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I skipped class.

I have to talk to her asap because I felt something which did not occur to me for a long time. Fear. This is the same thing I felt when my sister Georgina and I were escaping from those people who wish to use us. Jill is already aware about Memoire but she’s not aware about how dangerous and influential they are. I know Jill, she will do anything and won’t stop until she found out everything about a particular matter. It’s worse now that Caleb Perez appeared. I saw him before, I’m sure.

“Hey, Morris, don’t you have a class? What are you doing here?” asked by the teacher who had just exited the faculty room. “Ah, right. Mr. Perez took over your class, right? Mr. Melencio made that announcement abruptly so even we were surprised. By the way, I have to go now, hijo.”

I only nodded to the female teacher. When I turned to my back, I saw Miss Karen who had also just exited the faculty room. There’s no indication of any emotion from her face but I know that like me, she’s also feeling anxious. The person showed in her past appeared that’s why I know that it’s also hard for her.

“Come on.” I followed her lead. We went to the school garden where there are no other people since the classes are ongoing.

“Are you alright?” I asked her first. Though, I know she’s not okay. She inhaled first before answering me.

“Yes.” She answered. “I just couldn’t help being surprised earlier. But it’s impossible. He’s long been dead. I saw it with my own eyes, Morris, he died. Now my fears are coming true.” Her voice is filled with worry and fright.

“What do you mean? Are Jill, you and I in danger?” I saw it. Caleb Perez is part of Miss Karen’s past.

She shook her head. “He’s targeting me. But I’m sure he’s got another motive for coming here.”

“What will happen to Jill?”

“He must not learn about Jill, Morris. No matter what happen, he can’t know, do you understand? Aside from me and Lucille, only you are in know of what’s with Jill. Morris, she can’t be snatched away by Memoire. No.” I saw something different from her eyes while she’s saying this. Elder sister Georgina and her, they’re alike.

“What will happen if he learns that Jill is a Peculiar?”

“I won’t let that happen, Morris. If it’s needed I go with him, I will immediately do. Just let it be not Jill. You have to understand this, Morris.”

“Y-you’ll go there with them?”

“Well… I’m part of them anyway. That’s why Caleb Perez is here, to bring me back.”

“If Lucille’s sketchpad was not lost, we won’t be in this hardship.” Lucille’s sketchpad contained pictures which showed the future she saw every night.

“The sketchpad was not lost, Morris. Someone took it when she died.”

“Was it now in Memoire’s hands?”

“I don’t think so. If they really have it, they should have long ago been aware about Jill and made steps to take her.” She’s right. “Listen, Morris. We have to protect Jill.”

I wished that Jill is here to hear what Miss Karen had said so that she would know there are people like us who are ready to do all things we could to protect her. If we could only let her know.

“What should we do now?”

“You have to remind your classmates to be careful. Since you are the one closest to Jill, I’ll entrust her safety to you. If something undesirable happen to her, I might never forgive myself.”

“Don’t say something like that, Miss. Nothing will go wrong. I’ll do everything to protect them… and Jill.”

She told me to return after we ended our talk. I’m still trying to shake off the anxiousness within my chest while walking the corridor. Really, we can’t say for sure what is Caleb Perez’ motive.

“That was so dramatic.” I stopped and was shocked when he suddenly barred the way. Too bad, we’re the only ones here at the corridor. I can’t run away from him. Maybe this is the time to face him off. “The two of you are that close? I’m jealous.” He laughed while putting his hands on his pockets. On the other hand, I’m balling my fist and readying myself.

“I know who you are and your true identity.” He laughed again as if he heard the funniest joke in this planet. “You’re not Caleb Perez.”

“I thought you would never figure out but I guess I’m wrong.” He removed his glasses. “You probably saw me from Karen’s eyes.”

“H-how did you—“

“There’s a power that runs in your bloodline. Morris clan, a family of postcognists who could see someone’s past.” His grin widened as I tremble with fear. “It’s very unfortunate that we only traced you and Georgina from that clan. Oh, speaking of Georgina, have you heard that she’s already married to my cousin? Let’s call it Peculiar Breeding.”

“Fuck off!” I tried giving him a punch but he avoided it, resulting to me almost hitting the floor. My fear was replaced by fury. I would never forgive him for what he said.

“You have to be grateful to us, Morris. We’ll save your clan and your dear sister Georgina protected you. You don’t know how much help Memoire has given to your family. Why don’t you join us instead? We can enhance your power so you could use it well. What do you think?”

“Stop messing with me! I won’t join you!”

“Well, I completely understand why you’re so upset. Anyway, you’re not really my target here. I’m not that bothered.”

“What do you want?” I stood up.

“I assume that you already knew the reason. I need to bring back my sweet Karen to the association, they demand her power, badly. They crave for the future… But… this school is fun. Now I know why Karen enjoys hiding here. I’m kinda bored so I want to play around. Your stupid class is very lucky.

“Don’t try anything funny or else—“

“Or else what? Your power useless. In other word… you’re powerless. You can’t fight me. But hey, I only thought to make your class my experiment.”

“Experiment? We’re not beasts to be experimented!”

“Humans are animals. They are classified in Mammalia class. We’re just too lucky since we were born uniquely, or in a peculiar way. We may be categorized as super humans. Peculiar people like us are beyond ordinary. Isn’t that amazing?”

“Shut up! I’ll do everything to stop you!”

“How pathetic.” He approached closer and whispered. “What are you going to do, Morris? You know my mission, so what? Are you going to tell everyone about it to save them? Go ahead. Let’s just see if they will believe you. In their world, our kind does not exist; ordinary humans are too ignorant to know the truth about this universe.”

He strangled me. I tried to escape but it’s too late when his eyes… “You underestimated my power.”

turned blue.


Hijo – lad, young man, counterpart of iha or hija.


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