I came out from the shower and saw Allen lying and sleeping on the bed.

“Hey, what are doing there? I’m going to sleep now.” I tapped him so he suddenly gets up.

“We are close right?” Allen asked.

“So what’s the connection? Excuse there and I will go to sleep.” I said.

“Let me sleep with you! My back is really painful from sleeping on the hard floor under the bed!” he complained.

Me and him? In the same bed?

“I don’t want to, get out!” I pushed him then he suddenly fly.

“You’re so stingy! Even Jessica let me sleep on that bed!”

“Oh, you are flying you can sleep on the air,” I said then pulled the blanket on me.

“If I’m going to sleep like this I’m going to fall, I can’t sleep flying!” he said then pushed me to the side.

“The heck Allen!”

“You can sleep on the sofa in the living room, let me experience to sleep in the bed only tonight.” he said as he pushes me.

“I won’t!”

“Please!” he said to me.

“Fine!” I said which made him stop pushing me.

“What fine? You will sleep outside?”

“No way! I will let you sleep beside me here.” I said, he smiled and lay down beside me.

“Wait!” I said again.

“Why?” Allen asked.

“I will have the three pillows and the blanket!”

“Okay,” he said in approval.



“I will have a bigger space because this is my bed!” I finished and pushed him to the side.

“Okay, good night Jessy,” he said, after that he sleeps with his back to me.

And of course, I can’t sleep!

Lord! He is beside me now, I’m restless and my heart is beating fast.

I’m lying on the bed and just staring at the ceiling, what if I will sleep in the living room? But I can’t, it’s small and I might fall, I’m can’t sleep still and I always move. I was startled when Allen suddenly moved and turned to me.

(Background song starts playing…)
♬ ♪You by the light is the greatest find, In a world full of wrong you’re the thing that’s right. Finally made it through the lonely to the other side ♪♬

I turned and faced him. We are so close to each other, I suddenly smiled.

♬♪You said it again, my heart’s in motion every word feels like a shooting star♪♬

He’s cute when sleeping, he has a prominent nose, and his skin is smooth. Imagine, he is already so old but he has still baby face.

♬♪I’m at the edge of my emotions, watching the shadows burning in the dark♪♬

I went a bit closer to him, he is really handsome. It’s such a waste, he’s handsome but trapped in here. Maybe if he can leave perhaps there will be a lot of women who will like him.

But its okay, at least I can solo him.

♬♪And I’m in love and I’m terrified, for the first time and the last time in my only life♪♬

I looked at his body, he is wearing pants and white t-shirt now but he still looks hot.

If I raise his t-shirt will he have abs? After all, he is in deep sleep.

♬♪And this could be good, It’s already better than last and love worse than knowing you’re holding back♪♬

I slowly brought my hand to lift his shirt but he suddenly moves.

Ugh! What a waste!

Never mind, he might wake up and think that I’m a pervert.

♬♪I could be all that you needed if you let me try♪♬

I went closer to him again, now it’s almost 3 inches away.

I suddenly went away from him when I feel my heart beating.

♬♪You said it again, my heart’s in motion every word feels like a shooting star♪♬

Am I falling for him? No, I can’t!

But what I’m feeling is already strange. I haven’t felt like this to other, I know that I’ve flirted a lot of boys before but none of them became my boyfriend and I didn’t take them seriously.

♬♪I’m at the edge of my emotions, watching the shadows burning in the dark ♪♬

But what is this I’m feeling every time I’m with you? Damn! This getting bad, I’m worried and scared.

♬♪And I’m in love and I’m terrified, for the first time and the last time in my only♪♬

If I really like you, how can I confirm? But it’s taboo, right? Damn! I don’t want to fall for you because I know how complicated it is.

♬♪I only said it ’cause I mean it, I only mean it ’cause it’s true so don’t you doubt what I’ve been dreaming ♪♬

But what if I can’t resist anymore? Would you catch me if I fall for you? Would you fall for me too? Would you love me as I– love you?

Shit! Shut up, Jessy!

♬♪’Cause it fills me up and holds me close whenever I’m without you ♪♬

Did I already fall? Are you my karma Allen? I know how complicated it is to love you but I’m– willing.

I’m willing to fall and love you!

♬♪You said it again, my heart’s in motion every word feels like a shooting star♪♬

Argh! Jessy, what are you thinking? Are you crazy? Talking to Allen in your mind while he is sleeping. Maybe he doesn’t even like you.


♬♪I’m at the edge of my emotions, watching the shadows burning in the dark♪♬

Allen! Why are you making it hard for me? Do you know that I’m thinking about the things I made to you? Why I did all that? Why am I feeling like all of this for you?

Hays Allen!

♬♪ And I’m in love and I’m terrified, for the first time and the last time in my only life.. life.. life!♪♬

I took my pillow and hugged it, then I closed my eyes. I’m trying to fall asleep.

My heart is pounding continuously.

I scared at my feelings.

♬♪This could be good, It’s already better from last♪♬

The next day.

“Hi, Jess.” It was Brix.

He sat next to me, we are in the cafeteria now.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“Why are asking immediately, can’t you reply with a hello?” he said.

“You’re thinking deeply.” he said.

“I’m not,” I replied.

“Let’s date,” I glanced at him, he looked at me.

I think it’s better to that so I won’t think about Allen.

“Fine,” I replied.

He turned and looked at me, shocked.

“Are you serious?”

“Why, you’re not serious about what you said?” I asked him.

“I’m serious, I just though you will reject me!”

“Well, I didn’t,” I said then I rolled my eyes.

“So let’s go?” he said.

“But I still have a class!”

“You’re not really nor studying so let’s go,” he said then pulled me up.

“You’re insane, I’m not that smart!” I said the smacked him, he just laughed.

We rode his car the left, where is he taking me, minutes passed and we are at the front gate of a– mansion?

“What is this? Why are we here?” I asked curiously.

“It’s a house, I’ll just take some things.” he answered while he drove the car inside.

“I know! Is it yours?” I said in annoyance.

“Probably, will they let us in if it’s not,” he replied smiling.

“Well I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking!”

When we are inside I saw that it looks bigger than outside.

“Wow, I never thought you are this wealthy,” I said while looking the surrounding.

“This is nothing, compared to my mother side.” he said while looking for something, we are in the living room now.

“Why do you say so?”

“The Resser family in Asuncion are richer,” Brix answered.

“Why are you here? Where are your parents?” I asked the I sat on the sofa.

“Because this is also my house? Then they are not here because they are separated?” he said in sarcasm.

“What the! So you’re alone here?”

“Yeah! Because my dad is on a business trip and my mom in on her house,” he answered smiling.


“I’ll just climb to my room,” Brix said so I nod.

A moment later a maid arrived and brought me a juice and a slice of cake. I’m just gazing around, Brix is taking long so I can’t help to touch some things. I stand and look at the bookshelves there, then I saw a photo album.

It looks like a book because of the cover, but there is something written on the side and on the front. It says Resser’s Clan.

Oh! I’m curious.

I opened it and saw various photographs of people, it’s really obvious that they are rich. I noticed as the pictures are getting older, and the years that are written is also going back. In fairness, the photo album is organized, some have their names and their age is also indicated.

I’m just looking through the pages, all the pictures are already black and white until I saw the last page.

I suddenly stopped.

I look closer at the photo.

“No, it’s impossible,” I whispered to myself.

The one in the picture looks like Allen.

He wore an old-style clothes worn by the rich people at that time, the one the men are wearing in the Titanic movie, yes that’s it!

I still can’t believe it, wherever I look the one in the photo really looks like Allen.

There are three of them standing in the picture, there is a middle-aged man on the side of the man who looks like Allen with a mustache and in their front is a middle-aged woman who is sitting. The three of them are smiling.

I read the caption below.

Ford’s Family

Lorde King-Ford
Samantha Resser-Ford

with their only child,

Allen Resser-Ford

April 08, 1568

My eyes widened, surprised at what I saw, read and learned. Why is this like this, the man who looks like Allen is also named Allen?

But the year is a very long time.I’m confused, what I learned didn’t sink into me.

“Jess, let’s go!” I was surprised when Brix suddenly came.

I quickly took the picture and put it on my bag the I closed the photo album.

“I’m sorry, I just looked at it,” I said.

“It’s fine, so let’s go?” he said smiling.

“I’ll just return this.”

“Don’t bother let them will return that,”Brix said then pulled me out.

We went to the amusement park but I’m not in myself, my mind is floating and my brain is repeating a flashback about what I learned earlier.

“Are you okay?” Brix asked me and I nodded.

“Let’s ride,” he said smiling then pulled me.

Jessy forget that first, you accompanied Brix so you won’t think about Allen but here you are still thinking about him!

We ride the roller coaster, bump car, caterpillar and so on. We laughed and screamed.

He is fun to be with, he can ride my antics.

We exited the horror house.

“Hahaha!” Brix and I are laughing.

“Brix I forgot my other shoe inside, a bitch who is screaming and cowering steps on me,” I said in irritation.

“Why are you only saying it now? Haha.” he still laughing.

“I have been telling you earlier but you are only laughing.”

“It’s because the gay’s face is really funny when he was shocked, it looks like he did not laugh.”

“Haha yeah, epic face. Wait, my shoe first.” I said and pouted.

“I will get it for you.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“You can wait here.” he said smiling then went back inside.

A few minutes later he is still not here, will he find it in the dark? I’m just standing there and people are looking at me because my other foot is only wearing a sock.

I was surprised when someone suddenly touches my shoulder and pulled me to faced him. Brix is smiling.

He suddenly knelt down, took my hand and put it on his shoulder then he took my foot and put my shoe and tied the shoelace. He stands up and smiled at me.

He really likes to smile!

“Let’s go again?” He asked.

We went to the food stalls, we ate before we ride again.

I looked at my wrist watch it’s already 7 pm.

“Where are we?” I asked him, we are now walking.

“Ferris wheel? There are fireworks at 9 pm,” he said.

“Okay,” I said smiling.

When we arrived at the Ferris wheel the queue is so long, I looked at my watch 8:15.

8:55 when we finally arrived.

“5 minutes left,” he said smiling, I also smile at him.

I looked outside, the view is pretty. My mind suddenly flashes back in my mind about what I learned earlier.

Resser? So he’s Brix relative?

Jessy, don’t think about that now, enjoy your time with Brix.

I turned to Brix, I was shocked when his face is so close to me. His one leg is kneeling and his hand on the seat.

I just stared at him. Dumbfounded.

“I think I like you… no, I really do like you!” he said then he suddenly kissed me.

He kissed me the same time the fireworks lit.

I’m just staring, surprised at what he said and did.

What happened is romantic.

He’s kissing me at the top of the Ferris wheel while there were fireworks.

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