Original story of: AnakniRizal

Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/30/ Commemoration

Part 1



It was Jill’s voice.


She didn’t reply after a while. But we’re all in alert to what she would say.

“How are you there, Morie?” Penelope asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine here.”

“Where the heck are you? We’ll go there to fetch you!” – Cris.

“I – “  The call abruptly ended.

“Why did it disconnect?” Mariah complained.

But the phone rang once again. Sabina didn’t hesitate to press the answer button and make it in a loudspeaker for us to hear.

We’re already at the fourth clue and I have this feeling that the telephone itself is the key to Jill’s location. However, I still has some suspicious about the other team. Everything was strange but none of my comrades noticed.

“Team number two.” Finally the speaker from the other line was heard. It’s Karen Italia. “I will now tell you the very last clue. But before anything else, press the record button.” She ordered which Sabina followed. A beep noise was heard and then the red light dot appeared, a sign that the recording has started.

We waited for her to give and speak the next clue but only a beeping sounds were produced by the speaker “Here. Come. Dots.” Those were all what Miss said and then the line was cut, leaving us dumbfounded.

“What’s that?!” Mariah hit Baldo due to shock.

“I don’t know if that teacher is fooling around us.” Tamaki has finally spoken and seems it was an indication that he’s losing his screws again.

“There must be a reason why she made us record those noises.” Sabina replied then she repeatedly presses the replay button of the telephone recorder.

“Lexi, stop that.”

“Don’t touch me, Baldo!” she pushed Cris  away who was grabbing her arm.

“What does she mean by ‘Here come dots’? – Lily.

“I’m thinking… but nothing came to mind.”

Here come dots… It’s familiar. I feel like I’ve heard this before, but fate only knows how to toy with people. I could not recall from where and when I encountered those terms.

“The sounds are not secret codes, right?” We stared at Tadeo who acted seriously. Secret code? Right! I finally remember what ‘here come dots’ is.

It’s an anagram.

I refused to tell them since I’m not yet sure. I only opened the cabinets one by one.

“Morris, what are you looking for?”
Tadeo helped me and fortunately, we found one, though it’s a very small pencil. I took away the paper from Sabina’s hand. She became puzzled with her brows twitching while I was only looking to what I’m sribbling.

H E R E   C O M E   D O T S

T H E   M O R S E   C O D E

“The Morse Code?” Mariah read it aloud and her voice hinted shock. Her face mirrored someone who suddenly remembered something. I was grinning because I knew that she remember the hidden meaning behind ‘Here Come Dots’. I’m sure she also knew since we have been taught by the same person.

“This is an Anagram.” I said, “So Tadeo was right when he said it was a secret code. The codes are called ‘Morse Codes’.”

“Then how do we know the hidden message by those sounds?” asked by Lily.

“Do you know how to read morse codes, Morris?” Penelope followed her question.

“I don’t.” I looked at Mariah, hoping she will say anything and volunteer herself to read the codes. However, she appeared to be hesitating. When she finally decided to open her mouth, that’s when Stephen spoke.

“I can slightly remember those that I’ve studied before. But I can only distinguish the dots and dash.” He said, “I’ll try.”

When I turned my eyes at Mariah, her countenance remained still. My companions didn’t notice that though since their attention was focused on what Stephen is doing. He repeatedly hit the repeat button, listened to it carefully while writing something on the paper noting. After a few minutes, he showed us the paper.

H E R E   C O M E   D O T S

T H E   M O R S E   C O D E

.-.. ..–. ….-….—..-… .

“What’s that?”

“I told you earlier, I only knew how to distinguish the sounds for the dots and dashes. I can’t remember how to interpret letters.” Stephen scratched his head feeling dismayed.

Mariah, I know you’re hesitating, but we need to win, to find Jill.

After a while, she finally snatched the paper and pencil from Stephen.

“Hey, Aya, don’t tell me…”

Not even a minute passed when she showed the paper where she wrote,

H E R E   C O M E   D O T S

T H E   M O R S E   C O D E

.-.. ..–. …. – …. — ..- … .

.-..   l

..   i

–.   g

….   h

–   t

….   h

—   o

..-   u

…   s

.   e


“Are you sure? You know how to read morse codes?” Lily was the one who asked.

She nod as a reply.

“How?” Penelope asked what Mariah don’t want to hear.

“Geez! If we’re only going to gossip here then nothing fruitful will happen!” She reacted and managed to change the subject. Good. You’ve escaped huh.

“Tamaki, can you also lead us to the lighthouse?” Sabina said while showing difficulty in moving due to the wounds.

“What if you just stay here at the moment? You can no longer walk, Lexi.” Cris’ voice showed concern but Sabina ignored that.

“Not doable. The rule is, all of us should be together while searching for Jill and still be together until we get back here.”

Wasting no time, we hurriedly went to the lighthouse according to the map. Actually it was far when compared to the other places we’ve been to. We had almost exited the lobby when I paused. Automatically they also stopped.

“Morris! What the heck!”

“Why did you stop?”

Right. Something was wrong but they didn’t notice. I didn’t answer them and instead went behind the huge doors where I found a classmate from team one, hiding. I pulled his sleeve and dragged him out there without caring if he protested or what. I held him up by the collar and stared at his eyes directly.

My hunched was confirmed. They plan to hide and follow what we are going to do. Then they will run to the final destination first. We thought we’re getting ahead of them but we were wrong. They hid themselves while we’re solving the clues. Now, it’s not surprising that their bottles remain untouched.

“Morris! We can still talk about this. How about you let me go first? Hehe.” I only tightened my hold on his collar. Tadeo went beside me.

“Men! Let’s leave.”

“Tell them that team one has been spying us since the beginning of the game. Now they already knew the destination so all of you should run!” I ordered. “I’ll take care of things here first.”

“F-fine, men!” Tadeo sprinted back in a hurry towards our companions.

I returned my gaze to this person.

“T-this is just a game, Morris. You’re too serious!”

“You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Tsk. You think you can win against us? We’re twenty-nine while you guys are only nine people. We will still come ahead of you. We’ve already surrounded you without you knowing. Moreover, what will you gain if you find Morie?”

Conversing with this guy no longer hold any importance so I pushed him. I was already leaving, when told him, “And what will you get if you follow and choose Ireneo? You are just letting yourselves forever be controlled by a person you’re mistaking as a saint.”

It seems winning is not that important anymore. What matter is to find Jill and go back together with everyone else to the main house.

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