The Guy Inside Of My Bed

By FreakNaPusa

The Guy Inside Of My Bed


Even in the second time, would time be always their enemy?

How can you fight for it if you already know that you both should not be together?

Are you going to surrender or will you take the risk?

Because maybe you won’t know if it will be your last. All for love.

  1. Begin Again
  2. Epic Meet
  3. Resurrection
  4. She’s Just Misunderstood
  5. Know Her!
  6. Jessy Gaile Peyton Guevarra
  7. Brix Ace Resser Asuncion
  8. Secret’s Keepers
  9. Peter Pan’s Kiss
  10. Caught
  11. Just Allen
  12. Before I Fall
  13. Break The Rules!
  14. His In Danger
  15. Saving Him
  16. Carried Away
  17. Terrified
  18. Resser’s Territory
  19. Not To Fall In love Right?
  20. Nightmares: part 1, part 2
  21. Hello to Goodbye
  22. Magic Of Love
  23. Revelations
  24. Ford’s Kingdom
  25. Dead and Gone
  26. The Real Me
  27. So Close Yet So Far
  28. Lips Of An Angel
  29. Mourn
  30. Gotta Be you
  31. Just So You Know
  32. Without You, I’m Just A Sad Song
  33. Tragedy









1 thought on “The Guy Inside Of My Bed”

  1. I don’t really recomment to read this story because of the inconsistencies. I just translated it because I already have the author’s permission and for the sake of translating the book 2 of TMIMB. It’s good read though to past time. You can’t predict what will hapen and it’s a unique story.

    Imagine this story happened in an alternate Philippines because of the history is different. Remember that this is a fiction story.


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