Resser’s Territory


I’m here again in the cafeteria, I’m not drunk but I think I have a hangover yesterday night. After all the things I discovered until now it still doesn’t sink in my mind all that happened.

When Brix confessed and kissed me, I know now that he likes me. I don’t know what to do and what to say when I see him.

I thought all of that all night long, that’s why I had a headache mow because I only slept for 2 hours. WTF! right?

And lastly, I’m not sure if it’s really Allen. But I already have an evidence and besides Allen has been trapped in the bed for a long time… argh! I mind is in mess and I still haven’t told him.ed

“Jess!” I feel like I lost my soul when I heard Brix’s voice.

I just said that I don’t know what to do.

I turned to him and forced a smile, he sat beside me smiling.

“Hi,” he greeted.

“Hi!” I answered.

“There will be a race on Saturday,” his topic.

Oh right, it’s tomorrow.

“Are you going to join?” I asked him.



“We have a family gathering tomorrow,” he said smiling.

“Oh, really?” in fairness, he’s not talking about what happened last night. That’s good because I don’t what to say.

“Yeah, the family needs to be complete, it’s my great- great-grandma’s birthday.”

“Great-great-grandma?” I asked confusedly.

“It’s because she is my grandma’s grandmother, do you believe that she still alive and she’s turning 125 tomorrow,” he said smiling.

“Really?” I asked in amazement.

“Yeah, so we need to be complete cause maybe this will be her last birthday.”

“Why?” I suddenly felt sad.

“Cause she’s getting weaker, and only machines are keeping her alive.”

“Then let her go than let her suffer.”

“Because she doesn’t want to.”

“Why?” I asked.

“She still has unfinished business so she said she can;t die.”

“Can she still talk now?”

“No, but she can move her mouth, my grandma knows how to lip read so we can understand her.”

Oh, wait! She’s 125 right?

“Brix, what side she is as your grandma?” I quickly asked Brix.

“In my mother side.”

So she’s a Resser! Maybe she knows the Allen in the picture.

I know that her grandmother’s age of 125 is far in the year of 1568, but who knows right? I have to take the chance.

But how? How will I meet his great- great-grandma to ask her questions?

“If you want, you can come,” Brix said to me as if it answers to my problem.

“Is it OK?” I asked him.

“You want to?”

“Ah- yes, because I’m amazed at the story of your great- great-grandma, hehe!” I said in excuse.

“You can,” Brix said smiling.


When I got home. I don’t know what to wear for tomorrow, I can’t wear pants and crop top because it’s a family gathering.

The heck! I don’t have a dress! So stressful.

Because I really don’t have a dress, I went to Katie’s house to borrow a dress because I don’t want to buy it and would be a waste if I only wear for one time.

“How about this Jessy, it suits you,” Katie’s said then showed me a backless dress.

“I don’t like that. I’ll get cold with that.” I said.

“Eh, what about this? You’re not flat chested so I think it suits you,” she said.

“I don’t want to perverts to look at me!” I shouted.

“Tss, what do you want to wear?” she said and seems irritated.

“Just a simple dress,” I said.

Actually, I don’t really need to prepare for tomorrow. My true purpose on going there and my mind are focused on that purpose now.

“You know, I can’t still believe you going to Brix family gathering on her mom’s side,” Katie said.

“And why is that?”

“Duh! You will look like the girlfriend, he will introduce to  his relatives for sure.” Katie said and rolled her eyes.

I’m certainly not! Why I didn’t think that? It’s a family gathering and all his family will be there. Oh my, why did I agree immediately?!

“Unless you’re his girlfriend, are you not telling me something, Jessy?” Katie said with her hands on her waist.

“I’m not!” I answered.

I’m not really his girlfriend! Or maybe he thinks I’m his girlfriend after he kissed me last night?

Oh no, I hope not.

When I got home I head straight to my room carrying the dress that I borrowed to Katie. I can’t see Allen, maybe he is sleeping under the bed.

From last night and this whole day I haven’t talk to him yet, I will tell him at the right time if my suspicion is confirmed.


I’m waiting here outside of my grandmother’s house, Resser’s Residence. I’m waiting for her because she doesn’t want me to pick her up. She just asked me the address of the lace and she will go alone.

She texted me that she’s near that’s why I’m waiting for her now. I’m wearing formal attire now, I wonder how she looks tonight?

I remember the night before yesterday, that night I confessed and kissed her. I haven’t asked her about that. I’m scared to ask her and my tongue is retracting. Because after I did that I saw how shocked she was and when we went out the Ferris wheel and until I send her home she didn’t talk.

So I don’t know how she feels about what I did, did she feel I’m rude or does she also like me? I don’t know.

Shortly, a taxi stopped in front of me. Jessy came out.

She’s wearing a simple black dress.

Above the knee-length, below are the flare and a tube without showing her cleavage. Her curly and long hair is on the side. She had a little make-up on the face.

IMG_0018_530x  Just imagine her dress like this.

And… she’s really different. I smiled at her and slightly shook my head. Why? Because she’s wearing rubber shoes, imagine?

To describe her all over?


I just smiled at her and she smiled at me, I can see that she’s nervous. I approached her and put holds her arm.

“So embarrassing. Is my dress okay?” she asked.

I can really tell that she’s uncomfortable with her dress, she’s not the type of girl who wears a dress. This woman is really different!

“Calm down, you’re beautiful,” I whispered to her.

“Tsk, I know I am!” she said and I suddenly laughed, then we entered inside.


We are now inside the house of Brix grandmother and now I’m stepping on the Resser’s Territory.

Actually just before I went here in Katie’s house, I’m already nervous. Because I haven’t talked to Allen yet about what I learned, and eating my conscience.

I’m really uncomfortable with what I’m wearing it’s because this is the only dress that suits my taste from Katie’s dresses. Well, I’m not conservative, I wear clothes that showed my stomach, short shorts. But I don’t wear backless, short skirts. I like wearing pants and I don’t like my cleavage to be seen.

That’s why I’m uncomfortable with the dress because I will meet Brix relatives and I don’t know them. They might judge me later in my dress that I really don’t care, but I have a purpose in coming here and I have to good shot.

Katie forced me to wear stiletto but I don’t want to suffer from wearing it! So I wear rubbers shoes and I saw that it suits me.

We are now inside and there are many people, are all of them Brix relatives that are here today?

I held him tightly, it’s good that even though there are people talking to him he didn’t leave me.

“Are you okay?” He asked me so I smiled.

Shortly, a woman speaks in the middle of this huge house, she’s standing under the chandelier so all of the people are surrounding her. She held a glass of wine.

” Here Jess!”  Brix said then handed me a glass of wine.

“Let’s cheers for grandmother Elizabeth’s birthday!” She said then all crowd raised their glass wine and drink, I also did the same.

“Where is your grandmother, this is her birthday right?” I whispered to Brix.

“She’s just in her room, she too weak so she can’t join the celebration,” Brix said when a man suddenly inserted,

“Brix Ace!” he greeted Brix.

“Your girlfriend?” the man asked him and looked to me.

“She’s not uncle, she’s the girl that I like,” Brix said smiling.

His uncle was startled by what he said.

“What did you asked again?” Brix said to me when his uncle left.

“How are you going to greet your grandma?” I asked him.

“We will go one by one in her room and greet her, actually it’s already starting, don’t worry you will see her. Will enter later let the other go first,” he said to me smiling and I nodded with a smile.

This is it! I have a lot to ask and want know some things. I grip grasp the clutch f my bag because inside is the photo I took in their album.

After a while.

“Let’s go, Jess, it’s our turn,” Brix said and takes my hand.

We walked up the stairs, I’m nervous. We stopped in a room, it’s a glass door. When we entered it looks like in the hospital.

Lying on the bed is an old woman with tubes attached on her, I think she is the grandma  who is turning 125 years old now, she looks really weak. Beside her sat another old woman, we went towards them and smiled.

“Jess this my grandma, my mother’s mom and grandma this is Jessy.” Brix introduced me to the old woman who is sitting.

“Hell hija,” she greeted.

“Hello,” I replied.

When I turned to Brix she kissed the forehead for his great- great-grandma.

“Jess this is grandma Elizabeth,” Brix said,  I smiled when I saw her opened her eyes.

“She can hear us,” Brix said.

“Happy birthday,” I said smiling.

I suddenly wondered.

“Eh, where is your great-grandma?” I asked curiously and Brix grandma suddenly laughs.

“My mom? She is long gone,” she said smiling.

“I’m sorry!” I sorry and clasped my mouth.

“It’s okay hija,” she said smiling then she looked to Brix.

“Brix can you accompany me for a moment downstairs, I’ll just greet them below.” she said the Brix accompanied her.

“Just for a moment Jess,” Brix said to me so I nod.

I looked at grandma Elizabeth, she is just looking at me so I smiled. I sit on the chair beside the bed.

Jessy this is the time.

I brought out the photo in my bag.

“Grandma do you know him?” I asked him pointing the younger man(who looks like Allen) in the photo. She opened her mouth but I can’t understand.

“Because I know someone who is identical to him and his name is also Allen,” I said.

Suddenly her tears drop from her eyes, I suddenly feel scared that I might do something wrong.

“Grandma are you okay?” I asked in panic.

“What happened?” When I looked at the door Brix and his grandma rush to us.

“Grandma, what’s happening?” she asked grandma Elizabeth.

Grandma Elizabeth opened her mouth and her tears still falling, I don’t know what is happening all of a sudden Brix grandma looks at me.

“Do you really know Allen?” she asked me.

Brix grandma and I are both sitting beside the bed of grandma Elizabeth.

“My grandma told me a story a long time ago, that a son of one of the families of the Resser’s suddenly disappears like a bubble.” she told me while I’m listening.

“Grandma Elizabeth grandmother’s great grandma told her a story, that she saw everything that happened, that he didn’t run away or kidnapped but he was cursed.”

While she is talking, it becomes clear to me that what she is talking about the Allen I know.

“That’s my grandma’s unfinished business, although she is suffering but she doesn’t want to leave yet,” she suddenly cried.

I looked at grandma Elizabeth, she is tears are still falling from her eyes until I didn’t notice that my tears are also falling.

“Oh, why are you all crying?” We all looked at Brix when he entered.

“Ah–eh.” I don’t know what to say.

“Ah grandson we are just chatting some things about grandma Elizabeth, we can’t help being emotional.” Brix grandma said and she smiled at me.

“Haha! You’re all emo, let’s go downstairs Jessy,” Brix said.

“Hija, don’t tell Brix about this okay? We can continue this again next time.”

Then we went downstairs because others will also greet grandma Elizabeth.

When I went back home I immediately went to my room, I opened the door and saw Allen sitting on the bed.

I don’t why but tears suddenly fall, knowing that he is really the Allen in the picture. The Allen who disappeared suddenly from his family that until now he didn’t still exist.


I’m waiting for Jessy and as usual, she’s late. The door opened and I immediately saw her face and surprised to see her in dress, this is the first time I saw her wearing that kind of clothes.

She’s pretty.

She just stared at me, and tears suddenly feel from her eyes.

“What happened?” I approached her because she didn’t move from where she is standing.

Tears continue to drop and she suddenly hugged me.

“What’s the problem, Jessy?” I asked curiously.

But she didn’t talk, she just tightly hugs me. I didn’t ask her again and hugged her.

Shortly, she withdraws her hands from me and wiped her tears.

“I’ll just my clothes,” she said then took some clothes and entered the bath.

She came out of the bath, and she wondered when she saw me lying on the bed.

“Don’t tell me you want to experience again sleeping on my bed?” she said.

“Hehe! Come on, one more night,” I said smiling at her.

“I’m not here often during the whole daytime and I’m sure you always lie on my bed, and I only lie during night,” she pouted.

“Hehe, the two of us can fit here,” then I lay down.

She didn’t speak and she also lay down, earlier she was crying but not she’s being a snob.

“Jessy,” I called her and she turned to me.

“What is it?”

“If you have a problem you can talk to me, you can share it with me and I’ll listen. Don’t worry I’m not a blabber I won’t tell, and also I can’t get out from here. I won’t even tell it to Kristoff.” I said to here while looking at the ceiling.

“You’re hugged earlier is already fine.” she said, when I turned to look at her she is staring at the ceiling.

As I look at her, I don’t know why but I already don’t see her as Jessica. Yes, she looks like Jessica, but I’m seeing Jessy now.

The Jessy who has long curly hair, her stomach always shows. A brave woman, imagine when we first met she want to hit me with a baseball bat? She’s sometimes frightening, that’s why Kristoff folds to her. A woman with a word to her promises. If she cried I’m sure the reason is not that simple. Sometimes you’ll be surprised at what she will do, like during the New Year and when I was suddenly gone.

I know her well somehow.

I noticed that she is already sleeping, a while late she will pin me. Yes, the last time I slept with her I woke up when her legs are on me and she is hugging me.


Tch! I was surprised when she suddenly moves and hugs me.

I pinched her nose, haha! 

Suddenly she coughed so I remove my hand.

“Sorry!” I said softly then I stroked her back.

I was surprised when she hugged me more tightly, I smiled.


When I woke up I saw someone texted me, it’s Brix grandma. She asked my number last night on grandma Elizabeth birthday, she invited me to go in her house.

It’s just right, I don’t have a class.

I’m here now in their living room of grandma Isabelle, waiting for her here. I’m here and Brix isn’t aware.

“Hija, I’m glad to see you again,” she says smiling.

“I’m also glad.”

“Let us go to the library.” she said.

When we entered, what welcomed me are a lot of books, there is like an office on the side and in the opposite mini lobby with a large TV.

“Here we are,” grandma Isabelle said.

We sat on a sofa and she is carrying something.

“I spoke to grandma, she cried when she learned that you know Allen, is it true?” she asked.

“I’m not sure if they are the same person but I want to know,” I said.

“Well I’ll tell you hija.” she started so I listened.

(You will know the story soon…)

I tears are falling and I can’t stop, now I know that the Allen I know and the Allen in the photo is the same.

That long? He’s trapped that long without memory, he didn’t know that they are searching for him.

I could hardly breath and just keep on crying.

“Are you alright dear?” she asked.

“I’m alright.”

“So tell me, is the Allen you know is the same Allen?” she asked me while holding my hand.


“Then where is he? So the story is true, this is unbelievable,” she said, tears of joy.

I don’t know how to tell her that Allen can’t get out of that bed. And they don’t know Allen is imprisoned in a bed.

And another thing that I’m scared is if they learned about that and they will take Allen and Allen will go to them.

I don’t want that!

“So what the maid said is true that you are her,” I turned and I saw Brix in the doorway.

“Oh Brix, why are you her?” grandma Isabelle asked. I wiped my tears.

“Grandma you ask me to bring this,” Brix said and showed a photo album.

The photo album where I took a photo.

“Excused me,” I told them when my phone suddenly rings.

Christine calling…

“Mom?” I answered.

“Are you home Jessy?” why does the tone of her voice strange?

“No mom I went somewhere, why?”

“Where is Kristoff?” she shouted.

“Maybe his at home, why? What happened?” I raised my voice, I’m getting scared.

“Mrs. Santos called me and she said the house is on fire, I’m coming there,” she said, she seems driving.

“What? I’m also coming.” And now I’m really scared and nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Brix asked.

“Our house is burning and Kristoff might be in the house and –” Allen, that’s I was going to say but I didn’t continue.

“I’ll give you a ride. Let’s go.” Brix said then we both ran inside the car.

We are now in the car, I’m restless and nervous.

“Calm down, we’ll get there,” Brix said.

I noticed my hands are trembling.

Something might happen to Monggi! I left him sleeping in the house.


What happened to them?

I called Steph and Katie to go to the house because their house is near. And they can go immediately there than us. I said about what happened, they agreed.

I’m just stunned now, my thought is full of things that all possible bad things that happened to them.

My calming my brain and closed my eyes and prayed.

Lord, please save them. I hope they are okay, I hope that nothing bad happened to them.

I noticed Brix took my hand and holds it, my tears poured.

He drives faster, it’s good that he is a good racer. That’s why we can get there fast.

My heart is beating really fast and seems to burst, I want to fly or teleport so I can immediately to them.

Allen, Monggi please be fine, please.


TL: Hija – a spanish term for my child(daughter) for girls, hijo is the counterpart.

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