His In Danger

I keep on running and I didn’t notice that I’m already crying, I hastily wiped it.

I stopped at Steph’s house, she lives just in the neighboring village and she is the closest from my house who I can approach.

“Jessy why?” she asked after opening the gate.

“I need a car Steph please,” I said trembling, I don’t know why I’m like this.

Steph just nodded and let us in with Kristoff towards the parking area, Kristoff and I ride on her car.

“Her’s the key,” he said and handed me the key.

“Thank you very much,” I said to her.

“I think it’s an emergency so go ahead.” she said, the I started the engine I drive outside their house.

“Where are we going to start looking Jessy?” Kristoff asked in the passenger seat.

“I don’t know,” I replied and after that, I drive the car faster.

“WAAAH JEEESSSY!” Kristoff screamed.

I don’t but I can only feel my chest full of foreboding and anxiety, I’m nervous and scared right now.

Where are you, Allen? I said to myself then slammed my hand on the wheels.


I was sleeping when I suddenly felt the bed moving, I hold tight when I felt the bed was being lifted.

What’s happening?

I saw that we are leaving the house, I saw men shoes and a woman wearing slippers. I heard Christine’s voice.

The bed is being lifted higher and put it somewhere then they close that door and it becomes slightly dark.

Wait, why is it moving?

I slowly went out of the bed, I was very surprised when I look around. I’m inside of a big vehicle. I tried to open the door but I couldn’t, I peek at the small hole and I don’t know where I am.

I’m nervous.

Why am I here?

What did they do?

Did they sell this bed?

But I know Jessy can’t do that right? And Jessica said to Christine not to throw or sell it, so why?

After some time, I felt the vehicle stopped so I quickly hid in the bed. The door opened and they pulled and carried the bed again.

Where will they take this?

The five are men walking while carrying the bed.

“What is the heck, do we still need to carry this?”

“It’s because there are a lot of people here in the Divisoria that’s why the truck can’t enter the area.”

Divisoria? I’m at Divisoria?

I wonder what is happening today.


“Hello, Katie!” I said immediately after Katie answered my call.

“What is it, Jessy?” Katie asked.

“Do you know where usually the second-hand things are brought?”

“Why, what happened?” she asked.

“Don’t ask Katie, just answer my question first.”

“I’m not really sure but I saw it usually at the DV(Divisoria) and when mom is selling second-hand things we brought it there.” she said.

“What do you think is the name of the shop?” I asked.

“I don’t know– oh wait I’ll ask my mom.”

“Go ask that please then send it to me after,” I said.

“Okay, sure!”

“And I need to know what kind of truck they used and what it look like,” I told her.

“Okay I’ll try to search the image of that truck and I’ll send it to you.” she said.

“Thanks in advance Katie.”

“No problem,” I put done the phone.

“What did she say?” Kristoff asked.

“She said they usually bring it at the Divisoria, because there’s a lot of second-hand there.”

“Is that realiable?”

“I don’t know but we should try to go there first.” I said.

My phone rings so I look at it.

Katie sent you a picture.

“What is that?” Kristoff said then took my phone.

“We need to find that truck,” I replied then I drives the car faster.

“Waaahh JEESSYY!” Kristoff screamed hysterical.

We’re near the Divisoria…

“There is it Jessy, it looks like the truck in the picture,” Kristoff said pointing at the truck so I followed.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” I shouted at the people blocking the way.

“What the, I don’t want to die and went to jail, you’re going to kill a person.” Kristoff shouted at my side while clinging thightly on his seat.

We are at the side of the truck that continue running, I open the window of the car.

“Hey stop!” I shouted at the amn in the passenger seat of the truck.

“I said stop!” I shouted again.

They suddenly stopped so Kristoof and I went out of the car and went straight to the back of the truck.

“What is your problem miss?” he said to me but I ignored him and continue heading at the back to open it.

When I opened it.

My heart beats fastar because I’m very agitated.

“WHERE IS THE BED?” I shouted at the two men.

“Wait, what is it?” he curiously ask.

“THE BED! THE ANTIQUE BED!” I shout at them.

“Easy Jessy!” Kristoff weaned me.

“Wait, but we didn’t carry any bed.” the man said while he raised his hands on the air.


After Jessy intimadated the two men and they really dind’t deliver the bed. We went back to the car again, which is I really don’t want to anymore.

“WAAH! What the heck Jessy?” I said in fear, she doesn’t care and just continue on driving.

Anyway this is a long drive so I’ll tell you a story. Maybe you are curious why I often call her Jessy instead of ate? If you are not curious, I don’t care and I’ll still say it even don’t you really didn’t care!

She is only three years older than me, she is eighteen and I’m fifteen so I think it’s okay to just only call her Jessy. I’m already used to it like mom and dad who calls her Jessy. And she didn’t complain so I think it’s fine.

So that’s it, the end.

I tuned to Jessy who is driving beside me. She is very serious so I’m afraid to ask her and she might yell at me like the men earlier.

Do you know that I sometimes feel my radar towards Allen and her, I think they have a something. But I ignored it because I’m more busy to my love story especially that I’m courting her now.

“Hey, you almost crashed into the dog!” I said in shock.

“Stop talking monggi and I might drop you somewhere!” she shouted.

See? I should have not speak.

Besides I only just discover now that she has a hidden talent in driving? I know that mom scold her one time when crashed a car, I thought she is a stupid driver that’s why she crashed. But she is like one of the characters of fast and furious, I’m amazed!

We stopped at an another truck which is just parking at the side of the road, Jessy suddenly went out and run there so I followed her. She might murder the driver of the truck, and instead of hit and run of her fast driving she might kill someone.

She didn’t ask permission when she opened the truck so the driver stops her.

“What are you going to do?” the driver ask her.

Jessy opened the truck. There is no bed!

“WHERE IS THE BED?” she shouted at the driver while grabbing his collar.

I saw confuse and fear at the driver, and here I am ashamed because people are looking at us. Darn, where are here at the Divisoria and there are a lot of people here.

“I SAID WHERE IS THE BED!” Jessy shouted again.

“The-they al-ready ca-carried it to some-where.” the driver said stammering.

“WHERE?” Watermelon! I’m also becoming deaf because of Jessy’s shouts.

“A-at the s-shop.” the driver said the she remove his hand from the driver. She look at what shop is written on the truck then she suddenly run so I followed her.

“Hey, wait!” I shouted at her.


They are still continued carrying the bed, they are slow because of the crowd. I went out and saw that it is already afternoon.

“Wait, it become lighter dude!” the man said.

“You’re right, why is it?” asked one of them.

I just continue walking and following them. What can I do, I can’t be far from the bed.

So many people, I’m sweating and overwhelmed by them. Almost every person I encounter I bumped them.

“Sorry!” said the person who bumps me.

I’m feeling strange, it is not my first time to see many people but I’m nervous and my mind is confused.

I’m getting scared.

I’m suddenly crushed by the crowd and I can’t pass through, when I look at them the bed is getting farther.

“Excuse me, let me through,” I said but they are not listening to me and I’m getting farther from the bed.

I felt a pain from my stomach which feels I’m being pulled, I feel like there is some invisible rope that is tied on me to that bed that only I could see. The farther the bed the weaker I become.

Until the boundary comes.

“Ouch!” I can’t help shouting, so the people her are looking at me.

I was suddenly propelled to the bed and fell there so the people carrying the bed suddenly let it down.

“What are you doing!” they shouted at me.

I am currently slumped on the bed. I don’t feel good, my body is in pain.

“Are you just going to lie there? Get out!” shouted by one of them so I quickly get up.

I continued to follow the. I feel so much fear and foreboding, which made me uncomfortable and looking everywhere.

“Hi,” said by a girl to me then waves her hand.

“Hi handsome, where are you going?” a guy said to me but wearing a woman’s clothes, then he cling in my arm so I step away from him.

What is the matter? I look at the people looking at me. Why are they looking at me? Is there something wrong with me?

I’m almost went out-of-balance from avoiding them.

Where am I?

Where are they taking me?

I feel completely alone, helpless and unable to escape. I’m look like a dog that is tied in a cage, I can’t do anything but only follow.

I really don’t know what to do.

I’m trying to prevent the tears from dropping my eyes and trying to be brave in this place.

I look around, I don’t really know where I am.

“Come here customers!”

“It’s only twenty.”

I heard some of that from the noise around.


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