Just Allen


It’s Saturday and mom and monggi will return home from Baguio, I’m staying in the house because it’s already our Christmas, and only days left before Christmas.

I’m sitting in my swivel chair at my study table while scrolling in the computer and on my phone.

“Hays! No one call or text me to chill!” I said in irritation, then knock my phone in the bed and rotating myself on the swivel chair and it coincided to Allen who is lying on the bed.

He closes his eyes while resting on his arms and in a de kwatro position. I’m just looking at him. Why is it boring? It’s supposed to be exciting because I have a man in my room? Anyways, Allen is really boring.

“Allen?” I call him.

He opens his eyes and looks at me.


“Is Allen your only name?”


“Tss! There is google we can search who you are!” I said, which made him get up from the bed.

He frowns as if he is thinking about something then look at me again.

“I can’t remember,” he said in fear.

“Just Allen? No last name?”

“I don’t need to know my full name.” he said.

“You don’t want to know? Why?”

“It won’t make any difference. I will be forever trapped in this place so why bother?” he said then lie down on the bed again and closes his eyes.


She’s right. I still can’t remember anything though I know the reason why I’m trapped here. But I still don’t know who I am. I don’t need to, I know my family is already gone because a very long time has passed.

I open my eyes to peek at Jessy, she returns to what she is doing, her back facing me.

Tss! She really looks like Jessica, I feel like she’s with me, I only look at Jessy differently when she is talking but if she isn’t, I see Jessica. My heart beat is different, it’s like Jessica is in front of me.

“Tell me about grandma,” she asks me, still looking at her phone.

“Which one?”

“About the two of you.” suddenly my chest is pounding.

“What kind of roommates are you?” I sigh in relief.

“She was young when she caught me,” I said.


“We became friends.”


“She became my friends until she passed away,” I said.

“Boring,” she said in impatient then turn back.

“Why did you ask?”

“Nothing, because I was still a child when passed away.” oh right, I saw her that day when Jessica was gone.


Allen is really boring to talk to. I return to the computer and start watching.

“What is that?” Allen asks, as he approaches and sits next to me.

“Fast and Furious 7.” I downloaded it because there is already a high-definition copy on the internet.

“They drive very dangerously,” Allen said weirdly.

“That’s just acting, it’s not real,” really Allen? He really thinks that it’s real.

“Not real? Look they are killing each other,” he says pointing at the monitor.

“They are just acting, you don’t have a television back then?”

“There is, but they don’t act that way.” He explains.

“It’s high-tech now, the directors are really good.” I also explain.

“They’re too brutal.” it’s weird talking to Allen.

“Is that what you’re doing that makes Christine angry?” he asks.

“Yeah! Car racing, but that’s cooler, I’m a fan of it, and I want to be as good as them.”

“Even I will also get mad! You want to be like them? You’ll be always at risk.” Allen scold me.


“Chill! You’re over reacting!” I said.

“Chill?” he asks confuse.

“Calm down first, and besides Allen, almost all the television shows are not real so don’t believe it.”

Though I’m with a handsome and hot guy in my room but he is so naive, he doesn’t know much about the world. So sad.

I look at my watch and notice that it’s already six o’clock, I get up and takes my bag.

“Where are you going?” Alle asks.

See? My mom is not here but I have an instant parent.

“To chill,” I answered

“To calm down?” I laugh at what he said.

“A different chill, I’ll just wander around, thinks like that.” then I went out, I don’t know how to explain it to him.

I went to the mall with Katie, luckily she invited me because I’m becoming a stone in the house. We went to the boutique because she wants to buy clothes, while she is in the fitting room, I’m just looking anywhere when I saw the men’s wear. I see a navy blue sleeves and remember Allen.

It suits him!

“Men’s wear?” I was surprised when someone suddenly speaks beside me when I turn to look at him, I saw Brix.

“Ah e– because”

“You’ll gift it to someone?” he said.

“Ha? A– you’re right!”


“My friend?” I said.

“Ahh, do you know his size?” Brix asks, he’s right I don’t know. I look at him from head to toe, I gave him a you-know-what-I’m-thinking look.

I took the sleeve that I saw and also the light brown jeans then push him inside the fitting room.

“Wait!” he protested.

“Just wear it, your size is the same as him!”

When Brix went out of the fitting room, I immediately imagine that it really suit’s Allen. I I proceed to the cashier to pay for it.


What is this? I’m getting jealous. She let me wear it to know if it fits but she is giving to another man? It’s impossible that it is for her brother because it’s big and I don’t think it’s for her dad because it’s for teens? Damn, I’m envious!

I’m with Jessy now in the mall because Katie left because her boyfriend texts her. Thank you destiny!

“So where are we going?” I ask her.

“Why you’ll treat me?” she really is straight forward when talking. Haha.

“Of course!”

“Then let’s go!” She headed straight to KFC.

We are ordering when she suddenly speaks.

“I’ll warn you that I’m a glutton.” she says and I suddenly smile.

We sit down, in front of us is our order, a bucket of fried chicken, 6 extra rice and 4 cokes.

“Brix, I have a favor. Can you please ask for more gravy?” she says so I stand up.

“Wait, put it here.” she hands me a bowl.

“Here?” I ask curiously.

“Yes, there.” she says smiling.

I scratch my head when I get back to the table, people are looking at me because of the bowl I’m holding. Perhaps they are thinking that I’m greedy.

“Thank you!” Jessy smile while taking the gravy from me which makes me smile also.

I’m shocked to see her suddenly pouring it to her plate that is full of rice.

“Oops!” she smiles at me.

“Seriously? You’re adding that in your rice?” I ask, shock.

“Yes, why? It’s unli gravy here.” she suddenly eats using her hand, while her other hand is holding a drumstick.

I’m about to eat when she stops me.

“Oy! Use your hand also!” she says.


“Accompany me,” she said then take a bite, she is talking while her mouth is still full.

She’s really different! Haha.

After we eat, we stroll at the mall again.

“Oh my! It’s already 10, I’ll go home now.” Jessy said.

“Really? Let me send you home, my car is in the parking lot.” I invite her.

“You don’t need to and thank you for accompanying me!”


“Yup!  Also, thank you for your treat and for this another chicken bucket!”  Jessy said smiling.

“You’re welcome Jess!” I said smiling.

“Okay, bye!”

I went straight to my car in the car park of the mall then I remember I’m still holding the clothes she bought. Sht! She forgot.


“Hi, Allen!” I greet Allen as I enter the room, he is sitting in the bed and why-are-you-late look to me.

“Oops sorry! Are you hungry?” I said then I give him the chicken bucket.

“Why are you here only now? I’m already hungry,” he said then take a bite in the chicken.

“I didn’t notice the time,” I answer, it looks like I have a pet that I forgot to feed.

While Allen is eating I remember something. His clothes, I forgot to bring it from Brix.

Head slap!

Christmas eve.

“Hey, Jessy come on!” Steph call me.

I turn and went to her, she hands me her car key and then I ride it.

I’m in the race again, it’s good that Amber is not here, I might bald her hair. I start the engine when Brix suddenly enters in the car.

“Hi Jes!” he greets me.

“What are you doing here?” I said in shock.

“I’m the trophy.” he says smiling.


“Look at that girl,” he says then point at a girl who is my opponent.

“I will be hers if you lose,” he says then make a sad face.

“Then I’m part of that? That’s not in the agreement.” I said.

“The decision is just made.” he says smiling.


I hear the cue then I quickly start to maneuver the car fast.

“Woah, nice! You don’t want to give me away.” Brix said. Is he pissing me?

“Duh! I just hate losing.” I said.

The opponent is already on our side then she suddenly speaks.

“Hey Brix, see you later!” she make a flying kiss and wink at Brix, she then drives in front of us.

“I won’t let you!” I said.

“Wow!” Brix said.

“Duh! I won’t let her drive before me!” I shouted.

“Is that so,” he says smiling then he sits in relax position in the passenger seat.

I drive faster until we are side by side, I give her an evil smile then drive past her and let her eat dust.

“Woah! You’re so good Jess!” he says smiling at me.

I won.

We get out from the car, I can see the annoyance in her face I gave her a smile which makes her even more annoyed. We start walking when she suddenly speak.

“Maybe not now Brix but you’ll be mine soon.” she said smiling at Brix.

“So Jessy! Brix is yours until the next battle.” Steph shouted.

I just roll my eyes then starts walking again, but I saw in my peripheral vision that the girl clings on Brix arm so I went back.

I face Brix to me and pull down his shirt then kiss him on the lips. When I open my eyes, I saw his eyes open maybe he is shocked at what I did and also the people there.

Then I smile at the girl and raise my brow.

“You lose! That’s why his mine so fvck off!” I said then leaves.

“Wait for me, Jess!” I turn to him when I heard him calling me, I saw Brix run towards me.


“Hot!” He said smiling.

“I just save you from her, I saw how you’ve got irritated to her,” I said.

“Okay. Thanks for saving me, haha.” then he hands me something. “You’ve forgotten this before, I’m sorry if I only give you this now.”

“Oh, right!” I said then takes it from him. “Thanks, I’ll leave now,” I said to him.

“Let’s chill first.” he said inviting me.

“Next time. I need to go.” I said then leave. I look at my watch and it’s already 3 am.

“Well, merry Christmas,” I said to myself, then hail a taxi.

I head straight to the door and not the window when I get out from the taxi, well it’s Christmas maybe they are still awake. As I open the door I saw Kristoff immediately with a why-are-you-here-only-now look in the living, sitting on the couch.

“Where is a mom?” I ask.

“She is sleeping, it’s Christmas but you are not here.” he said.

I went to the kitchen and open the ref to look for food.

“Jessy, take the foods and bring it to Allen. I didn’t bring him earlier because of mom.” Kristoff said and I nodded.

I went to my room carrying food and the clothes I bought.  When I open the door he is also giving me why-are-you-here-only-now look.

What is wrong with the people here?

“Merry Christmas?” I force a smile then close the door.

“Merry Christmas.” he said emotionless and he gets up, I hand him the food.

“Thanks,” he replied and sits down on the floor and put the food there.

“I brought a lot of food, it’s good to have Kristoff as an accomplice there is a lot of food left,” I said, but he did not react and just keep on eating.

“It’s Christmas eve but why are you here only now?” he asks while eating spaghetti.

“So what?” I ask in a weak voice.

“It’s Christmas, you should be with them,” he said looking at me.

“Tss! That’s it?” I said then start eating.

“Christine waited for you.” he said which make me stop.

I took the clothes that I bought then give it to him.

“What is this?” Allen ask.


“But I have already clothes?”

“I look old!”

“But Jessica gave it to me,” he said then look at the clothes.

“Is that so? Okay fine.” I said then took it from him but he stops it.

“But you give it to me so I’ll wear it,” he says smiling.

He stands up then went to the bathroom, I continue eating and only a moment pass when he went out.

“Why are you only wearing the pants?” I ask curiously.

“You’ll also me the other one?”


Then he takes off his shirt in front of me. I can see his naked upper body. Oh! His abs though! He has a nice complexion, his wide chest and shoulders are perfect. Is he secretly exercising? Gulp. He wears the sleeve that I gave him, I think my mouth opens, after wearing it he turns to me.

“This is how I wear it right?” he asks and I nodded.

Then he went next to me and sits on the floor, he starts eating again, while I’m just staring at him.

I’m not allowed to fall for him right?

Tss! Maybe this is only an attraction and I’m not falling. Who would not look at him, he’s hot.

“Why?” he asks and looks at me which surprise me.

“N-nothing!” I said stammering then I put a huge slice of cake in my mouth.

I stop when he suddenly starts laughing, looking at me. Eye to eye contact, he has a nice pair of eyes.

So hypnotizing.


I suddenly laugh when I saw Jessy’s full mouth, she suddenly looks at me, I look at her eyes.


Fall in love with the eyes, coz everything will get old, but not our eyes.

End of flashback.

I remove my eyes from Jessy. Whose voice is that? Her face is blurred. Why do I feel serene?

“Why?” Jessy ask.

“Nothing,” I replied.

The next day, I’m sleeping when I hear a thud so I went out from under the bed to know what it is.

I saw Jessy, her hair in a bun, sweating. She is carrying a box, I went to her and took it.

“I can carry that,” I said.

“Thanks,” he says.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, I’m cleaning. I’ll take out the things I’m not using anymore,” she replied.

“I see. Let me help you.” I said then she nods.

I put the box on the side, when I turn to her I saw her taking thing from above, she is in tip toes and her upper cloth is short that’s why I can see her stomach.

She’s so sexy. 

Shakes head!

What are you thinking Allen? I said and smack myself. I approach her to take it.


I tried to reach a small box at the top, but I can’t. I’m getting tired and sweaty.

Shortly, I feel someone from my side, I saw Allen. I look at him, I saw that I’m only just his shoulder in height. He looks and I just stare at him.

“Here,” he said.




“Here it is,” he says and I return to sanity.

“Oh yeah! Thanks!” then I leave and put it inside the box.

We clean and arrange the room the whole day, we both sits down and in front of us are two boxes, we put packing tape on it.

“What are you going to do with this?”

“We’ll donate it,” I replied.

“Really? That’s so cool,” he says.

“Yeah, it’s what mom said us to do every year.” I said while packing tape the cardboard. He suddenly wipes my sweat on my forehead.

“You’re sweating.” he said.

I didn’t answer when I finish what I’m doing I stand up and carry the two boxes.

What the heck! It’s heavy.

I suddenly went out of balance, I saw Allen approaching me.


I let go of the boxes, I notice myself lying. Wait? I think it’s not the floor I am lying? I look and saw that I’m lying on top of Allen. My right hand touching his chest. I eyes open wider and remove it immediately.

“What’s the noise, Jessy!” Kristoff shouted and he is already at the entrance of the room.

Allen and I both stare at him.

“I’m right! You two are–” Kristoff shouted but I didn’t let him continue, I run to him and cover his mouth.

“Mom might hear you monggi.” I said, warning him. He suddenly removes my hands from his mouth.

“The car is waiting,” Kristoff said the walk away, he looks at me with I’m-watching-you look.


Then he runs downstairs, I look at Allen who is arranging the boxes, I went to him and took it.

“Be careful, you might fall again!” he said, my cheeks suddenly feel warm when I remember what happen a while ago.

He walks to me and put the two boxes on my hand. He took my hand and adjusted my grip on the box.

“You should hold it this way,” he said, still holding my hand. I’m staring at him.

I left the room and walks down.

What’s this? My heart is pounding. I couldn’t breath properly, my heart is beating fast abnormally.

“Take care!” I heard Allen says from upstairs. Then he shut the door.

I smiled suddenly.


BkRPxMSCMAAu9nu – de kwatro position

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