Carried Away


I continued walking and running, that’s what I have been doing since earlier. I don’t know how many times I circled the whole Divisoria and I feel like I’m just walking back and forth.

Until I saw a shop but I couldn’t read the sign board because there are a lot of people blocking the glass door. I was ten meters away from it when a high school student suddenly passed on my side.

“What miss, what shop is that?” I asked the high school student.

“That’s a second-hand shop.” she answered and I widened my eyes.

“What’s happening there?” I quickly asked her which made me hold her arm.

“Ah, there? There is a man guarding the bed of his girlfriend, he’s so sweet,” she answered then let go my hand from her.

I looked at that shop, shortly the people divide little that made a space, there I saw him. He stood there and sad.


I ran towards him, he turns around and saw me, he was dumbfounded and just staring at me.

When I’m close to him I suddenly jump at him, I hand on his neck and embraced him tightly. I also felt him embracing me.

I was panting and my heart is beating really fast but now happy and I’ve calm down.

At last, I found him!

“TRY TO DISAPPEAR AGAIN AND I WILL REALLY KILL YOU!” I shouted at him while hugging him. He really made me nervous and worried so annoying!

I felt his hand on my head and the other was on the waist, I tightened my embraced and so did he.

Is Allen crying?

He suddenly put his head on my neck. Wait, I might smell? I’m embarrassed and yes, he was really crying and felt his tears on my shoulder.

“Allen,” I said. Then I was about to let go of my hand embracing but he tightened his hug to me.

“Wait for just a moment please Jessy,” he whispered.

Does he not want me to see him crying?

I listened to him and embraced him again. I felt him wiping his tears.

Suddenly he looked and smiled at me. Why is it? What’s on his mind right now?

“Jessy,” he whispered as he continued looking and smiling at me, I was also looking at him too.

He looked at me for awhile, as if his thinking something deep. But I feel that he is okay and I’m also okay. My nervousness, fear and whatever I was feeling earlier faded. It was as if that it didn’t happen that Allen is in front of me and we will go home.


We turn to the people shouting, they seem like a choir.


“Nice lover boy!”

“My ghaad is she the girl?”

“Aaah! So sweet!”

“The girl is lucky!”

“I hope I can find a man like him.”

I heard the people said in a series and looking at us.

So embarrassed, we didn’t notice them and having a moment here with Allen. We’re having PDA(public display of affection) earlier. Waah, I really want to be devoured in the earth.

Take me Lord!

He suddenly held my hand and smiles at him so I also smiled at him.

“Let’s go,” I said to him.

“Sir are you going to buy the bed?” someone said so we both look at her.

“She said to buy it,” Allen whispered to me.

So I’m who is going to pay.

This so embarrassing, I’m the supposed girlfriend here but I’m the who is going to pay here. Where is the sweetness of the moment!

I search for my wallet in my pocket, and my eyes widened.

Allen is looking at me, wondering. So I forced a smile.

“Hehe, I don’t have money,” I replied.

“WHAT?” they all shouted.

Even though I whispered it they still heard it. Embarrassing!

“I’m sorry, but you can’t take the bed,” said the saleslady.

“Really?” Allen asked.

“I immediately run when I found out that you were gone,” I told him and pouted.

“SWEET!” they simultaneously said. See they choir, right?


Suddenly the telephone in the cashier rang.

“Hello?” It was the cashier who answered.

“Yes ma’am– are you sure maam?– okay ma’am– thanks.” she said then put down the phone. And she suddenly smiled at us.

“You can now take the bed,” she said.

“YEHEY!” says the choir. See they are happier?

Allen and I both looked at each other and we hugged again. So PDA today!

“Wait, who paid it?” Allen asked after the hug.

“It’s the woman earlier who wanted to buy the bad.” replies the cashier. I saw Allen nodded.

“Please say thanks to her.” He said smiling to the cashier.

“Let’s go back home,” I told him.

“No one will deliver the bed ma’am, it’s already night and we are about to close the store.” the saleslady said.

“We will,” says the five men standing on the side.

A moment passed and a truck arrived.

“It’s good that there aren’t a lot of people now, so the truck could enter.” a man said.

Allen and the five men lifted and carried the bed, and they put it in the truck. Allen and I sat on the bed while I’m leaning on his shoulder.

“Don’t do anything here,” the man said smiling then he winked to Allen.

“Hey, man–” I didn’t finish my sentence and he just closed the door.

The truck continued to run to our house.

“Jessy,” Allen said so I looked at him.

“What is it?”

“How did you know what happened to me?”

“When I returned the bed was different in my room.”

“Ah that, Christine bought it for you.”

“I was mad and asked her where is the bed, she said she sold it. She didn’t even ask me! Then I left to search for you.”

“Don’t be mad at Christine! She just wants you to have a new bed, she didn’t know about me.”

He’s right, I realized it after what Allen had said. My anger took over me that’s why I yelled and become angry at me.

I become silent and leaned on his shoulder again.

“By the way,” he again said.


“Does Kristoff know what happened to me?”




The Monggi…

“Waaah! I forgot about Monggi!” We looked at the driver who opened the truck, he was shocked.

“”I left my brother!” I shouted.


I looked at Jessy’s phone and it’s already 9 pm. I become bored with the games on her phone, and also the music in this car and even the radio! My butted aches from sitting and I counted a lot of people who passed.

It’s scary because there are almost no people around, I just locked the car. And someone might do something to me or carnap the car, and it’c not even ours!

WAAAH! Where are you, Jessy!

Did she already forgotten about me and went home?

Or maybe she got lost?

Something happened to her?


My gosh, I hope not, or maybe she still did not found Allen?

I will still wait here, I haven’t even taken a bath because I’ve just woke up when we ran to look for Allen. I don’t how to drive.

If I know that you left me Jessy, you’re dead to me! Waaah, mommy!


When they opened the trucked they were surprised to see that Allen is gone, he went back to hiding under the bed and mom might see him. I only said to them that he already left, I don’t know if they will believe me!

I saw mom outside the house and she looks like she has been waiting. I saw her look at my appearance, I ignored her and went inside the house with the men carrying the bed.

They put the bed and remove the bed. I don’t know where they will put it.

We send someone to get Kristoff back because I’m so tired, probably tomorrow he Monggi will hate me.

After everything went back, I entered the bath to shower.

“Hallelujah, this is what I wanted to do ever since early in the morning,” I said, while showering.

“And I don’t want the world to see me ’cause I don’t think that they’d understand ♪♬”

Yeah, it’s true I’m singing at the bathroom. So what, this is my stage and I am a total performer haha!

“When everything’s made to be broken I just want you to know who I am ♪♬”

What the? Why am I suddenly singing that song, tss. Stop it, Jessy, it’s just LSS(last song syndrome).

I came out from the bathroom already dressed. I always bring clothes to bath because Allen is here. I saw Allen sitting on the bed.

“I’m done, you can shower now,” I said while drying my damped hair with a towel.

I didn’t wait for him to finish bathing and lay down the bed.

“Yay! My body hurts.” I said.

Shortly, my eyes become heavier until I fell asleep.


After I showered, I saw Jessy sleeping. She tilted, hugging on the pillow and another pillow with her leg on it. I noticed that she always sleeps like this, she a has a lot f pillow.

“One..two..three..” I whispered.

She has five pillows though she’s the only one there, but I don’t know why I suddenly smiled.

I don’t know why my feet approach her and kneel on the floor to the side of her bed.


Her mouth is open and a drool in the side of her mouth.

She is so beautiful.

Her lashes are so pretty.

Her nose bridge is so perfect.

Her cheeks are so cute.

Her lips is thin and red.

What am I thinking?

I’m happy, I didn’t think that she would do all of that. I was about to laugh at her appearance earlier but whe I look at her eyes I melted.

I couldn’t move from where I am standing, my heartbeats just suddenly accelerated.

“This is the second time?” I whispered.

I suddenly remember what they did in the new year.

I don’t know how much I wanted to thank them So I sang her a song.

I was sincere in that song.

I really study that song just for her.

I approach closer and her face and look at her lips.

Shit Allen, she Jessica’s granddaughter, stop thinking something about Jessy. Maybe if Jessica will know about this, she will stop you or she will get Jessy far away from you.

She just looked like Jessica, that’s why so feel like this. Don’t make her as a replacement just because she looks like Jessica.

She’s not Jessica!

Only Jessica is the one that you love.

I closed my eyes and opened it again, then I laid on the floor and slide myself into the bed. I can’t sleep.


He stares at me.

He hugged me tightly.

Those stares, those hugs, ugh!

I constantly flashback the moment I have with Allen while I’m in the class. Yes, while my professor continued blabbing! Oh well, yes I didn’t really study hard, it’s just a pain in the head. I’m satisfied with 3 as my grade, just not 5.

I’m still dreaming when I noticed that someone is on my side. Ts, even though I haven’t seen the face I already know who it is.

Our prof(professor).

She’s staring at me, I forgot that she is our prof today and I’m daydreaming. She’s one of my haters, sometimes I notice that she will find a way to scold me.

I just look at her because she is also just staring at me while I’m chewing a gum.

“Throw that!” she said and looked at me badly.

“I don’t want to, this is my money,” I said while still looking at her and now I see her staring at my clothes especially on my tummy.

“I told you before to not wear clothes like that,” she said while her hands on her waist.

I like this, she’s insecure at me.

I stand up while smiling and of course she’s still staring at me.

“Why should I ? I’m proud of my drop dead gorgeous body” evil smile.

I saw her getting irritated. I told ya, she;s insecure!

“Get out!” she said while pointing the door on the room.

“I don’t want to,” I said with my cross arms.

“And why?”

“Because I can’t explain to the guidance office that my prof driven me out because I’m sexy,” I said.

Oh, the wind(arrogant)? Eh,  I’m having fun because her class is boring. Let’s add some spice.

“I didn’t listen because I don’t want to and I’m answering because you are talking to me, You should be thankful that I am not snobbing you, right?”

I feel the tension in the class.

“So you don’t want to listen to me? You are just wasting the money of your parents to pay for your tuition.” she said with a raised brow.

“Aw she’s concerned.” I said acting that I’m touched.

“Eh, you’re not concerned about them? Because you’re wasting the money of their parents that they paid in this school, instead that I’m teaching them you are just wasting the time to lecturing me.” I said with a raised brow.

“She’s right!”


I heard my classmates said.

I look at my wristwatch.

“See it’s already time? You’ve just wasted our time.” I said smiling then took my bag.

“Jessy you rock!” Katie shouted with a rock sign.

Then my classmates are shouting while getting up and took their things then leaves.

I walked when Katie suddenly went to my side.

“Nice bitch!” She said the I smiled at her.

I said I’m not nice you know that, right? Just like what I did to Amber. Good t her I only shouted her.

I don’t really want to be mean, that prof was nice to me before, she doesn’t care about me and so does I.

But since our PE class professor flirted at me that I think that she likes. Her head heats up to me and she become on the list of my haters.

She and the PE subject pro are just on the mid 20’s, she’s just jealous of me and the hell making it personal. As if I will like that professor, duh!

“Hi Ms. Guevarra,” of there he is.

The PE guy prof.

I just smiled at him and walks. I don’t want to flirt with a prof just to pass, it’s better if I fail. I just keep on walking passed him with Katie. When suddenly…

“Hi Bae(babe)!”

A shout behind me, I haven’t even turned when he suddenly put his hand on my shoulder.


I saw him smiling the he kissed me on the cheek which surprised me.

He is still smiling until I read his mind.  So he called me Bae so that the prof will think that I have a boyfriend and he will stop flirting me. Am I right?

Well I think so.

So I held Brix’s waist and continued walking, I saw Katie giving us weird look. Then I look at my right side and the my hater prof is there, she is looking at us, she looks happy. And of course she would be happy when she saw that the PE prof saw me with a boyfriend.

I want to go home and see Allen. I smiled.

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