Translated by: whosays25

/17/ Devil’s Hour


“Hoy! Mariah  Martinez, you’re such a glutton! Leave some for us!”

“How dare you, Cris Baldemor! What’s your problem, huh! Don’t call me by my full name!”

We’re together eating our lunch at the usual place, the rooftop. Each of us brought some food to share with each other. Thank goodness the place’s temperature is not that hot and there was a spot covered from the sun so people could find some shelter and place to eat.

Four days passed since I was discharged of the hospital. Everything went smoothly again. I learned that it was not bad to change. Well, what didn’t change was my matter of averting eyes from theirs…and those voices I heard in my sleep every…

“Morie, here. Do you want more?” Penelope offered her dishes. I wasn’t able to reply immediately.

“Hmp. If Morie doesn’t want, then I don’t mind having that! Waaah!” Aya had almost forked the chicken when she was stopped by Baldo.

“Mariah ‘The Glutton’ Martinez!” 

“Gooosssh Baldo! I still want more of Penpen’s food, ehh!” Stephen and I were the only quiet ones here. It’s because Penelope had no choice but be the mediator between the two.

Weird. I didn’t notice when they were formed as a group of friends. Aya, if I’m not mistaken, she has her own friends. Penelope, this classmate of mine whose future I had predicted, I thought she wanted to be alone and to study more. Baldo, he has something to do with Alexi, and from what I know, he was with Tadeo’s group.. And Yue… he was the reason why I became the rank forty holder.

All of them became connected to my life. They were not meaningless after all. Maybe this was the result of all I’ve seen. Everything happens for a reason. It was a cliché saying but was proven true. After a long period of time, I managed to gain friends again.

After finishing our lunch, we did our assignments. They seeked Penelope’s and my help since they said our grades in all subjects were high. Though in the end, they grew bored and Aya encouraged talking about anything just to kill the time allotted to lunch break.

“Our homeroom teacher is weird, right? Tss.” Out of the blue, Aya changed the topic and she was referring to none other than Miss Karen Italia, our class adviser.

Yeah. That lady is weird. Baldo, Penelope and Yue also agreed.

“She was very very creepy last counselling! It seems she doesn’t have emotions. As in, all the time she was in her poker face! Geez, I always feel nervous whenever I remember that.” Aya hugged herself as if she was feeling the chill.

“Maybe she’s a cyborg.” Baldo said.

“Haha, funny, Baldo.” Penelope reacted.

“I think, Miss is not that weird.” Then Yue, for the first time had started to talk.

“Because at the platform in station six…” I think I know what he’s trying to say. I remember after I told Miss Karen about what I foretold; she then appeared at station six.

She was the one who stopped Yue from killing himself.

“I would never forget that day, Jill.”

“Wait! What is happening? We can’t follow your conversation, right, Baldo and Penpen? We’re OP, oh. O-P!”  Aya even waved in the air.

“I was supposed to commit suicide. But it was Jill who was mistaken committing that.” Yue answered  which shocked everyone.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAA?”  Aya, Baldo and Penelope blurted when they heard Yue’s unbelievable statement. Obviously, nobody would remained calm after hearing that. Silence reigned so I thought I have to break it.

“…What came about before I arrived?” I asked to him.

Yue breathed deeply before speaking. I tried to recall everything that happened on that night. On that eve before I jumped on the railway.

“It came to the point I just wanted to end my senseless life. You already why, since I was the in the lowest rank in our section. Ireneo never treated me right. I was waiting for the train at Station Six when out of the sudden, I felt like I heard a demon urging me to jump there. But somebody grabbed me by the arm.” Each of us was silently listening to Yue’s account.

“My heart beats were so loud. I thought that was my ending. I didn’t expect that she will be the one to save me. I thought she was going to slap me because I saw her raising her hand. I closed my eyes but then I suddenly felt her hand tapping my head.”

“Then what did she say?” Aya excitedly questioned. Yue stared at my direction.

“She said nothing.”

“Wait a moment, how did she know what you were trying to do?”

Because I told her. Yue shrugged his shoulder at Baldo’s question.

What I was being puzzled about is…

“Really? So can you tell what’s mine?”  From that statement, it was obvious she didn’t believe me. But she went for Yue. So… does she believe me? They still wanted to ask more to Yue but the bell rung and it signaled that we should go back to class. I wonder, when will all the mysterious questions in my head be answered?








Here they are again…those voices which are calling out to me. Since I was discharged of the hospital and went back here at the apartment, those voices once again started haunting me. Half of my consciousness is awake. I couldn’t see anything aside from endless darkness…and could hear nothing aside from their voices…

“Jill Morie…” it said repeatedly. Those voices were unrecognizable to me. Frightening. Like a nightmare. I have to wake up… I have to wake up…

I suddenly got up. I was dreaming again… The odd things were happening again. I’m here again standing in front of my study table.


3:34 am. The devil’s hour.


This is not good. What’s happening to me? Is there already a demon being housed by my body?


Aya mentioned OP which didn’t mean ‘Overpowered’ but ‘Out of Place’.



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