Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/5/ Because I’m bored

9: 43 pm.

It was already in the middle of the night but this building was still lively lit.

Rose Angel’s Club

I was standing near the entrance of the said club. And there she was. She had just exited the main door together with a middle-aged woman.

“Here.” The woman handed her a small brown envelope which seems to burst due to what was inside it. How much was that? They talked for a while before the woman, who looked like a matron, went inside.

The girl sneaked a peek on the contents of the envelope before hiding it inside her bag. She walked away. With her thick make up and tube dress, who would suspect her? I was surprised too… that this ‘princess’ had a dirty job.

And when her face was lit up by the lamppost’s light?

I smirked.

You played well.

Alexi Sabina.


“Look guys! I purchased it.” Sabina proudly brought out a box from her bag and showed it to her friends.

They each have their own way of showing amazement towards the material thing Sabina had shown. The class had long been dismissed but I thought that I’d stay here at the student plaza for a while. I was sitting on a swing while watching them sat on a bench not too far away from here.

“You’ve only recently bought a cellphone, right?” someone asked.

“I’ll gift this to Louis. His birthday is near.” Sabina replied to them.

“OMG,  I’m sure he’d be happy.”

“I’m sure he would like this.”

“Alexi, you’re the one already!”

“Yup, yup! You’re the rich one.”

“Don’t worry guys, next time, I’ll give you a treat.” Sabina said who couldn’t erase the smile on her lips. I wonder what was behind that smile.

If people saw me like this, they will surely think I’m crazy. I was smiling while holding the bars of the swing. At this rate, they will think I have an imaginary friend.

Let’s just say it’s really amusing to see a person who pretends to be someone she’s not. I know the truth behind her everyday lies. It’s laughable.

I didn’t want to and intended to know that. Through her eyes, I just learned that something unpleasant awaited her. How pathetic.

How will it be if people learn the truth about her? That Alexi Sabina is a ‘filthy rich princess’.

This is so exciting.

“Alexi, we’ll go home already. Bye.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow. I still have to call Louis.” They waved at each other, then she held her phone. “Hello? Babes? Let’s meet each other later, please? Ok, I love you.” Then she hung up.

Why am I doing this? Hmm… Nothing. I’m just bored. And like I said, this is exciting, exposing her real identity. Cool! No, no, I’m not taking revenge for what she said to me yesterday at the cafeteria. Psh. I don’t mind at all. And about that freaking blog? Well, I set aside that for the meantime. I need a break.

Sabina was already planning to leave when someone appeared before her. Chris Baldemor, he’s from our class, too. Everybody called him ‘Baldo’.


“Tsk, don’t call me Lexi.”

“S-sorry. Hehe.” He even scratched the back of his head. He’s a tough guy, and the class clown. But this was the first time I saw him lost his courage against a girl.  And it was Sabina. “I want to give you something if it’s fine.” Baldo opened his hands to present his little gift. “After all, you knew that since we were small I already like you.”

Whoa, a confession scene. It’s like I was watching a movie, great. Only a popcorn was missing.

Sabina didn’t accept it though.

“Baldo, stop bothering me. And please, don’t bring up our childhood again. It’s in the past!” 

“W-why? Was it because I’m not rich?” Sabina stiffened due to what he had said but she immediately recovered.

“Yes! Girls like me are not born to be poor!” Then she turned around, leaving him brokenhearted.

I smirked at what Sabina said. Not born to experience hardships? Don’t make me laugh! He threw away the thing he’s supposed to gift her then he ran, leaving that place.

Painful, isn’t it? Knowing that someone doesn’t like you because…ah, the feeling was just not mutual.

I stood up to picked what he tossed aside, an angel key-chain.

If only everybody knows? What would you do, Sabina?



“Hey babe!” he kissed Sabina on the cheek then wrapped his hand on her shoulders. They took their seat then ordered. Louis Carlos was a law student of a prestigious university so it’s not surprising that he also came from a wealthy family.

I did some little research. I almost looked like a stalker but like I said; I’m bored so I’m doing this. They wouldn’t be able to catch me so it’s fine. They were just behind me and I could hear what they were saying. They were at the coffee shop right now, just like what I saw in her eyes.

“Your birthday is coming, babe. What is your plan?” Sabina asked.

“Hmm… Mom will host a party and maybe that’s the perfect time to introduce you to them.”

“R-really?” It was obvious in Sabina’s voice how happy and nervous she was. She’s happy because finally Louis is going to present her in front of his parents but she’s nervous due to her secret identity.

“Yeah, they want a formal party. So, prepare for that eve.”


She’ll do anything…anything…even to act…so that the high society could accept her. I felt pity for Alexi. But I have nothing to do with her.

Tomorrow…prepare yourself for the real world’s cruelty.

After that, I left that place.


Finally. Even if their attention was only away from me just for a day, I could now walk on the corridor in peace. And here I am, I stopped walking on the corridor because they obstructed the way. They were crowding a picture that was posted on the freedom board.

It’s a picture of a girl walking out of a club. I shook my head. This is the fate I saw.

I pushed myself to the crowd to pass. Without looking back and continue walking until I reached the room. The door suddenly opened and it revealed Sabina who was running away in tears. It seems she didn’t see me.

“Morie, the class is starting.” Miss Karen is actually beside me holding her class record.

“Aren’t you going to follow her?” I asked without turning to her. She shook her head as reply.

“I think we have to leave her alone for a while.” She stated before entering. Weird. Isn’t it that she’s supposed to go after her? Or is she not that passionate for her job? K.

Inside the classroom, I know a commotion was happening but it suddenly turned normal when Miss Karen started her discussion. I managed to glimpse at Baldo. He was staring at the void and was looking pale.


I heard someone’s sobbing. I followed it and found her. So, Geographic Section is not only for PDA teens but also for crying babies? I leaned on the book rack of the library while reading.

“Nothing would happen to you if you would only cry. To be hated, the worst feeling huh.”

“I only d-did that for – “

“That boy?” I gently laughed. “For you to be accepted by the alta sociedad? To gained more friends? To be liked by everybody? You’re acting el rico because you’re scared. However, no matter what acting you did, you’re still trash in their eyes.”

“W-wrong…you’re all thinking wrongly. She weakly said while sobbing.

“You’re explaining because you want me to believe you, right? Not everyone has an open mind to understand those people like you, Sabina. There are matters in this world which you only knew…and forever, only you will understand.”

Like my situation…


“You took that photo, right?” Baldo was surprised when I appeared next to him. He’s sitting by himself on the plaza’s bench. “How ironic.”

“She deserved that.” He said with a smile but his voice was full of pain.

“Stupid.” I handed him the keychain he threw yesterday. “Because your love is not reciprocated, you dare to do that.” I stood up. “If it’s like that, then you don’t have the right to love anyone.” I left him.

Why am I doing this?

Because I’m bored.


alta sociedad – high society

el rico – rich


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