Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/6/ Serenade

“Good morning, Morie!” the only thing lacking is for the windows to shatter because of Aya’s high pitch voice.

The classroom’s old system was back to its normal state, like this noisy way of Aya’s greetings. I came inside. She followed and then we took our own seats. Aya started chattering about something but I didn’t mind her. She’s really just like this and she’s already used to me ignoring her.

Sometimes, I want to ask her if she’s not getting tired of chattering when she’s only appearing like an idiot whenever I ignore her.

“Morie, do you know, Idaasjdldl, abalhasilkaldlj, alhahlfguuegf, hahaha.” More than what she’s talking about, I understand her laugh more. No matter what, she will just talk about the things that happened to her, or about the handsome men she encountered or about something she watched. Random. Aya’s stories are very random. Maybe she’s watching out for the topic which could get my interest that’s why she’s spewing random things.

“Hey! Martinez! Can you please shut up? You’re so irritating, you’re so noisy!” someone who had just entered the room and reprimanded her. “Your voice can still be heard on the second floor!” It’s Roman Tadeo, Aya’s counterpart in noisiness. He’s scrawny, tall; his messy hair is sometimes fixed up or down. Aya stood up.





“You’re both chicken.” We stared at the new person who just entered the room, he’s Senji Tamaki. His hair is spiky. It looks like he gained more bandage on his arms and band-aids on his face. He’s the badass gangster type. Until now, we still don’t know if he’s got a foreign blood because of his name. For more than a week, he didn’t come to class and now it’s a miracle that he’s here.

“SENJI MAN! YOU’RE STILL ALIVE!” Tadeo greeted in vigour, it’s because he’s his peer.

“Oh, Tamaki. It’s good you still thought of going to school.” The class president, Lord James Ireneo III, said that. Everyone became quiet because of the tension building up between Tamaki and him. Since a long time ago, their blood is always hot for each other. Another thing, Ireneo is the most influential in this class that is why everyone believed in what he says.

“I’ll come to class whenever I feel like it,” Tamaki said then he walked to his chair. He even kicked the table he passed by.

“OMG, it’s Senji.”

“Why did he even come to class?”

“Tss… Yeah, right.”

“He’s just a mess here.”

They only thought of him as a chaos bringer. Senji, the delinquent, was neglected by this society. Especially in this school. Well, I actually don’t care no matter what he wants to do with his life.

It’s 8:01 am already but our first period teacher, Miss Karen has yet to arrive. Usually, one minute before the time, she’s already at the room.

“Guys, Miss Italia is absent.” One of my classmates who came from the outside announced. And unlike the other students who cheered whenever the teacher is not around, well, take our class differently.

“Why now that the examination is near? Tsk.”

“This will cause me to fall behind my cram school.”

“Me too. I also have to catch up with the entrance examination review.”

That is how thirsty they are for knowledge. And to whom was responsible on why they became like this?

“In this country, out of fifty people, only three will be happy.” She said to us. On the first day of school, Miss Karen told us that life is not fair since not everyone will be happy. She easily influenced our class to study hard, good news though. But there’s something wrong. Isn’t it that not everything is based on how good your grades are?

But because of her… our class society is no longer fair to everyone. School caste system is not funny and cool at all. If your grades are good, you have better benefits but if it’s not and you’re actually being left behind, you’ll be one out of the forty seven people who won’t be happy.


“Look, here comes the social climber b*tch.” I heard one of the students when Alexi Sabina passed to them. Poor Sabina. I watched her sitting alone in the cafeteria while suffering oppression from those girls. She really looks miserable. All of her make ups disappeared. She even lost her so called ‘friends’ whose from the other sections. See, nothing is really permanent. Things just come by and go. Seasons change and people will grow, they said.

After I said those things to Baldo, I pondered if everybody really has the right to love someone. Maybe if it’s not, no one will have to suffer. But heck, Sabina deserved that. I’m not saying that what Baldo had done is correct either but this girl has to learn and know that not only material things are important in this world.

Last night, the web blog updated a new status: “You sure could talk a lot huh. Jill Morie, you really don’t know anything.” Yeah, I really don’t know anything. If only I can live without knowing any.


“Hey, people of White Knights!” a male voice reverberated from the speakers to the whole campus which stopped the students at the corridor. The lunch break is almost over. I’m still trying to get into my classroom.

The returned of the Student Amateur Radio Club surprised the students. They can no longer frequently be on-air because the school chose academic system over extra-curricular activities. They only have fifteen minutes to broadcast because it’s almost one pm and the class will resume.

Later on, they play a live singing from a band.

I’d love to know just what you’re thinkin’

Every little river, runnin’ through your mind

You give and you take,

You come and you go

The girls walking next to me started shrieking.

You leave me here wonderin’ if I’ll ever know~
~How much you care or how much you don’t

Whatever you need, whatever you want~

“Myyyyyy goooood! It’s Cloud!”

“His voice is so very very  handsome nyaa.”


~If you’re gonna be somebody’s heartbreak

If you’re gonna be somebody’s mistake~

~If you’re gonna be somebody’s first time,
Somebody’s last time, baby be mine~

~If you’re lookin’ to be somebody’s ‘just friends

Baby, baby, baby, be mine, all mine

If you’re gonna break someone’s heart, yeah~

~Hey, Jill Morie

Might as well, might as well…

Be mine~

I didn’t expect that Enriquez will include my name in his song’s lyrics. Now, everyone at the corridor is looking at me. Urgh. That annoying guy! Why can’t he just stop bothering me?


Tsong (or Chong) – how to say this uhmm, eh, a term referring to a buddy or mate so obviously Aya used the term with sarcasm


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