Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/21/ Sibling Bond


“George.” I stopped to what I was doing to peek on who called me, “Can I come in?” asked a woman with average height and physique. She has a hazy eyes and fair complexion. She was standing near the doorway.

I answered her with a nod and then she roamed the room before sitting on the bed’s edge. I focused myself again in writing.

“George.” She called me once again but I didn’t respond. Only the light coming from the lamp shade illuminates the room.

I exhaled and turned to where she sat. For the nth time, I already know what my sister is going to say, the same thing again. I’m tired of arguing this with her.

“Elder sis,” I sighed again. “Please…not again.” Then she giggled.

“I know that you will refuse again and I could no longer count with my fingers and toe my failed attempts.” She said. “Looks like I still have to develop my convincing powers.” She smiled  at me. When I heard the word ‘powers’, I interpreted it differently.

I returned my attention to writing. It seems she would not sermon me like what she did many times before. Probably she already gave up and finally understood that I’m really a hard-headed  person. That her attempts to convince me will only end up with another fight and argument.

“I’m getting married soon.” I was startled for a moment. I balled one of my fists and gritted my teeth. “I will be leaving this house soon.”

I want to stop her and to shake her until she wakes up! But I can’t… I know that I wouldn’t be able to stop her any longer. She’s my only sister… and she said she will be doing this for my sake.

For my well-being.

“George… This is the last time that I’m going to ask you this.” I didn’t respond. “Please… leave the White Knights and transfer to – “

“Can’t be done. I don’t want to.” Like usual, before she even finished what she wants to say, I already stopped her.

“…I understand…” When I stared at her, I saw the sadness in her eyes which was evident from her crestfallen look. I couldn’t blame her, she already made so many sacrifices. I also could not be blamed because I have a heavy reason.

I stared at her and I found myself being brought to her past.


“Sis!” I saw a part of her past. There’s a young George crying out loud on the school’s little playground. Alone.

“What’s the matter?” Suddenly, Georgina, who was fifteen years old that time, came. I was only eight years old. “Did someone bully you?” The young George denied.

“I can’t understand what I am seeing. Sis! I can’t u-understand. I’m scared…”

Big sister hugged me. “Ssshhh… Stop crying…”

At first, I couldn’t fathom what I was seeing when I turned eight years old. I don’t know how I became different from the other kids. That time, it was hard for me to understand what I am.

“George, listen to me closely,” she grabbed my shoulders. “Big sis and you are the same. Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be alright. Don’t be afraid!”

We’re actually one of those people gifted with this kind of ability.

“Our parents are both ‘pure’. This kind of trait was inherited from our lineage, George. This kind of eyes are already present in our bloodline.”

The scene I was seeing from her eyes changed like a fast-forwarded movie. I saw from Elder Sisters eyes how the time passed slowly and on how it gradually made my eyes opened to what we really have.

“He is Dr. Richard Morie, George. He’s studying about people like us. Don’t be alarmed, he’s not a bad person.” When I became ten years old, she brought me to a laboratory and introduced me to a person she said could help the two of us.

“Hi, George! Do you know that your eyes are very special?” The doctor said in a friendly manner.

Maybe our kind could really be called ‘special’.

“You will have many playmates here, George. I have a daughter who could be one.”

Elder sister Georgina and I grew to like Dr. Richard. We frequented his laboratory and whenever we did, he treated us like his son and daughter.

I couldn’t say that he really managed to help us. We became his experiment subjects. But we came to meet and know other people like us who were also being studied. Furthermore, we learned to develop our abilities and we could now control it better.

However, our lives became more dangerous.

“We will no longer return to Dr. Richard’s lab.”

“Big sister, why?”

“It’s a big mistake that he helped us. People like us were discovered. They are searching for us, George but we must not be found by them.”

“Who was looking for us, big sis?”

“You’ll know, George, but not now. When you grow up, you will understand.”

Having this ability is actually not good. I thought everything will be fine as long as Dr. Richard helps us but I was wrong. There are people who want to obtain us. They are after our gift. However, Dr. Richard strictly forbids us from joining them. It means, we should hide and run forever.

“George.” One day, the wind’s direction changed. “George. I decided to join them.”

I was very surprised when I heard that.

“Are you crazy, big sis?”

“I have to do this.”

But what’s worst is she will be marrying one of them and will be tied forever to that place we’re escaping. It as for my sake that my sister did it.

Because of this reason that I told myself… I wish we were not born with this kind of ability, that we were not driven to this state, that we were not different.

“I have to do this so that they will stop bothering our family…and you.” I couldn’t accept that for all the time that we escaped them, in the end, my sister still ended up in their hands. Since then, I distanced myself to Big Sis Georgina.

“I want you to finish your senior years here.” She brought me to a school. It was not your typical educational institution. The moment I stepped a foot there, I already noticed what’s in there.

“I don’t want to, Big Sis.”

“You’ll be better here, George.”

I sneered at what she said. “Better? Is it better to interact with people like us? I know that gifted individuals were studying here. But I still don’t want to. I don’t want to be in a school with abnormal people.”

A strong slap was given to me.

“What did you call our kind? Abnormal? Do you know that what you are saying is a big insult to our clan?! Ha! George!”

“I prefer living and interacting with normal people, big sister. Just treat it as if this is the price for joining them.”

Time passed and my cold treatment towards her didn’t change. Also, she’s still convincing me to transfer school even if I insist on declining.


“Enough of the flashbacks.” Georgina closed her eyes which made the scenes I was seeing vanished. My elder sister smiled, a bitter one actually. A few moments later, she stood up and opened her eyes.

“Good night, little brother.” This will be the last time that she will be leaving this room in dismay. She’s already reaching out for the doorknob.

“Georgina…” I stood up and walked to her. That was when she turned her head.

I embraced her then she hugged me back.

“I’m sorry. Sorry for not being a good sister to you.”

“You have to apologize for. I should be the one to do that because of my inadequacy.”

“No, sis. You’re never inadequate.” We’re hugging each other like there’s no more tomorrow.

“Academy of Peculiars could help you, George. I wanted you to be there so that even without me by your side, I know you’re alright.”

“Sis, just give more time. I will just finish what I have to. I promise, I’ll go there.” I just need to go with her, with Jill.

“I will miss you.” I felt her tears on my shoulder. She’s crying hard, I know.

“I will miss you more. After all, you’re my only sister. Now, nobody would cook for me.”

She cried more loudly and I also could no longer stop the tears I was holding back.

“Take care of yourself there, sis. Okay?”

“I’ll be fine. It’s me you’re talking about, you know?”

“I’ll kick their butts if the Memoire people hurt you.”


Memoire, an association of people who were using Peculiars to conquer the universe.

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