Never forget – This is an AnakniRizal story~

Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/28/ Nine


“Time is up. Exchange your papers.” Miss Karen’s face appeared again on the screen and her expression didn’t change even a bit – blank. We swiftly followed her instruction and after that she dictated the correct answers.

After a while, she finished and then she asked.

“Who got the highest score?”

Ireneo raised his hand, “I got nineteen points.” Only one wrong answer, huh. Well, what to expect? No other spoke up so it means Ireneo really got the highest score.

“Very well.”

Silence resumed. Ireneo walked towards the front while folding his arms and then faced us with his head held high. He was always looking down at us, thinking that no one can block his way, funny, because nobody knew about his secret obsession for Lucille.

“Who ranked last?” asked by Miss and everyone was stunned since they thought that Miss wwould only inquired about the next highest score after Ireneo.

They stare at each before focusing their eyes at a particular direction – at Stephen Yue’s. He was at the front so I could make out how those people near him started poking him.

“Hey, Stephen! Tsk. Go and take your spot in the front.”

He was not raising his head while rising from his seat. He had only took two steps when Jill stood up. I knew it…

“Yue, sit down. You don’t have to go in the front.”

“H-ha? Jill?”

“Just do as I said.” Stephen really did so and sat down while the others were perplexed about Jill’s action.

She did it on purpose…again.

“I got zero.” She said. Yeah, my hunch was right. Ireneo grinned and slowly clapped, the way he did before.

“Look at here, is this a deja vu?” He said to her, but Jill replied a smirk. Ireneo turned around to face Miss. “Then? What now?” It’s obvious he was feeling impatient, so Miss’ lips curved up.

“Well, congratulations to the two of you, Ireneo and Morie.” For real, it’s hard to  guess what’s going on in her mind or on what would be her next action, “because you will do nothing in the first game.”

“What do you mean? We won’t have to participate?” Ireneo asked. “Is that a perks?”

I also don’t have the slightest idea on how she would do my favor. “This is what you asked me for. If you really wanted this to succeed then just let me do it. Just trust me, Morris.” Her words the day before yesterday echoed in my mind.

“Since the name of this first game is ‘rescue operation’, the two of you will be the prisoners. The remaining students will choose who they want to save.”

“Whoa. Cool!” he said, expecting something.

“Those who want to save Jill Morie, please stand up.”

Without hesitating, Mariah, Cris, Stephen and Penelope stood up.

“We’re Jill’s friends that’s why we’re going to rescue her.” Said Cris.

“Jill is way better than him.” For the first time, Penelope said something courageous. People was dumbfounded by what she said, especially Ireneo.

“If not for Jill…” Stephen started his talk. “I won’t be here anymore. Because of her that my fears disappeared.”

My classmates whispered to each other, some of them thought that they were speaking nonsense, the others were puzzled by their decisions but in the end, I know that they will still go for Ireneo.

“There are only four of them.”

“The winner is already decided.”

“Penelope is right though.”

“Tss. Drama.”

“Ssshh! What if they heard you?”

I rose from my place and they stared at me.

I’ll save her. I’ll save Jill.

“Yosh! Me too!” Tadeo stood up. “I’ll support you, men!” He tapped my shoulder. I looked at Jill, wanted to say something but decided to remain quiet. Then my eyes darted to the screen where Miss was, my trust for her is big that’s why no matter what she instructed , I know I won’t regret.

“M-morris, men! Look!” Tadeo pointed at something, Tamaki actually stood up. “SENJI, MEN!”

“Tsk.” He replied to Tadeo.

It’s obvious though that he won’t side with Ireneo so he has no choice but choose Jill.

“Do you know that whenever I saw you and Ireneo, I want to smash your face?”

Does it mean, his hatred for me weighted more than Jill?

“Wait. Don tell me, you’re in too, Sabina?” Mariah questioned. I stared at Cris and I saw his expression in disbelief.

Sabina shifted her eyes at Jill, “I know I’m a social climber. But I’m not a whore.”

They were all surprised by her words.

“She’s correct.” Sabina even pointed her finger at Penelope, “It’s better to side with Jill than James.” They couldn’t believe that she called Ireneo by his first name because since that incident, nobody dared to call him ‘James’.

“If he didn’t begin that caste, everything would not end up like this, I wouldn’t be like this too.”

“Why are you blaming me?” Ireneo laughed.

“I became a woman like this because I was afraid to end up like Stephen!”


“Are you done?” Miss cut in.

“So, there are eight of you – “

“Make it nine.” Lily suddenly rose, with her indescribable expressions.

I immediately inspected Jill’s reactions and as expected, she also couldn’t believe that Lily joined us. My eyes went to Lily and then I saw her staring at me. So, was it because I was on Jill’s camp?

“Well, that’s good, Miss Cortez. The nine of you will be the team number two. Will you please gather at the right side, team number one at the left side.”

“Wait! Wait! Miss! This is unfair! We’re only nine while there are twenty nine of them?! There’s a twenty people difference, how could we win?” Mariah shouted loudly when the groups gathered. However, Miss Karen’s face remained blank and she didn’t even gave her a single glance.

Suddenly, two people entered and like Mr. Rommel, their faces were also covered in masks. They went to Jill and Ireneo and attempted to bring them out when Mariah protested.

“Where are you going to take them?! MISS?!”

“Aya! Cam down!” Cris held her shoulders.

“It’ll be fine, Aya.” Jill calmly guaranteed. “But before anything else, can I ask something, Miss Karen?”

“Go ahead, Morie.”

“What is the purpose of everything? Why are ordering us to do these things? What’s the reason?”

For several seconds, the reply didn’t come.

Then she answered without blinking. “In order to change your hearts.”

Morie didn’t respond, until she was led out and disappeared from our sights. We were left behind, perplexed.

“They will be heading to where you should find them. You just need to find four clues hidden in this villa, that clues will lead you where they were locked. The first team to arrive with no members missing will continue to the next game. Now – “

“What will happen to the loser?” I asked.

“Well, they lose.”

“And so?

“There’s a punishment.”

“And what’s that? Will be locked for three hours? Will not be delivered foods?” I said with sarcasm.

“Don’t get too excited, Morris.”

Her eyes were saying, ‘you think I didn’t prepare well for this?’ I’m glad that sometimes I can see transparently what Miss is thinking, probably due to the fact that I have seen her past.

“Just trust me, Morris.”

“I’m sorry. Please continue.”

“We’ll begin the first game. And this is the first clue, listen carefully.” She paused for a moment. “You can swallow it, but it can also swallow you.” Then she disappeared on the screen.

My comrades and I stared at each other. No one spoke. Twenty nine versus nine, they were more than us, they have more brains working, with better man power. What we have to do… is to prevail from them.

“Follow me.”

“Where?” Mariah asked.

“Save the questions for later.” I ran out first. They didn’t followed that’s why I had to stop at the doorway and shout. “Team two!”

That was when they woke up from their trance and started following. The others were just eyeing us with either puzzlement or mockery.

I went out of the main house and ran at the back. I think this place will do, probably, no outsiders would hear us. It’s already dark and only the moon’s illumination served as light. We were all breathing heavily after arriving here.

“Ah! Now I know why you wanted us to get out. Men! You’re awesome! You wanted them not to follow us.” Tadeo muttered in between his breath. “But! I’m so happy! Senji! You actually joined us! I kenat belib it! Waaaahhh!”

“Stop being noisy Tadeo!” Cris scolded him while Tamaki only sneered.

“I think I know the answer.” – Lily.

“Seriously? Lily, you’re here? Aren’t you a henchman of that bastard Ireneo?”

“Mariah, enough of that!” – Cris.

“What is it?” I asked.


“Pride?! Fine, where the hell on this world are you going to find pride?” – Mariah.

“Pride could be said correct, however, there must be another answer. We’re looking for a place.”

“Aha! Time!?” Tadeo even flicked at the wind.

“Idiot! Time?! Fine, look for time!”

“Who are you calling idiot, Martinez!?”

“THE TWO OF YOU, STOP!” Cris shouted.

“What if it’s a clock?” Sabina gave her idea. “Probably, there’s a clock somewhere in the main house. Maybe the clue is there.”

We stared at each other then walked back together, except for Tamaki. It seems he doesn’t want to earnestly play the game. When we came inside the main house, the team one members were no longer there. We hurriedly scanned the place for a clock but we couldn’t found anything.

“Guys! Up here!” From upstairs, Cris shouted at us and we went to join him. “Here.” He led us to a room.

“An old clock?” A huge and antique clock greeted our eyes. We didn’t plan to waste time so hurriedly searched around it

However, half an hour passed yet we’re still could not found anything.

“Nothing! We would reach nowhere if we continue at this rate! Clock was wrong!”

We came out once again and went back at the main house’s back. Tamaki was there, comfortably smoking while leaning on the wall and gazing at the moon.

“I knew that you would all return here.” He said.

“You’re not helping at all. How boastful of you!” – Mariah.

Tamaki smiled. “They went ahead of us, at the swimming pool.”




“The answer is water.”

After saying that, Tamaki ran and heads towards the pool.

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