Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/4/ The List

“Oh my gosh!” reacted the girl I bumped with. Her drinks spilled on the tray and on my arm. Because of the noise, the two of us gained the attention of the people in the cafeteria. They started whispering to each other, especially now that they saw me.

“Geez, Morie. It’s because you’re not looking to where you’re walking.” Yeah, I was not paying attention, “You almost spilled on my watch.” Alexi Sabina even showed off the latest version of CX watch on her wrist.

I’ll just replace your drinks.” I planned to walked pass her but it seems she’s still enjoying the attention the people was. She barred my way.

Well, well. You’re trending again in the academy, huh.” It looks like she’s intentionally letting the other hear her. “Aren’t you even ashamed? Or you’re just really an attention seeker — OMG!” she exclaimed, shock because I suddenly spilled the leftover drink on her arm. Now her beloved CX watch was wet. The look on her face was priceless.

“Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“How dare you!”

“If you want attention, I’ll give you some.”

She faced the crowd, “Did you all see that?” then she faced me, “You’re so mean, Morie!” I passed by her. “I hope the blog will be updated!” When she mentioned the blog, I felt annoyed. I could no longer stop myself. I turned to her and gave her a bad look.

And there you go. I already saw ‘it’ behind her eyes. But hell, I don’t care. My day got worse because of that blog!

“What’s with that look?” she tauntingly said, “I bet, you’re already killing me twice in your mind, right?” 

I answered her with a sneer. It seems Sabina still wanted to get the better of me when someone inserted between us.

“Morie, I’ve been looking for you.” Before I got the chance to protest, Enriquez already pulled me away.  I don’t know why he always smile. It only makes his already chinkt eyes to get smaller to the point it’s no longer visible. A guitar was hanging on his shoulder.

I freed myself from him when we got away.

“Be thankful that I’m kind, even though you still owe me.” He suddenly pressed my nose while I responded to counter his hand. “See you.” He waved then turned the other way to leave. Though he stopped for a moment to say, “And… I really don’t mind at all… whatever written on that blog.” Then he walked away.

So Enriquez also knew.

I sat down on a vacant place away from people. Then I took out the list.

I crossed him out. I have a list of people, in other words: suspects. I need to know the one behind that blog. I used to not care. But this case is different. It’s excessively rude. It’s no longer acceptable if someone made a blog about me with all those slanderous contents.

              [x] Cloud Enriquez

Not him. Why would he do such thing? And Enriquez doesn’t me know well. I think the blogger really knew and hated me.

Haters? I have many of them. Mostly, girls. I could still remember how I gained many haters, how I started being the topic in this school. I just wanted a peaceful life. But everything started with Silverio.

[  ] Mathew Silverio

Mathew Silverio. The noises and giggling of his peers could be heard clearly in the cafeteria. He never changed. He sat there, on one corner, with his team mates and their ‘babes’. They were bullying on a nerd freshman. Poor boy.

Mathew Silverio, the MVP. I dumped him last year. Yeah, because it was unbelievable. It’s a fact that I’m not his type. He usually go with some hot babes.

Once upon a time, I’m a damsel in distress, saved by my knight in shining armour. Okay, it’s corny. He saved me, and then he began to pursue me.

He announced to everybody that we’re dating. Cool. He really shows that his proud it.

And all of that was only a huge joke. He only did that for a fast buck. Since they don’t know what to do with their money, they made me ‘hard-to-get girl’ the challenge. And the save-thingy? It was only a scheme.

How did I know? Tsk. By my ‘super powers’, you see. Every time we go out, I can see it. And the fool thought I was a big idiot.

So, I planned something. A revenge, actually.

I made it appear as if I was madly in love with Mathew. Then the day for him to propose that we become lovers came. He really prepared for it, so that he could boast to the whole campus how cool he is.

His introductory speech was so long. I was just waiting for him to say the magic words, ‘…Morie, will you be my girl?’

I gave him a very sweet smile.

‘I’m sorry, but we’re better off as friends.’ Then I walked away without looking back at that guy. He was rejected in front of so many people so it was me who came out bad. They said I was someone who only raise expectations, flirt. Whatever.

That’s when the outbreak of my haters began, they’re like zombies. They couldn’t believe that their beloved prince would be rejected by someone like me. They don’t know about the truth, and what would happen.

I just knew he was trouble.

[x] Mathew Silverio

How unfortunate. My list was blown off by the wind and it fell to the ground. Someone picked it up. Speaking of the next suspect. Small world, they said. He saw what was written on that list.

“Morie?” It’s Errol.

I grabbed the paper from his hand then I immediately dashed off the cafeteria.

[  ] Errol Aguirre

The second guy. He’s plain and simple, the nice type. Many people liked him because of his attitude. He’s someone who always greets and smiles. He’s the dream boy of the girls.

So how did our story start? Well, it’s like boy meets girl. As simple as that. But because of this ‘freaking power’, I know how things would turn out. It’ll end.

He’s the in-love type. He was actually left behind by his loved one.

He was speechless when I dumped him. It’s necessary though. It’s because he will end up again with the one who left him, while me? I would also be left in a corner.

Sad to say, in the people’s eyes, I, Jill Morie, broke his heart. The same as the first, nobody knew. What a pity.

“Morie, wait.” He stopped me from walking. He actually followed me. “Ah, sorry.” Errol said to me while bowing his head. “But you know… I wouldn’t do that to you.” He’s talking about the blog. “I owe you. If you didn’t say that to me back then, I wouldn’t realize my faults.” He shyly smiled. “… and I wouldn’t be as happy as now.”

Yeah right, Gail and him were back as lovers. And they seemed so happy together.

“Good for you.” I told him before leaving.

[x] Errol Aguirre

Like I said, he’s really a nice guy.

[  ] Rainier Ramos

Here we go, the mighty editor-in-chief of the Gryffinclaws. Opposite of Errol, but he’s also popular in the campus. I don’t really like this guy in the first place. His expensive camera was always around his neck, like a stalker.

How did our story start?

Well, unlike the first two guys, we’re not dating. It’s all because of that ‘Valentines Day Promo,’ a gimmick from one of the clubs. You would get an anonymous phone number which they claimed was from your soulmate that day. It seems like that.

Unfortunately that jerk got mine.

“Hi, sweetie.”

“Who is this?”

“Guess who, I got your number.”

“And so?”

“They said we’re soulmate.”


Not far away here, he was leaning on the wall while the phone was on his ear. I immediately thought that it’s not a good idea to hang out with people like him. Why? He’s so obsessed about his ‘stalker job’ I mean, journalist. I already realized I was the new subject he wanted to feature on his newspaper.

I walked to him and then glanced at him when I got near. He also looked at me. It’s sometimes convenient to have this ‘power’.

“Okay, let’s get out later.” He said on the other line while watching me walked away.


“See you at Mirku’s. 5 pm.”


I didn’t meet him at Mirku’s that was why he waited for so long, for nothing. Instead of him creating the news, he was the one on the news — that I only gave him false hope.

But wait, there’s more. That jerk made it appear as if he was really hurt by it that was why people started posting about me on the freedom board. I already said I became popular there, right?

“Are you looking for someone?” someone spoke from behind, a correspondent of newspaper proper. It’s because I’m standing in the front of the Gryffinclaws office which looked like there was no people inside. “The office was not that active because boss is absent.” The person opened the door.


“He’s ill, eh. It’s been a week since he was confined at the hospital. This is why our work load was pending.”

So that person could also catch sickness eh. That blog was updated the day before yesterday. It’s obvious he couldn’t make that update while in the hospital. Tsk.

[x] Rainier Ramos

I’m so frustrated because I still don’t know who created it. The people who hated me was so many, it was hard to guess.I glanced at the next one on my list.

[  ] George Morris

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