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/15/ Unexpected


When I opened my eyes, the lights slowly registered. White ceilings greeted me together with the blinding lights. I immediately recognized the smell of antiseptics. From the outside, I could hear some hurried footsteps which I confidently guessed were from the nurses. My school uniform was replaced by a hospital gown. But my body was unlike before, right now, I felt some vigor from it. Wait. When did I get confine?

“It’s a relief that you woke up.” I tried to get up to see who was speaking beside me. It’s Miss Karen. She was sitting on the nearby couch while peeling an apple.

“What happened?” I asked in a weak voice.

“Well, you lost your consciousness.” She replied. I met her gaze. “You were in a state of deep sleep due to the sedatives given by the doctor.” And like before, I didn’t see any future in her eyes.

“Sleep? I was asleep for how many hours?”

“Not only hours, you’ve slept for a whole day.” She’s wearing her usual expression, poker.


“Mild anemia.” She stood up to place the platter of apples atop the table beside me. “You were stressed due to lack of sleep and nutritional imbalance.”

“How did that occur?” I know, a lame question.

“Because you’re human too, Morie.” I came back to my senses after hearing that. I just realized that she’s right. I am also a human, with a functioning anatomy system. Even though I have a special ability, I’m still weak. I’m not immortal.

“I phoned your guardian. They already settled the bill. Manang Fe is here to watch over you, she only left to get you some clothes. She will return.”

“I want to leave this place.” I hate this place. I dislike the atmosphere in a hospital, especially when being bedridden, it’s not pleasant. I want to go home.

“You can’t. You have to stay here to get well.” Heck. I said I can’t. I always feel like the time here at the hospital pass so slow.

“If you really want to be discharged, then rest.” She commanded.

She’s never been transparent and I can’t see through her. Even now, I still think of her as a puzzle since I couldn’t see anything in her eyes.

“I’ll be leaving.” She said while fixing her stuffs. A pity, I planned to ask her many questions. I was thinking that my every question about my boring life could be answered by her. Well, except the one about who she is and for what purpose was that black paper. I supposed she will give the answer when time comes.

“If you need anything, many people could attend to you. I will be responsible for your excuse at school.” She carried her belongings and turned to the doorway. She paused for a moment before looking at me, “Get well soon, Jillianne.” After that, she left the room.

I was left staring at the platter.

“Thank you.”


“Hi, Miss Morie.” The nurse who came in greeted me energetically. I nodded without looking at her. She proceeded to put down the tray on the bedside table. “You need to take this medicine, Miss – “

“Just call me Morie.” I said.

The sun will be setting soon. Manang Fe has yet to arrive. Maybe she will be here tomorrow. I’m here in the room, bored to death. There’s a TV but I couldn’t find any decent program. Also I disliked afternoon dramas. It bored me more. I have finished eating all the apples so I read book. Thank goodness that my bag was here.

I thought the nurse will be leaving. I actually found her standing near the bed. I know she’s staring at me.

“You like fairy tales?” She inquired. A Bottle of Storm Clouds by Eliza Victoria. I couldn’t resist this book when I saw it on the shelf of a book store so I bought it immediately. This one was about modern myths and legends.

“Fairy tales are better than reality.”

“True, because fantasy is an escape from reality.”

I know.

“But you can’t just hide forever.” She gleefully said. “By the way, I’m Carol. Good afternoon.” Then she left.

I breathed deeply. Really, I’m feeling bored so I want to take a walk. After taking my medicine, I went down the bed. I still have the strength to stand up and walk.

Though I know it was not permitted but because I don’t want to be confined there, I exited the room. I learned that I was in the private room area. That’s fine though, my dad is rich. I’m sure he could afford the bills. Maybe he would find it comparable to coins. I took the elevator even though it was only the second floor and that the place I want I go to was the ground-floor. I still don’t want to force my knees.

The reason I disliked going to hospitals? Well, many things happened… bad things even. Those memories were coming back, those memories I wanted to forget.

Everything started at this place.

This was where I first started seeing things I didn’t desire to. This was where I discovered that something was different with my eyes. At first, I couldn’t fathom what was happening to me. And even now, I still couldn’t. How did I gain this ability? Why did I end up like this?

That was the start of the many changes in my life. Two years ago…

“Miss, aren’t you coming out?” Asked by the man next to me. I didn’t notice we were here already, at the ground-floor.

“Ah…” I have nothing to reply. I just came out of the elevator.

I visited the cafeteria. There were few people – patients with their relatives and friends – there. I planned to buy a chocolate milk but I realized that I have no money. Aish, how stupid of me. I left the place then walked randomly…until I didn’t notice already where my feet were sending me to. The hospital was huge and wide. I frequently encountered other patients so I was trying my hard to avoid their eyes.

Seeing others’ futures was risky. Sometimes, even if I  don’t like what would happen, I could do nothing.

“Unni!” someone called out.

I was stopped from my stroll. I  found the voice familiar.

“Unni!” I only knew one person who was calling me like that. Why did she call me ‘unni’? I didn’t move from where I was standing, waiting for what will occur next. Then I just felt two arms embracing my waist. I looked at the child who hugged me.

It…seems I saw this scene before.

“H-hanneul.” That word came out from my mouth even though my brain couldn’t remember who Haneul was.

“Unni, you still remember me!” she said while sobbing, “I thought I wouldn’t see you again!”

Unni means big sister…Hanneul, the little girl whom I met two years ago, she grew up. I think I can now remember… This was unexpected. I feel like I saw this event before.

I’m being slightly confused and still recalling the things I perceived before. This is one… Hanneul was one of those people I foretold before.

I held her hair them combed it through my fingers. It was long and silky. I think the strands got stronger.

It’s real; this was one of the scenes I saw in her eyes before.

“Hey,” I said. “What are you doing here? I think someone is already worried for you.” 

“Hanneul!” suddenly someone called her name. “Why have you come out of your room? Didn’t I say be–“ the old lady stopped when she saw me.


She is head nurse Rosalia. She could still remember me. Right. Two years ago, I’ve been here. And I want to forget that, badly.


“How are you, hija?” asked by the head nurse Rosalia when we sat down on the hallway chairs. She escorted Hanneul back to her room to rest because she was not permitted to go out.

“I’m…fine.” It’s been long since I came here again. It’s only because I recently fell ill. “How is she?” I was pertaining to Hanneul.

“She really likes you. She always told me that she wanted to meet you because she’s so happy with your present last year. She said that your hair is the prettiest of all.” I cut my hair for her as a gift. “Her illness…worsened.”

She’s the first person whom I saw the future, and ‘that’ is now. She will pass away soon. Really, between life and death, there are things which are impossible to stop.

In every future, there’s a hope, Morie.” Ma’am Karen told me that. “Sometimes what you only need to do is to wish for a miracle.”

Wish for a miracle.

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