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/14/ Who Knows?



“Jill Morie…”



I’ve been hearing those voices lately. An unknown voice that keeps playing on my head, the voice seems want to reach me. It sounds like it came from underneath the soil, rattling and big.


Us? They are many?

Probably I was only dreaming, but I couldn’t see anything aside from darkness and I only heard the voice until it vanished. I thought it wouldn’t stop. It’s only a dream but my consciousness is awake. Eh? My consciousness is awake?

Slowly, I opened my eyes… I waited for my vision to be clearer until I learned that I was…standing in front of my study table. The lights were turned off; the only source of illumination came from the opened laptop atop my table.

How did I get here? I also didn’t leave my laptop open. This is odd. How did this happen?

I glimpsed at the wall clock, 3:34 am. Okay, this is getting creepier. Was I possessed by a demon just now? I hope not. It’s not a pleasant thing so I erased the idea in my mind.

For so many things which happened to my body, I just want to laugh. Aside from what was happening now, I also can see the future. I shrugged my shoulders. I will shut down first my laptop before I go to my bed which was almost next to my study table.

When I shrugged the mouse, the screensaver disappeared. I saw…that blog.

Updated twenty five minutes ago [click here…]


Monday is very mysterious. Since everybody hates her even she’s not doing anything bad.

“Morie! Morie! Morie!” Even Aya was behind me, I could feel that her energy was at the highest peak. I had presently closed the door of my locker, but because Aya was so persistent, I couldn’t leave.

“Eat lunch together with us!” I just noticed that Aya was accompanied by them.

“Yoh.” Baldo greeted while Yue and Penelope were quiet.

What’s with them?

“Go ahead first.” I said.

I tried my best not to meet them in the eyes. It’s not favourable since every eyes were directed at me.

“Y-you’re pale.” Penelope shyly commented. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Tsk. I’m already irritated, how many times has this question been asked this to me? I always repeatedly answered I’m alright even when I’m not. I’m not fine – physically and emotionally.

“Do you want us to bring you in the clinic?” Yue offered.

“No, I said I’m fine.”

“Then just eat together with us.” Baldo then proposed.

I breathed deeply before answering, “I’m not interested.” Then I walked away. I heard their sighs when I rejected their offers. Somehow… I broke their hearts.


“Miss, do you want me to prophesize for you?” Somebody poked me. I was here sitting alone on the bench inside a mall. I went here when it was lunch break but because I’m feeling lazy for school, I planned to waste my time here.

I was here for several hours, idling, thinking about a few things, especially on what happened last Saturday eve.

“It’s hard for me to see you like this,” – Morris

“There’s no place for you to come back,” – Lily

“I am so disappointed,” – Dad

“Do you know the beauty in the rain? Even if you’re crying, no one will see that.” – Cloud

The words they uttered keep on playing in my mind. Even when I closed my eyes, I couldn’t subjugate those things. If only I could convince myself that those happenings was just a dream. Why is it not? I miss my Dad. That’s how I felt when I returned that’s why what had happened hurt me. It’s hard to deny that towards the things and people you turn your back on, you’re still hoping for them to have a space for you.

“Miss, fifty pesos only. Do you want to know your fate?” For the reason that someone disturbed my stillness, the voices in my mind stopped. “Miss?” The girl insisted but I’m not paying her any heed. “Let you be prophesized, oh.” Ha? She will see my fate? What a farce. Maybe it’s me who will see hers. “Aish, Miss. Forty pesos only for you. Don’t you want to know your future? Don’t worry. I’m not a fake. I’m already proven and tested!”  She still won’t stop. “Ay, wait. I’ll show you something.” Then she showed me her cards, those cards were odd. “Do you know, Miss? These cards are my family heirloom that’s why my cards were beautiful and different.” I’m not really interested so I stood up to leave, though she stopped me. “Oh, Miss! Only thirty pesos! Please, that’s already the retailed price. Uy! Ayie! You’ll agree, right?”  She even poked at my side. Tss.

Her nagging was not funny so I forked some money from the pocket of my vest. “Here, ale.” Then I handed her a fifty peso bill without facing her.

“Why do you call me ‘Ale’, Miss! I feel that we’re about the same age, eh. Waah! You’re letting me prophesize for you, right? Hahahaha, I knew it, you’ll let me, eh. Come on, face me, Miss.”

“I’m not interested.” I told her.

“Eh, then what is this for?”

“It’s already yours. Now, leave me alone.”

“Ayyy! You’re too much, Miss. I’m not a beggar!”

“Fine, give that back.”

“Just a joke! I’ll still accept this but face me then I’ll leave. Promise!” For her to stop bothering me, I turned to her. Whatever to what I will see in her eyes.

Thank goodness, I didn’t see her eyes which were covered by her shades. Thank goodness. Only then did I notice her countenance, her state which badly needed money. Her hair is long but she’s wearing a bonnet and she’s wearing a long jacket. However, she’s right. It looks like our ages were not that apart.

“So, are you happy now? Can you give me peace now?”  Since a while I was feeling annoyed by her. It’s because I noticed that she’s no longer speaking after I faced her. It’s like she was a stone. Weird lady. Psh.

“H-hehe, thanks for the fifty! Sorry for the bother. Bye!” Then she rapidly scrammed. I only shook my head. In this era, earning money is difficult. Now, just to earn some, people will do any racket. Even fortune telling could be a job. Wow, does it means, I could be rich using this power?

I watched the weird lady ‘fortune-teller’ who actually went on the next bench to continue her fortune-telling conquest. She luckily convinced the man sitting there.

They said not to judge a book by its cover. Who knows if that weirdo suddenly lost her job and she was the only bread-winner in her family? Who knows if that man who consented the prophesying was actually desperate to get rich? Who could tell if that girl eating her ice cream absentmindedly had lost her boyfriend? What if that Sir there who was calling someone over his phone was facing difficulties in his job?

Who knows?

Even I could not say. I have the power to see their future but not the right to say what and who they are. My powers did not include the capability to learn why they had that kind of fate…

I rose from my seat but my knees suddenly trembled, my eyes were getting dimmer. I have nothing to cling on. No one would catch me when I fall… Everything went blank.


Ale – a middle aged woman when referred to a stranger.

Peso – Philippine currency


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