change my seat. Maybe it was because I couldn’t stand their presence, I didn’t know why… Envy? Longing? Probably.

I could still remember the bus suddenly turned. I found myself losing my balance, slamming to the opposite seat. Someone supported me, and when I raised my head, a concerned passenger’s eyes met mine. “Iha, are you okay? You better sit still.” The number of seconds of the eye contact, corresponds to the number of seconds of what I will saw in the future. From the utmost depth of her eyes I saw what will happen in the next few seconds… Screams. Pains. Death. Accident. The bus will soon crash. It will spin in the middle of the road, will flip over, will be smashed into pulp, will explode.

I could still remember how I hurriedly freed my arm from the woman’s hand, I saw how the mother and child’s looked at me, but I wasted no time. I made the driver stopped the bus, then I immediately descend. Even though it was still raining. Even if I have no umbrella. I did not care. I walked away without looking back.

After awhile I heard a loud explosion. It registered to my mind, the faces of those mother and child pair. I suddenly knelt on the street. Then I regretted.

Two years had passed after that accident. I have seen so many eyes, had let many futures to come by.

I opened my eyes. I stopped reminiscing because I realized that these two years were still not enough for me to remove the guilt in my heart. I will be forever haunted by this memory.

There are things that will come to you even though you didn’t wait for it. There are some things that will suddenly disappear. Being satisfied on what you have is inadvisable because things could change anytime. Those things in your hands could vanish, maybe later, or maybe tomorrow, things will be gone.

And to see these things from afar…is miserable.

I hate it.

Morie!” I looked back and saw a person.

I knew her. And I knew the next thing she will say…

“What are you doing there? Are you planning to commit suicide?!”

 I turned my back at her.

“What do you think a person standing here will do?”

 “Get down from there, Morie!”

I did what she said. It’s only a step away though, and I will be able to escape from this cruel reality. But Lily came. I walked pass her but she called again and it made me stopped.

“Jill Morie!”

 “Yeah, I knew you would come.” Without looking back I left the rooftop. “And as if you care.” I added.

The future was right – again.

I saw it in her eyes. She will come here to stop me. I actually didn’t plan to jump; I just want to feel the wind and gaze at the sky. Though at first when I learned that she would stopped me, I still couldn’t believe it. Lily would stop me?

The people on the corridor made way for me when they saw me coming. They started whispering and examining me as if I am a specimen under a microscope.

It’s okay; they can do what they want.

Who would not get used to this, after half a year of being treated like this? Besides, I actually don’t care about them. I don’t care if they see me as a weirdo or a freak.

I walked pass them without looking. They are just the kind of people who have nothing to do aside from gossiping about other peoples’ life. Well, it’s like that. No matter where you are, there are people like them. Fifteen minutes left before the class will starts. There are still many students scattered in the hallway, there are many groups and they have been creating the same noise.

I reached the most frequented place of everyone, no other than the Freedom Board.  It was located near the Gryffinclaw’s room which was the school’s newsletter, the critiques that are admired and hated by everyone. For people like me, they have to be avoided.

I gave the board a fleeting glance and saw that something was written on the topmost part – “WHAT’S HOT”. Obviously, its contents are campus issues about students, teachers, and whatever. Everybody can post there, anonymously. Well, no posts about me today. Yeah, we can say that this was where I became “popular”. The whole campus learned my name through this Freedom Board.

Three minutes before the time.  With every minute passing, the students loitering at the hallway continuously lessened. Then finally, I reached my homeroom.

Class 2-B

My last year in Senior high.

Things are still the same, although half a year already passed. Everyone is busy studying for the entrance exams to the prestigious schools they wanted to be part of. Nothing more.

“Hello, Morie!” Aya, my super hyper seatmate was the one who welcomed me when I opened the sliding door. She never failed to greet me this way every morning. She’s kinda annoying and noisy, but I’m used to it. I didn’t mind her and entered the classroom then sat. I noticed her new haircut, a boy cut.

Then the bell rings. Everyone get into their position. I saw Lily get inside too.

“Good morning!” the class adviser, Miss Karen Italia was already here…wearing her usual expression; blank and cold which suits her long hair and pale complexion. She’ll surely check the attendance first.


“PRESENT.” Aya replied energetically.


I raised my hand.


At my left side, the desk was empty. The door suddenly opened, and everyone shifted their eyes there.

“Sorry I’m late, ma’am.” He seems to be catching his breath.

“You’re just in time, Morris. It is already your third time being late this week. Take your seat.”

“I’m really sorry.”

When he walked passed me, I know he was looking at me but I glued my eyes on the blackboard. I’m ignoring his stares, everyday. He’s still the same.

He sat at the previously vacant seat at my left. We never talked. Well, I never really seriously talked  to my classmates because I’m ignoring them and they are ignoring me too, except to Aya whose always pestering me.

“Okay, so let’s start the class…”

As expected, when the class started everyone entered in their own world again. The weather made us sleepy so not many had listened to Miss Karen, though before she left she reminded the requirements for her subject and also to those who are taking exams in the universities. So it is actually a big deal?

“Morie.” Aya is smiling widely. “Where do you plan to take exam?”

“I don’t know.”

“Going to college sounds a pain, right? Hehehe.”

“Ah…” I said before I stood up.

“Where are you going?”


“Inside the locker? Weh, can you fit in there?”

I left immediately, afraid that she’d ask more. Since she never runs out of things to say.

I went to the locker area. I brought the books for the next subject.

I know, I am not that friendly. I was being avoided by many but that girl, Aya, no matter how I made her stay away, made her feel that I don’t like her, and that I don’t want to talk to her, she still remains the same.

I don’t want anyone to get attached to me though. The main reason: I hate attachments and I don’t want to see their eyes.

Someone dropped a note inside my locker. Aside from Aya, there is still one more person who, no matter what I do, still won’t stop doing what he’s doing. ‘Hi, you’re so cute.’ I couldn’t stand how corny he is. Cloud Enriquez. I know this one came from that person.


Que Sera Sera –  A spanish phrase. Translation: What will be, will be.

Iha – a young girl, a term used most often by the oldies when referring to girls, whether blood related or strangers

Gryffinclaw – 😀 It seems the author is a Harry Potter fan

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