Begin Again


Many years had passed, many years were I could hardly tell how long it has been. I’m still here under this bed and in this room. Yes I’m still here, since Jessica passed away I heard that one of her ‘will’ that if she died the house will not be sold and should keep the house vacant.

Christine took care of the house, she is Jessica’s daughter. But years passed, no one ever visited the house. Not even the house keepers. Christine didn’t also come and I haven’t heard any news of her family.

I was leaning on the wall when I heard near the window the sound of a vehicle that stopped in front of the house. I stood straight and look at the window.

Christine exited the car, so I went back to hide under the bed. They might suddenly enter the room. I heard someone talking outside, one of them is Christine and someone’s voice.

Shortly, the door suddenly opened strongly which surprise me. From where I am, I look at the doorway who enter.

The time and the world seems to stop  when I saw her, it was a girl who entered, its Jessica.

My eyes followed her, she was carrying a box and had put it on the floor. When I look at her, her face is grimacing.

Is this her? God, Is she really Jessica that I am seeing right now?

She is wearing a tattered jeans, rubber shoes, a small sleeveless shirt where her navel can be seen,  three earring in her left ear and a curly hair. Far from the type of clothing which Jessica usually wears but if you look closely she really looks like Jessica.

My heart beats fast when I saw her, the same beat of my heart for Jessica.

She went to Jessica’s things, and place it one by one in the box. I want to approach her to stop her from doing it but I restrained myself so that I will not be discovered. After she put away all the things she step out of the room. When she leaved and closed it, I came out from the bed.

“She really looks like Jessica,” My hand on my head and walk back and forth in the room.

“Please come back, please.” I whispered to myself.

Suddenly the door opened again, so I went back from hiding. Now she is carrying things for cleaning, she put it on the floor, tied her curly hair, and started cleaning.

I just stared at her, my eyes following her whatever she do or wherever she go.

She laid down and look under the bed so I tucked myself hiding even more, she inserted a mop below the bed and stated moping it. Good thing she didn’t use a light then I would be dead. I look at her closely, my heart beat fast, she look similar to Jessica.

After cleaning she leaves again, I went out from hiding in the bed and went to the door to listen, but I didn’t hear anything.

Who are you? Why do you look so much like Jessica?

When night came she went inside again and immediately went to the bed. I peek a little bit to see her, I saw her lying on the bed holding a thing(cellphone) while she is pressing it.

I want to know who she is. Now that I can confirm that she really looks like Jesssica. But it’s impossible, Jessica is long gone.

“Fcking sht! He really is challenging me.” she loudly said which makes me surprise.

She don’t have a company but she is talking to herself. Looking at the thing she is holding, and cussing on it. I think she hit her head.

She suddenly put the thing she is holding and put it under the pillow and turn off the light then she sleeps.

When I woke up, I didn’t notice it’s already late, it’s because I was busy staring her face all night long. Because she slept late.

I peeked at her from under the bed.


I screamed on my mind, my eyes widened when I saw her and look away from her.

Allen are you crazy! You didn’t keep yourself! Wait, why is it my fault she’s the one who like that! But she didn’t know that there is a man in her room.

Yes, when I peek above I saw her wearing only an underwear and bra!


“I think something happened like this before, but worse,” I whispered in my mind.

A few minutes and she went out from the bath, I followed his footsteps with my eye, she went to the cabinet and opened it.


I clasped my mouth when I saw the towel drops in her feet.

“What should I wear?” she says.

Then I saw her wear his underwear. So I turned away even though I only saw her feet. I feel that my eyes is guilty. A few more minutes I heard the door opened, when I look back I saw her went out. That’s why I also went out from hiding. I saw her things just lying on the floor.

I want to clean it, but she might wonder if she saw it arranged, so never mind.

Until now I still have many questions to ask about the woman who looks like Jessica, what connection did she have with Jessica? And why does she looks like her?

I really want to know.

[TL: Please assume that this is a different story from the ‘TMIoMB’, something became completely different from the book 1. I won’t tell about it because it might spoil you. But this is still a good story so I want you to read it.]

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