Original Writer: AnakniRizal

Translator: whosays25

Editor: seiji96

/3o/ Commemoration

Part two

-Jill Morie-

It had been two hours since we were thrown into this room.

Yeah, we.

Ireneo is with me and even if there’s a ten meter distance between us, I can still feel the tension between us. Our hands and feet were bounded.

We haven’t talked to each other since earlier. Only the sounds of the crashing waves could be heard from the surrounding. I’m was not aware of how far this place from the main house and I don’t know how they will find us here.

Mr. Romulo, the one in-charge to watching us, had just left. I saw his eye earlier that’s why I immediately recognized him. From the beginning, I’ve felt that something is different with this recollection after seeing the eyes and futures of my classmates. However, since the visions were all fragmented, some even jumbled, it only made my head ached. Since I saw something like this would happen, I purposely didn’t answer the exam. Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee what will happen next.

Honestly, staring at them made me nostalgic. It made me feel sad and happy, giving me desire to go back in time. To when all of us were still happy, to those moments when I felt being human, a normal one, with lot of emotions and colors.

But I know there’s no way to bring that back.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Then I remember something.

I was really surprised when Lily stood up. Why did she choose me over Ireneo? We hate each other, she knew that, but why me? I thought of Morris. Ah, maybe it’s because of that guy.

“Tsk.” I glanced at him, the founder of the stupid caste system in our class. I can’t help but grin at this person.

“What are you  laughing at?”

“Nothing.” I replied. “It’s funny because of nothing.”

Ireneo stopped paying attention to me. Weird, he’s not actually trash-talking me now, unlike what he did earlier. Perhaps, he’s feeling nervous?

“Say what, James.” I smirked again when I remember how Sabina called him ‘James’, the name that we’ve all forgotten. I know he’s gets annoyed whenever we called him like that. “All this time… I’ve been wondering… on where and how you got her letter.”

Even without facing his direction, I know he’s looking at me, and even without elaborating. I know he understood what I implied.

Her letter.

“I can’t understand how you stomached using Lucille’s letter to manipulate things.”

No reply.

“She died because of you and Morris.”

I balled my fist. Yes. For so many times, people threw the blame about her death to me and Morris, because of our love. It’s painful. The two people I trusted the most hurt my feelings.

“She killed herself because of you.”

Two years passed but I still couldn’t forget that day. That day, the class learned about Lucille’s letter that he read. I felt my life started darkening, and I even got into an accident.

“More than you, I knew Lucille.” I tried hard not to sob.

“I knew her too.”

I glanced after he said that.

“It’s awesome, right. After that day, everything had changed.”

Yeah, especially me.

“It was Jill’s and George’s fault. They cheated on me… That’s why I need to do this… Good bye…” After he had read the last paragraph to the whole class, I was frozen. I felt like I could hear nothing, only the ever repeating voice of Ireneo which was echoing inside my head. Accompanied by my tears streaming. I felt like collapsing, and no one would bother to catch me. Morris approached, but I ran away.

“Jill, wait.”

“Let go of me, Morris.”

“I will explain it to you.”

“No! I don’t want you to. Enough!”

“Jill. Please! You promised you will believe in me no matter what!”


That time, I felt my whole being crushed. I couldn’t face anyone because they said one of the most important people in my life died… and I am the cause. I couldn’t believe it. I called Albert to pick me up but instead of him, another driver came. Then on the way home, the event occurred so fast, a girl tried to crossed the street so the driver turned the steering wheel but another car had bumped against us… after that, everything went blank.

I thought that maybe having this power is my karma, a power which I couldn’t identify where it originated from when I woke up in the hospital two years ago.

“Do you think you’ll win against me?” He asked. “The caste I built will never break. It is the commemoration of her existence, do you understand? The caste is the commemoration of Lucille.”

‘What — “

They rushed to him. His rescuers finally came. I guessed already that they will come here first since they have the advantage in number. They freed Ireneo.

“You deserve to suffer, Jillianne.”

Yeah, probably.

They left. I closed my eyes, wondering until when will I have to be bounded. Do I deserve this?

Suddenly, someone came and embraced me. I don’t want to open my eyes since I knew who he is.

“Jill,” the voice that I’ll never forget.


“Let’s get out of here.”


T/N note:  Karma – dictionary said it’s the law of cause and effect but Filipino people usually said the term to imply ‘misfortune as result of a bad deed or bad character’.


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