I don’t like how my heart is beating fast so I stand up.

“Are you okay now?” Allen asks.

“Yup, I’m fine.” I walk towards the mirror and take the comb and tie my hair into a bun. The doorbell suddenly rings. I descend downstairs then I open the door and shows that it’s Brix. “What are you doing here?” I ask in surprise.

“Good morning Jes!” then he suddenly went inside.

“You were absent yesterday so I was worried,” he said.

“How do you know where I live?” I ask.

“I asked,” he responds.

“To whom?”

“Actually I didn’t ask anyone, I look at the school record in the office.” then he laughs. “It was difficult for me because the guard didn’t leave early,” he said while his hands on his neck.

He suddenly went to the kitchen so I followed him. He put the things he brought in the table, he opens the ref and put the things in there.

“What is that?” I ask him.

“Obviously… foods!” He smiles. “Let’s eat, I also bought food from the fast food.” he walks near me and suddenly touch my forehead. “You don’t have a fever anymore, that’s good,” he said while looking at me. “Where are they?”

“Who?” I ask.

“Your family?” he asks.

“I’m the only one here,” I reply.

“What? You’re the only one here when you have a fever?” he asks, unbelievably.

Actually, I’m not really alone because Allen is here. “I can take care of myself.” I smile.

“Is that so? Come here and eat,” he said after that he sits down in front of me.

After I finish eating I get up. “Wait here, I’ll just go to the bathroom.”

I’m now in the bathroom when I hear a thud.


I suddenly remember Allen. Oh no! Brix. I came out from the bathroom and saw Brix heading upstairs on the stairs. “No, wait!” I stop him.

“I hear a sudden thud upstairs,” he says.

“It’s fine, maybe something just fell,” I replied.

“Then let’s check it!”

“No! My room is messy and I don’t want you to see it.” I stop him while holding his arm.

“I’ll clean it?”

“No! I will do it later.”

“Hm.. okay,” then he heads downstairs, I sigh in relief.

“Did you ditch class?” I ask him.

“Yes because you didn’t go yesterday,” he says smiling.

Triple Kill!

“What’s that?” Brix ask.

“That’s nothing,”

“You play dota?” he asks.


 “So why is there a noi–“

“M-maybe it’s the youtube, it a-accidentally plays because of Kristoff, yes my b-rother Kristoff he forgot to turn it off b-before they leave,” I said stammering.

“I see.”

“Is it okay for you to not go to class?” I said changing the topic.

 “It’s oka–“


“What’s that?” Brix asks curiously.

“That’s nothing,” I answer.

“But that is already different,” he said then he went to the stairs. I grab his arm to stop him.

“No, just leave it.”

“But there might be–“

“It’s nothing!” I shouted.

“Ah okay,” he didn’t continue heading to the stairs.

Brix hangs out in the house until afternoon, and I worrying that there will be noise again upstairs and I can’t stop Brix.

“I’ll leave now,” Brix said in goodbye.

“Please be careful.”

“Are you sure you’re okay being with yourself?”

“Yes, and I’m fine.”

“All right, I hope you can go to class tomorrow.”

He rides his car, he waves and smiles at me then he started the engine and leaves. I breathe out a sigh of relief.  When I didn’t see him anymore, I quickly run to my room. “Allen, what happened?”

“Allen, what happened?” I saw him picking the thermos which is broken.

“Ah that, the medicine box slips from my hand, then I’m about shut down the computer but I accidentally touch the speaker, then I was going to clean but accidentally let go of the thermos that’s why it broke. I’m sorry Jessy.” I saw his hand bleeding.

“Look you’re injured,” I said.

I went down to get the first aid kit to treat his wound then went back upstairs.

“Let me see your finger,” I said reaching his hand.

“I’m sorry.” he said to me in a whisper.

“It’s okay, we are almost found out earlier,” I said.

“Really? Who?”

“My schoolmate.” after putting the alcohol, I put the band-aid. “Now it’s okay.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you for also taking care of me when I was sick,” I said and smiled to him, he also smiled in response.

I was startled that he suddenly touch my forehead.

“So the Peter Pan’s kiss is effective.” he smiles at me and my cheeks become warm so I step away from him.

Does he really think that I was healed because of the Peter Pan’s kiss that he saying? Hay! Sometimes Allen is childish, he still didn’t know much. I get up from the sitting and starts to clean the broken thermos.

“I will do that!” Allen said.

“No, it’s okay. You’re injured!” I say.

“Your fever might recur. It’s just a small wound.”

“Okay,” I said then sits on the bed again.

“When will Kristoff and your mom are coming home?” he asks.

“In a week,” I answer.

“Why is Kristoff don’t have a class but you have?”

“Well because he is in high school and I’m in college but we will have our Christmas break soon.”



“I didn’t notice that it is already the Christmas season,” he said while continue picking up the broken shards.

“Yeah, the time flies fast,” I reply.

Christine calling…

“What?” I said after answering the phone.

“Mrs. Santos called me that she saw a shadow of a man by the window of your room Jessy!” mom said in anger.

“Mom! That’s not true.” I answer.

“Jessy if I know that it is true you will see what I will do to you!” mom shouted.

I breathe out a sigh at what she said. “Hays” I sneer.

“Mom–what the heck Kristoff– I’m still talking— let me call her too,” the other side of the phone is noisy.

“Jessy.” I heard Kristoff whose holding the phone.

“What is it monggi?” I said in a weakly, no desire in talking.

“Jessy don’t rape Allen there!” he shouted.

My temper rose when I heard him said that, I want my hand to pass through the phone and snatch him and murder him grr! “GET READY FROM ME MONGGI when you go back!!” I scream so loud that makes Allen surprise.

“Why are you angry Jessy?” Allen ask.

“Ouch Jessy! I’m going deaf!” Kristoff said.

 I end the call and didn’t let him finish talking.

tut! tut!

From: Christine

You’re really rude Jessy, why did you end my call!!

“Tss, whatever!” I said raising my eyebrows after reading the message.

“Who’s that?” Allen ask.

“It’s just monggi making me mad,” I said then took the plastic from him where he put the broken shards. I went out of the house and went to the garbage can when I saw Mrs. Santos who was watering the plants. She looks at me and raises her eyebrow.

Her blood boils to me also.

I smile and my hand in a rock n’ roll while I expose my tongue.  Then I went inside, I laugh at her reaction.

Haters gonna hate! But I’m gonna shake it off!

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