Translated by: whosays25


/12/ Bullied Proof


“Jill Morie the newest rank 40th. What a shame”~

Well, that blog got updated that’s why the news of how I fell from the rankings spread out. Who cares? But yeah, that pest of a blog still exists and the views keep on increasing. In fairness, that blogger is always updated about my life. He’s a very excellent stalker; I can even give him a reward for that.

I have a strong feeling that the one behind the blog was close to me. Out of curiosity, I really want to know him. Who does he think he is to call me a psychopath? Well, for the meantime, since I have no way of knowing, the best approach to deal with it is to ignore.

So, the current issue is about being rank fortieth. It was last Tuesday when Ireneo announced that I’m their new second rep. It’s already Thursday so it means, it’s my third day and guess what. I’m still alive. What I mean is, I’m still bored. They had not only murdered my Calculus book, they even did that to my English and Physics one. Well, okay, I’ll just buy new. It’s not really a problem since text books are not required for the Final exams. Another thing, whenever it’s after dismissal, Baldo always made me goes home. He’s not letting me hold even a mop since he’s thinking that he owe me something.

What happened to the thrill I was expecting? There’s none whatsoever.

Suddenly, a crumpled paper was thrown at my head.

“Shoot!” then they laughed. Ah, I forgot. This was one of what they always do to me – which I just ignored. They can do so as long as they want until they get tired of it. Though, why can’t they just throw at me a chair? So it’ll be fun. Okay, let’s have a change of routine. I looked back at them and I saw him. Rank seven, Ayton, is looking at me with mockery. I stared at his eyes for five seconds which was equivalent for several fast-forwards in his future.

I picked up what had been thrown at me then I stood up and faced them. “Is this all the system can do? What nonsense.” They quietened down and stared at me. “Throwing papers? If I’m not mistaken, this is only an Elementary trick. Don’t you have anything else?”

I want to laugh at their reactions, especially to that of Ayton. He blushed because of my answer.


They didn’t reply. And I? I just went to the blackboard to erase the lectures written on it. They no longer have to order me to do this because this is one of my ‘duties’. Besides, it’s also enjoyable for me to erase writings.

I know, he’s feeling intense hatred. Then out of a sudden, he grabbed a book then threw that to me. It’s only because I was advanced of a second that I managed to evade that even though I didn’t see that. I couldn’t erase the smile from my lips. Having this freaking power has its advantage huh.

I slowly turned to them. Their reactions? Their jaws were dropping.

Others found it cool, the others became nervous while the rest cursed. I’m not trying to act cool, okay. I gave them a what’s-your-problem-look. Burn!


Tension filled the air, no one attempted to speak or move. They almost no longer breathe and so, in order to lessen this tension, I went out and walked away from this place which I hated.


I’m on my way to my homeroom. I didn’t feel like trapping myself inside the library because the PDA couples got there before me. It just made my mood sour. Anyway, the next subject is Physics and it’s almost impossible to make an excuse for being late. Those who will be late will have to stand outside for the whole period.

When I entered inside, everyone was quiet. Some were even bowing their heads. Only Aya was standing next to the window while she’s about face, holding on to something. Then I noticed the blackboard, questions were written on it. Physics questions, even.


1. How fast do objects fall?
2. Doesn’t a more massive object accelerate at a greater rate than a less massive object?”


“Morie, can you please answer the questions?” Lily requested while smiling.

I all of a sudden have feel hot-headed. What the hell was going on here? But okay, I’ll oblige.

“A free-falling object has an acceleration of 9.8 meters per second squared. It means every second, the feeling-falling of an object will accelerate by 9.8 because of the gravity. Then, the answer to the next question is no, free-fall objects do not encounter air resistance. More massive objects will only fall faster if air resistance is present.”

Lily clapped at my reply.

“Then, how fast can you gather all of the objects which will fall from here?” she asked again.

“Your timer starts now.”


That’s only when I understood what happened. Aya was actually holding my bag. With a snap, she threw all my belongings outside the window. I went out again. Psh. I can already be called the Walk out Queen.

I really hate Physics.


Let’s see who’ll win.


I skipped the class. I also planned to not attend the last period because, nothing, I’m just feeling lazy. Okay, they upped me one. But it’s fine. I went down the ground-floor for the field where my belongings got thrown into like confetti.

Maybe it’s because of the wind that my stuffs scattered. It’s a good thing though that they also threw my bag so that I have something to contain my belongings which I was picking up now. Aya was the one who had thrown these. Or should I say, she was ordered to do so. I know she would not do such things willingly.

“You actually like Pusheen the cat.” From nowhere, someone stated. But from the voice itself, I already knew who the person is. For several days, I actually didn’t feel his presence. Enriquez is still alive huh.

I stood up to snatch from him my notebook with the Pusheen design.

“What are you doing here?” He asked while his hands were on his pockets. He’s wearing his boyish smile, his guitar was strapped at his shoulder – the usual get up of a Cloud Enriquez.

“Isn’t it obvious?”I replied while putting my things inside my bag.

“You cut class?”

I can’t tell if his common is really weak or what.

“You, you’re not cutting class that way?” I stated after I place everything back.

“Nope, we have a practice, eh. Did you miss me?”


“I miss you too. Haha!”

“Get lost.”

“Chill! Since you’re being hot-headed, ahh-“ He did some stretching before putting a hand around my shoulder. “Let’s cool ourselves first.”

“Cool yourself alone.” I strongly elbowed him.

“Wow, you love in a different way, Morie. How brutal.” He’s even laughing. He’s insane, no doubt about that. I know he is hard to push away so it’s a relief that his band-mates summoned him.

“Bye, Morie. See yah.” Before he left, he handed me something. A lollipop.


5:30 pm

I’m still here at school. I still have something to do so I can’t go home. At the hallway, I encountered Baldo who was carrying a box.

“Ah, M-Morie.”

I paused because of his call. He handed me a box. I wondered, what do I have to do with this? “Can you please, ah, eh ahm…” He couldn’t speak clearly. “Ahm, you can be the one to put that in the music room. Hehe.”

I just nodded. I almost worry for what he would say. After that, I walked to the left wing of the building where the music room is located at. When I went in, the grand piano came into view and it hypnotized me for a moment. I forced myself to come into my senses because I’m only here to place this box here. I finished the task after putting the box atop the cabinet and readied to go out. But.

The door was locked.

Earlier, they used Aya, now it was Baldo. This is… unforgivable.

2-2. Now, we’re even.


6:30 pm

I was actually  locked here at this dark music room for an hour. They purposely tampered on the lights that is why the source of light came only from  the outside, through the window. It seems I underestimated them because I didn’t see this coming, again.

I”m already here for an hour but I’ve yet to do anything. I was just sitting there at the cement floor watching the grand piano.

7:00 pm

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away

Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away, fire away.


My cellphone alarmed. I think I could stay here no more because I only have 39 minutes remaining.

You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium

You shoot me down but I won’t wall, I am titanium.” 

I’m going to get the hell out of here. There are only two choices; break the door or jump out of the window.


7:29 pm

I still have ten minutes left. I can’t stop from running. I’m almost there but there are so many people so it’s hard to squeeze myself out.

How did I get out of that room?

Well, I chose the second option. I know, unimaginable. It’s suicidal eh. But I have no choice because I don’t have anything which could be used in breaking the door. But hey, I’m still alive and running.

Five minutes left.

I can’t find Yue!  Really, it’s hard to run when there are so many people.

“Yue!” I can’t help it but to shout his name. Damn. Three minutes. I keep on running.”Yue!” Two minutes. One minute. I stopped to catch my breath.  Still, I can’t find him. The train was about to move. Shit. That thing I saw from his eyes –

“Morie.” Someone tapped my shoulder and when I glanced back, I saw…

“Miss Karen.”

What is she doing here?

She pointed at something. I immediately directed my gaze there, at the nearby bench…


I looked at Miss Karen again, waiting for her explanation. “He was about to jump, but I stopped him, “ she said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

After hearing that short tale, I went to Yue who was lowering his head while sitting on the bench. He noticed my presence but he didn’t look at me. I sat next him.

“It’s your fault.” He said.

Okay, he even blamed me huh.

“If you didn’t do that to your exam, I wouldn’t appear pitiful to them.” I saw him balled his fist. “I don’t need your pity to save me.”


I smirked. “Who told you that I’m sympathizing with you?” From my peripheral vision, Yue lifted his eyes to me. “And who told you that I want to save you?”


“Are you thinking that I did that for you? Tssk. Then, you’re wrong. I didn’t do anything for you.”

‘W-what do you mean?”

“I did that,” I stood up, “to destroy the caste. In this world, people are not that compassionate to help you. They are not that kind to stop just to support you. They are not that kind to waste their time for you.” I walked straight.

“It’s because in this world, no one will help you but you alone. Only you will side with you. It’s not wrong to be weak. What’s wrong is, if you won’t fight.”

Yeah. It’s tiring to be weak.

I jumped the train way. I’m ready to meet the train.

Because I’m bullied proof, nothing to lose.


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