Not To Fall Inlove Right?


“We’ve arrived Jessy,” Brix said.

If he didn’t say that, I won’t be getting out of the car because in the whole trip I’m jus stunned and thinking things that come to my mind.

I didn’t open the door, the car is the type that the hood will fold. I jump and runs to the house. I saw Steph, Katie and, Mom there.


When I saw Monggi I immediately hugs him and I can’t stop crying, even though sometimes I want to kill from being super angry, but I still don’t want him to die. I love this person!

“Sorry Jessy, I left the stove open and it just suddenly explodes,” Kristoff said while crying.

“Ate– About him—” he didn’t finish it but I know who he’s referring to.

I look at our house, its burning and there are a lot of firefighters.

My tears continue to fall.


I didn’t think and my feet just suddenly runs, My mind is only thinking—




“Jessy stop!”

“Where are you going?!”

I don’t know which of them said that I didn’t listen and just run inside. The firefighters are about to block me but I manage to pass through them.

When I arrive in the house, It’s hot and there’s fire and smokes everywhere, most of the things are on fire. I went upstairs immediately, I was about to pass when a burning wood suddenly falls in front of me that’s why I can’t pass.

“ALLEN!” I scream loudly but no one answered, my tears falls even more.

I know what I’m about to do is madness but I jump at the burning wood, I passed through but my pants suddenly caught on fire.

“Ouch! Allen!” I yelled as I put out the fire on my leg.

After I put out the fire  I stand up and went to my room. It’s so hot, I could not breathe and I just cough and cough.

“Allen! Allen! Allen!”

When I’m at the front of the door of in my room I feel happy because it’s barely burning that’s why I went there and open the door.


I saw him.

Sitting on the bed.

Obviously, he just finished crying.

He’s very surprised to see me. More tears are falling from my eyes because I know that he is still alive.

He stood suddenly.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as he approached me.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I’m annoyed but I’m happier because I saw him.

I suddenly run towards the bed and pulled it.

“What are you doing Jessy, you are crazy! Just leave!” he shouted at me.

“Yes I’m crazy but I don’t want to be stupid to I won’t get you out from here! Help me, let’s pull the bed outside.” I shouted at him.

“We can’t do it! Please leave.” he stop me but he still helps.

“We can do this!” the bed moves but only a little.

“We can’t!” Allen shouted.

“I said we can!” I shouted still trying to pull the bed.

He took my arm to stop me, I was startled at what he did and turns to him. He seriously looks at me, tears are forming in his eyes but his seriousness in what he said is more dominant.

“What do you want to leave y—” I said but he cut it.

“YES!” he shouted loudly which made me stopped.

“Allen, just help me here!” I ignored him and pulled the bed.

Why is the bed so heavy and I can’t pull it, so annoying, what the fvck!

“I said stop!” Allen shouted.

“I don’t want to!” I also shouted.

“What did I say to you! I said leave!” he shouted in anger while holding both of my arms.

“I can’t,” I said weakly and he froze.

“How can I leave you here if I can’t do it.” My tears continued to fall.

“How can I say to myself that I shouldn’t be a fool and leave you here if I can’t.” I wipe my tears.

“How can I Allen I really can’t!” I shouted.

“Jessy! Why are you doing this?!” we weakly said,

“I love you.”

When I said that he was dumbfounded and suddenly remove his hand from holding me.

“I said you can’t, right? It’s prohibited. I said it to you and you said yes. You know that Jessy!” he angrily said.

“I know it’s a taboo, but I know what I feel… I love you.” I answered.

There’s suddenly explosion outside which makes us but shock.

“LEAVE!” he shouted.


“Why are you so stubborn. Is it hard to understand?”

“Yes, I have a narrow mind. I only want now is for us to both leaves here.”

I saw the part of the room burning behind Allen when I turned to the door the fire is getting near.


He shouted loudly to me while pushing me out, I feel so painful, no words wants to come out from my mouth, I feel weak.

It’s simple right? He said he didn’t love me!

Suddenly I cough and cough until I can’t stop, I can’t breathe and my chest feels tight, I saw Allen in front of me but my vision is becoming blurry.

But why? I feel more pain inside compared to the pain I feel outside.


It’s burning me.

Smokes everywhere.

It’s difficult to breathe.

My room.

The bvllshit bed.




We are all screaming but Jessy didn’t listen to us. She runs and enters our burning house. The man who came with her also run but he wasn’t able to enter and stop Jessy.

“What is she returning there> What is the problem with that kid?” My mom shouted while crying.

It’s my fault!

As I wake up earlier I went to Jessy’s room but what I saw is Allen, she likely went ut again.

“Are you hungry Allen?” I asked and Allen nodded.

“I’m also hungry. But mom and Jessy is note here and they didn’t leave any food, also no ready-to-eat in the ref, they didn’t leave any money! What should we do, I don’t know how to cook!” I said in irritation while scratching my head.

“Let’s just wait for them,” Allen answered.

“My mom has work and Jessy is roaming around and she will probably return in the evening,” I said.

“What will you do?” Allen ask.

“I will try to cook!” I answer.

“But you can’t cook right?”

“Yes, but I’m hungry.”

“Don’t, something might happen to you.” He stopped me.

“I can!” I said smiling then went downstairs and heads straight to the kitchen.

I put oil in the pan and open the gas and stove (the gas is open but the stove didn’t light a fire).

“Kristoff!” I heard a shout outside and went out.

“Yes?” I answered Kyle, one of my friend.

“You want to go with us? We are going to skateboard.”

“Yes, I will!” I said.

“Why do I smell gas?” Kyle ask.

I remember that I’m cooking.

The gate is pretty far from the door because mom has a wide garden. I’m outside the gate in front of the house, I was about to walk inside when there’s suddenly an explosion.

Kyle and I step back, I saw the kitchen part is on fire. I was about to enter when the father of my neighbor stops me.

Then someone already said it to mom and they all came but Allen… Allen is… he is still inside?!

Less than a few hours and the house become almost ash, no neighbor is affected because the houses are quite away from each other and the fire was stopped.

But Jessy and Allen are still inside.

I saw Jessy’s friends crying and I can help but also cry, when I turned to mom she suddenly fainted.

This is all my fault!

That’s what keep on repeating on my mind.

We are now in the hospital, we send mom to the hospital because she fainted and Jessy still unconscious until now.

Yes, Jessy was rescued, after mom fainted a fireman went out from the house carrying Jessy.

I don’t know what happen to Allen.

“Monggi…” I looked to Jessy when she regained consciousness.

“Jessy,” I said and immediately approach her.

“What about Allen?” she asked but I could not answer.

“Monggi, what about Allen? Where is he?” she shouted at me.

“Jessy because— I.” I don’t know how to start.

“I don’t know.”

“Why you don’t know?!” she shouted.

“The house is completely burnt, you’re the only one who was saved, Allen was not,” I said to her then she turn silent and her tears drop.

“No.” she suddenly gets up and tries to remove to things that are attached to her.

“What the heck Jessy!” I hold her and stops her.

“I should not be the only one who is safe! He is with me Monggi… he is with me!” she shouted while crying.

“I will really smack him if I saw him.” she said crying while getting out of the room while I’m stopping her.

“Jessy that’s enough!” I shouted.

“No. The reason why I entered is to save him and he will die just like that!”

It’s obvious that she is weak if not I can’t stop her.

“But I have something to say, Jessy,” I said to her so she stops.


“They just told me earlier but I did not really see it, the police said who look at our house—“


“All of the things reduced to ashes except for a bed,” I said.

“Then Allen is?”

“I don’t know, I ask them if they saw another person inside but they said they don’t, they are wondering why your bed didn’t burn.”


I don’t know how will I react to what Kristoff said. Glad? But they didn’t see Allen. Allen is not there!

I was about to go out when I saw Mom, Steph, Katie, and Brix.

“Jessy!” my mom said but I ignored her because I want to go out.

“Wait, Jessy!” Brix stops me and holds both of my shoulders.

“Let me out!” I shouted.

“What’s happening to you, Jess?” Katie asked.

“Wait I’ll all the nurse,” Steph said.

“I said let me out!” I shouted.

“What’s the reason why you want to enter the house?” mom asked.

“Let me go, Brix, I want to go out!” I screamed but a nurse suddenly arrives.

I was trying to get out from Brix but I’m feeling weak, I can’t get out from him. Until the nurse is near me and was shocked when she suddenly injected something. My vision blurred—

No way I still have to go to Allen.


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