She suddenly look at me.

“Well, I’ll participate in your madness,” she says.

We sat on the bed and she is till holding the baseball bat, she still don’t believe me. I started to ask. “Okay, why do you look like Jessica?”

“You know my grandmother?” she asked curiously.

I was shocked at what she said, she is Jessica’s granddaughter. I realized how Jessica is long gone and how I’m stuck here for a long time.

“Yes I know her, so you’re Christine’s daughter, right?” I confirmed.

“Yup, why do you know them?” she ask, confused.

So she the little girl who is with Christine, who came here when Jessica died.

“I don’t know if you will believe me, but I’m Jessica’s playmate.” I said smiling.

He just stare at me with ‘I-don’t-believe-you’ expression. “What? That is impossible,” she said.

 “As I’ve said before I am cursed, I was bound to this bed for a hundred of years, I am more than a hundred old than you.” I explained to her.

“This is crazy, it’s really impossible!” she exclaimed.

“But that is the truth, I’m here for so many years, in short forever young.” I said.

“But I still can’t believe it.” she said like what I said is not true.

“So it turns out you are Jessica’s granddaughter, that’s why you look like her. I thought you are Jessica’s resurrection.”

“Yeah, everyone told me that especially my mom.” she said.

“So why are you her? Where is Christine?”

“We will live here. My mom? She’s on her work.” she answered.

“What about your brother? I remember that you have a brother.”

“Kristoff? He is loitering around.” she said.

“So he’s name is Kristoff, after your grandfather Chris.”

“Yeah, you also know my grandfather?” She ask.

“Yes I know him, and you? What is your name?”

“I’m Jessy and it came from my grandmother’s name,” she says.

My heart suddenly beats fast, she is just not only looks like here and but also their name is almost the same. She put down the baseball bat to the side then smiled at me, her smile is also the same.

“I know, I will look like a jackass, I don’t know why but you convinced me.” she said.

“Because it’s the truth,” I replied and smiled.

“And what is your name?” she ask me.


“Cool! There is a cute and hot guy living in my room.” she said while smiling.

But the catch is, even though she has her look and name but her attitude is really different from Jessica.

She wears little clothes, she always wear tattered jeans and the upper you can see her navel, she is very liberated, and she don’t talk nice because she is a nagger.

I ride at what she said, she doesn’t even know that she is flirting to was once a playboy.

“Yeah, cute and hot.” I said while my face is coming near her face.

“But too old for you little girl.” then I smiled at her and gets up from the bed. I flied into the bed.


I was surprised at what he did, Yes! I admit, I thought he was going to kiss me, and he micro me, so what? But I am more delighted, he is challenging, freak but cute and hot.

I went down from my room when I heard my mom’s car coming. As I walk  down the stairs, I saw mom entering and behind him is Kristoff with his ball, obviously he is playing basketball again.

I headed straight to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, I take a food and I am heading up to  my room when my mom suddenly called me.

“Hey young lady, you didn’t even do anything in the house?” she scold at me.

“Tsk.” I just said then put the earphones in my ears and heads to my room.

I know my mom said something, but I didn’t hear it because the volume of my music is full blast. Yes! Me and my mom are just like that. We are not close to each other, there’s a thick wall between us.

The next day, she order me to bring out the things that we still didn’t arrange then I saw a painting. I was shock because it looks like the guy who is living inside of my bed. Then I saw a signature in the bottom right of the painting.

‘Allen, by Jessica’

“So this was Allen, and it was painted by my grandmother.”

“Oh, what is that?” I was surprised and turns to my mom.

“A painting made by grandmother.” I responded.

“Don’t take it outside, keep it in the basement.” she ordered.

“When did grandma painted this?” I ask.

“That? That was made when I was a child.” my om answered.

“So it’s really true.” I said.

“What?” my mom ask.

“Nothing mom.”

I went to my room while secretly carrying the painting, when I entered I immediately called Allen.

“Hey! Where are you?”

“Why?” he said as he exited under the bed.

“Take a look at this!” I showed him the painting, “It’s you right?”

“Yes,” I saw him smile, “It’s better than the other one.”


“She also painted something like this before, and this is more beautiful.” He said.

“You didn’t know about this?” I ask.

“No, maybe she made this when she had a family.”

“Ya, my mom said that my grandma made this when she is still a kid.”

“I’m happy.” he said smiling.

“Now I’m really convinced.”


“I believe at what you said, it’s complicated but I gradually understand.” I said looking at him.

He suddenly smiled at me, “You really looks like Jessica, but there are are still differences between the of you.”


“Hair, because yours is curly.” he said smiling and looking at me.

“Yeah, I inherited it from dad.” I said while smiling.

“Oh right, where is your dad? Who is he?” he ask.

I stopped and my smile faded when he Allen ask that question.

“Let’s not talk about that Allen.” I told him.

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