Translated by: whosays25

Edited by: seiji96

/7/ His Eyes

What is a friend to you? And how are you as a friend? (Include an s-lv-c pattern)

How ironic. There are many questions to be picked on Miss Karen’s class recitation but why does it have to be this one? I don’t know if fate wants to annoy me  when I picked this up. I’m standing on my place. I felt all eyes on me. They are waiting for me to open my mouth which would give my words. I only have a minute to think of an answer.

What are friends anyway?

Someone you need? Someone you could hang out with? Someone who cared about you? Someone you could talk to? Someone you could fight with? Someone who listens? Who keeps your secret? Who keeps promises?

Are they the people who would only be there when they needed something? Or those people who would never leave you?

Friends… What are they again? Wait. Do I even have one?

I stared at them. I correctly guessed that they were all directing their eyes at me, waiting for me to speak.

“Go, Morie,” I heard Aya said, cheering me up. She considered me as her friend but does she know if I felt the same way? Not everyone we’re talking to and conversing with can be called ‘friends’.

Do I really have to answer this question or not?

I don’t know the answer. For so many things that I’ve been thinking about, no words want to come out of my mouth. Anyway, I’ve yet to read aloud the question I’ve picked. This is the reason why I changed the question. I know it’s not fair. Well, not answering is still within my freedom.

Some questions were meant to be unanswered. It’s not because you didn’t know the answer, it’s because of the past you couldn’t escape.

Once, I have friends but like a shadow, they’re with me in the light but when darkness came – they vanished. There are those who only stayed on happy memories but not beside you on your lonely ones. Where are they? They are with me on this class right now but not everyone stayed as such. Pity me.


I heard some footsteps coming from the back. Who else would always disturbed my solitude here at the library? And if he thought that what he had done the other day made me happy, then he’s wrong. “Hey, Jill Morie… Might as well, might as well… be mine.” I’m not enjoying his game.

“Get lost, Cloud.” I said. No one answered. I just heard him pulled out a chair nearby then took his seat.

“So,” suddenly, my heart jumps. That voice.., “you’re expecting him, Jill.” George Morris. My seatmate…

Silence reigned between Morris and I. My mind is asking. Why? What is he doing here? And how did he know?

“Why did you change the question earlier?” he said. “Why didn’t you answer your question?”

Wait, he knew that I changed my question?

“Because…” I said, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Morris laughed slowly. What did I say is funny?

Friends are like treasures. They are difficult to find, but special. If you are a friend, it means you were chosen. You were chosen to stay in someone’s life. I would never forget this quote. It’s because you, Morie, was the one who told me that. Also, that’s how we started.”

No more.

“I know it’s weird that I’m here talking to you when in the classroom, we’re no longer talking with each other.” It seems I could no longer breathe because of the words Morris is uttering. I stood up and almost leaving but he hurriedly grabbed my arm.

“Can’t you still remember? Why can’t you remember me?” He’s forcing me to face him but I bowed my head. His grip is hurting me.

“Do you know that I’m suffering? I’m suffering when I see you like this!”

I slowly raised my head. I stared at him… at the eyes. And the moment I laid my eyes on his – I see no future but a past, a past which I no longer wanted to recall.

I shut my eyes.

“Let go of me.” My throat is hurting. I don’t know why. Morris still is not releasing me. “P-please, stop.”

Slowly, his grip loosened my arm. I grabbed this chance to leave that place. But no matter what I do, I can still see Morris’ eyes, and on what is on his eyes. I couldn’t escape.

Of all the eyes I’ve seen, Morris’ eyes frightened me the most. It’s because for an unexplainable reason, his eyes contain the past that I am trying to break away from – a past that could not be changed.

And for me, there’s no more reason to remember that.


I can say that this day is not normal. I want to lie down, sleep and forget. I opened the door of my apartment and entered. Wait. I switched on the light immediately.

“What are you doing here?” I asked while she’s still turning her back at me.

“Why?”  She slowly turned my way. She smiled. It always annoys me. “…is it bad for me to visit my elder sister?”

“What do you want, Lily.”


Translator’s note: Who still remember Lily?  She’s the one from the first chapter and the one who ‘stopped’ Jill Morie from jumping at the rooftop. 🙂

Aye~ For grammatical errors and wrong spellings, feel free to comment.


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