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/19/ I’ll confess

My knees were trembling. Moreover, the pounding sounds of my heart were so loud I could no longer hear the other noises from my surroundings.

Because of the tension I’m feeling right now, I had a hard time inserting the key to the doorknob. I didn’t return to White Knights. I hurriedly went home and I just wanted to think that nothing happened.

I don’t know. I was suddenly frightened; I felt that nothing good would occur even if I go back there. I powered off my phone so that the owner of the unknown number won’t be able to disturb me, 

If this was still part of Ireneo’s bullying, then I could no longer forgive him. Never.

I closed my eyes. I wish all of this to end soon.


4:10 pm

“Sorry, I’m late. Tehee~” Aya who had just arrived said in apology. There’s no class this day so we only meet each other in this coffee shop near the academy. They wanted for us to hold a group study session or to help each other for the research. We decided to meet at 3 pm but the 3 pm became 4.

“Thank goodness you arrived because you will be the one to pay for our orders.” Teased by Baldo who was obviously feeling cold since he’s wearing a jacket. It’s the cold season. Christmas will be coming soon so it made the wind breezes cold.

“Your fart, Baldo! Hey, Morie. Your scarf is so cute. And wow! You’re all too much. The clothes made me OP. Haha! Feeling winter in the Philippines? Look, Yue even has an ear puffs haha!” Due to Aya’s noisiness, the other customers are glaring on our table.

“Great. You’ve just arrived but you’re now teasing us.” Yue reprimanded her.

“Wow, Yue! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, you uttered nine words! Congrats! Bwahaha!” Aya again taunted. Yue almost threaten to hit her head but she only stuck her tongue out. Weird. When did Yue start joking with Aya?

So what are we going to do?” Penelope asked, she fixed the page of the book she’s reading.

“Hmm…maybe we’ll be getting a massage, Pen! Oh come on! We’re having coffee since we’re at a coffee shop!”

Penelope scratched the back of her head. Aya ordered a coffee. Yue brought out his laptop. Penelope went back to reading. Baldo was listening to his MP3. We’re having each our own world before our orders arrived. After finishing what we ordered, we decided to go to my apartment.

We’re at the entrance of Station Six when Penelope exclaimed.

“Guys, I forgot my notebook in school.”


“It’s important, it will be a help for our homework.” With regret, Penelope stated.

“Then let’s fetch it from school. It will just be like a stroll anyway.”

“Come on, bamanos! Everybody let’s go!” Aya started singing before we turned back to go to the academy.

I think that was not a good idea though.

I wanted to protest but I didn’t manage to do so since they already started walking. I was suddenly attacked by nervousness. What if I became like Lily? But even now, my phone was still off so maybe it will be okay?

I started walking fast so that I could catch up with them.

We didn’t encounter any difficulty in convincing the guard to let us in since we’re already seniors. We only have to leave our IDs. Nonetheless, there are still a few people roaming here at school even if there’s no class.

However, when we entered the building it was actually so dark since only one fluorescent lamp was switched on at the lobby. This school was supposed to be rich but they were trying to conserve lights? Cool.

“Mariaaah… Pst… Pst…”

“W-who’s that?!” Aya suddenly clung on Baldo’s jacket.

“Can you not pull my jacket?!” Baldo  pushed her hand off his sleeves. “That’s only Yue tripping on you!”

“Hahahaha, you’re funny, Stephen.” She said sarcastically.

“Look, Aya.” Baldo pointed at the sides and Aya was surprised since that was actually a mirror. “Haha, you were shocked by your face, right? Hahaha!”

“DAMN YOU BALDO! DAMN YOU!” Aya hit Baldo’s arm. We laughed at them.

We were joking with each other while we’re walking this dark corridor which leads to the locker room. When we get there, Penelope opened hers and started rummage for her stuff. All of the lights were switched off while the light and darkness were alternating inside the campus. I remember that in this season, the nights are longer.

“My notebook’s not here.” Penelope grimaced. She already looked through her belongings but that notebook was totally nowhere to be found. “I think it’s in the classroom.”

“Then let’s go there,” – Baldo.

“Let’s do this. Aya and I will go to the classroom while the rest wait for us at the lobby.” Penelope suggested.

“Okay! No problem!” Yue purposely responded before Aya.

“Eh, it’s me for real? Why do you want to take me with you?! Wa – “ Before she managed to protest, Penelope had already pulled her away. Meanwhile, the rest of us walked back to the lobby.

The anxiousness in my heart was lessened a little because I’m with the four of them. Moreover, I didn’t feel anything different in the campus. I thought that maybe that was really just a prank call and it made me feel relieved.

“Hey, I’ll go to CR.” Baldo informed us.

“I’ll go with you.” It’s Yue. “Jill, you go ahead first.”

That’s it? Is there a need to leave me alone? So in the end I have to go down the lobby by myself? I want to hit them and beat them up because just when I was feeling okay, they suddenly want to leave me.

“Fine, do it fast.” In the end, I said. We then walked our own way. Bad trip. I should have gone with Penelope and Aya. I resolved to erase the negative thoughts in my mind until I reached that lobby with its dying fluorescent lamp.

I waited for them at the place but ten minutes had passed and they were still not going downstairs. Unconsciously, I powered on my phone to call them.

Out of the sudden, I was greeted by tons of messages which made the uneasiness came back.

I saw that all of that person’s messages were the same. Except for one.

“Why did you run away, Jill?”

Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.

I deleted everything.

I was already dialing Aya’s contact number but the ring tone interrupted me.

Calling… +63975478699

Don’t let fear devour you, Jill.

“H-hello.” I tried to make my voice appear calm but I think I failed. My hand was shivering. No one was answering from the other line.

“Wh-who are you?”

No one answered. Right, this is just a prank call. Everything was a prank. I was already hanging the phone up but…


The anxiousness was suddenly doubled and it feels like the place got colder.

“Have you found your notebook? They’ve been waiting for us for so long!”

“Wait please, Mariah. What if you help me so that we will find it faster?”

“Great! You’re calling me by my whole first name huh!”


Why am I hearing them from the background? Don’t tell me – “

“W-what was – “ He hung up. I suddenly sprung from my spot and run upstairs for our homeroom.

“H-hey, Jill. What happened?” Baldo, who I had encountered on the stairs, asked me. I only went pass him.

Jill!” They shouted. After that, I heard their footsteps hurrying to catch up with me. “Jill, wait for us!”

The sounds created from our running echoed throughout the campus but I didn’t care. I run with all my might.

I realized that the caller was in the third floor, near Aya and Penelope, near the homeroom.

Aya and Penelope were shocked when I suddenly appeared on the doorway, followed by Baldo and Yue. The three of us were busy catching some breath.

“Oh? Why? What’s the matter? Why did you run? Ha? Hey?” Aya bombarded us with questions.

They focused their eyes at me. They are waiting for me to explain but no words came out of my mouth.

I still couldn’t compose myself. I felt like things happened too fast.

“I… I’ll confess.”

“Confess?” Penelope uttered in confusion.

“Everything.” I added. “But let us get the hell out of here first. Please.”

They didn’t answer. Silence reigned for a long while. They were exchanging gazes with each other, expressing their puzzlement.

“O-Okay.” Baldo was the one who consented. “L-let’s go.”

“Hehe. How awkward. Is this horror?” – Aya.

We nodded. We went for the doorway to come out. But when Baldo opened the door, she appeared.

“Miss Italia.”  We chorused.


T/N Note: There’s no winter season in the Philippines


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