Translated by: whosays25

/11/ Begins


“One of the projects of the student council is for each section to have this comment box. This project’s motto is ‘Feel free to express’. I hope everyone will cooperate on this.”

They immediately agreed to Ireneo. At the table, there’ a box on it. It has a hole on the top and it was locked.

It’s been so long since I wanted to take my seat but I’m actually here standing beside him. I wonder, why did he need me to be in the front?

“One more thing, as you can see, I’m with our second class representative.”


What a joke.

“Please be good to her.” He said with a smile, a smile tainted with mockery.

Now what am I? A transferee? A transferee to the hellish life? They reluctantly clapped. I know, this is awkward. I saw that Morris is not clapping. He’s glaring at Ireneo.

I can no longer contain myself and began laughing at front. I saw from the edge of my vision that Ireneo’s smile vanished. And that they stopped clapping. I’m sure they are wondering why I suddenly burst out laughing.

Why else could it be? It’s because they looked silly. It’s very laughable. No, they are very laughable. I tried hard composing myself so that I could stop laughing. Okay, okay. I know I looked crazy. I just can’t help it.

Nobody attempted to break the silence so I went and told them, “He’s right.” I said. “Please be good to me, please.” Take note: with full of sarcasm.

I’m not scared at all. Somehow, I found this exciting. It seems my boring life has now a little thrill. It’s the same feeling I got when I was still trailing Sabina. Speaking of Alexi Sabina, she’s there, quietly sitting. She’s no longer how she used to be after her secret was made known to the school.

“So, we’re going to place this box at the back. And, Jill,’


How dare him to call me with my first name…

“Here’s the key.” Which I took from him.

I was on my way back to my place when Ireneo suddenly obstructed me.

“I know you did it on purpose.” He whispered. “…miss Rank Forty.”


“What do you mean?” I said while trying to act naively.

But wow, he actually guessed that it’s intentional? Oh, I almost forgot that he’s smart. Ireneo didn’t answer. I just let him passed by me before I went back to my seat. And the moment I sit there? The life of being rank forty… begins.


“Please bring out your text books and open it on page sixty four.” The terror math teacher said.

I brought out my book from under my desk but I found out that they made a mess out of it using a marker. Also, there’s no page sixty-four. So, I just placed it back there again.

Okay, so this is it? This is only how they bully the rank 40 holder? How boring.

Suddenly, someone threw a math book to my desk. When I glanced at my left, it’s Morris. That’s when my math teacher arrived.

“Mr. Morris, where is your book?”


“I forgot it, Sir.”


“It’s good that at least you didn’t forget your brain. Stand at the back!”


I scanned the book.

Advanced Calculus

George Morris



Research time.

We have to go to the library for the groupings. Oh, how I hate groupings. They said group, but only person is moving. Sometimes out of five, only two are working. This is why I prefer working alone, it’s better. So far, scribbling some marker with my book was only what they’ve done to me. It’s not a big deal, I can always buy new.


Did I really say that? It’s because I handed Morris his book. He nodded so I already left for my group-mates.

“You’re not doing it right!”


“What’s wrong? Chicken lady just be quiet!”


Aya and Tadeo were arguing. I wonder why I became groupmates with them.

When the research subject was finished, I was on my way out when Mrs. Stefi called me.

“Miss Morie, according to them you said you’re going to arrange the books.” She pointed at the books left behind. I just nodded and went there again. Ah, so it’s here again? Just arranging this stuffs?

“I-ll help you.” Oh, it’s Penelope. She helped me carry those books around to return to their shelves. “I’ve yet to thank you, Morie.” She said while we’re walking to the other book sections.

“For what?” I asked, I pretended to know nothing about what she’s talking about.

“For stopping me to go at Mirku’s.”


“Ah.” I acted as if I really don’t care about what she said. Though I suddenly remembered what I saw from her eyes.

“I was really surprised when I heard that news. I couldn’t even believe it.” I thought she’s going to keep silent but it seems she’s become curious. “B-but, how did you know that it would happen, Morie?”


“Who knows.” I replied while shrugging. Penelope no longer asked. She just continued helping me. She’s doing this because she owes me. That’s all. Okay…

Class dismissal came but there’s not many things that had happened. Hah. I don’t know if this is only what they called the life of a rank 40. So rubbish. Or is it that I’m just being impatient? I was left behind so I went to the cabinet to bring out the mop. If I remember correctly, this is what Yue always do. No one ordered me to do this but I just feel like doing so.

“Give me that.” Hmm? What’s the problem with Baldo? “you’re not one of the cleaners.” Then she snatched the mop and started using it. “Just go home, Morie.” He’s shoving me away.

“Why do I have to follow you?”


“It’s not me being meddlesome. While they are still not doing anything to you, you should leave.” He urged me while mopping. Wow.

“You? Not being meddlesome, Baldo? Did you already forget what you did to Sabina?” I said with full of sarcasm.

He stopped but later on he moved again. “Would you blame me, Morie?” I can only see his side view but he’s actually smiling. “Would you blame if I cared for her too much? Isn’t it that is how we love? You’d crossed your boundaries. Even if you know, you’re already trespassing; you won’t stop even if you knew she didn’t love you. Probably it’s not called meddling but caring and worrying.”


Caring? What a joke.

“However, my care didn’t bring a good result. I was wrong. I was wrong to give that picture that damn guy. If it’s not because of that, the photo won’t be made known to everyone. I thought he’s not aware of Alexi’s sacrifices. I thought I already knew what would be better for her. It’s just my thought though. So, you’re right about what you said. I don’t have the right to love.”


I’m looking at nowhere, while thinking about Baldo’s words.

So, that was what actually happened.

“Aish, damn! How gayish of what I’m saying!” He exclaimed.  “Oy, go home. You’re just making me say gayish things, eh. Leave this to us.”


I no longer speak. I fetched my bag then left. I was previously at the doorway when Baldo spoke again, “Yeah, right, thanks to you. I think you can change the system.” I ignore that and walked straight out. I almost bumped  with Miss Karen when I went out. Here come again her blank eyes. Weird. It seems she’s the only one I can see eye to eye.

“Can I have a word?” She said. “This.” She brought out my test paper and handed it to me. Yeah, that’s my blank test paper, with no answer. “I know you did it intentionally, dear.”

It’s easy to guess that I did it on purpose. Someone like me who consistently got good scores will suddenly be at the lowest? It’s unless I intentionally did that. Now, aside from Ireneo, even Miss had guessed it.

“Station six, 7:39 pm, Thursday. The future begins, now.”


Everything, it’s all for Stephen’s future.


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