Know Her!


When I went out of the bed I saw Jessy immediately, she is sitting again near the window hugging her to legs and looking outside. She turned to me.

“Hey!” she greets me.

“It looks like your thinking something deep.” I ask her.

“Because I don’t have anything to do!” she answered then I sit beside her.

“Tell me a story,” she says.

“Of what?”

“About your life Allen.” she answered.

“My life? It will take years before I finish it.” I smiled at her.

“Even just summarize?” she says.

“Hm..fine, I live for a long=long years, I was cursed and trapped her for I don’t know how long.” I said.

“It’s look like you endured?” she ask.

“I have no choice but to accept my fate and just lived, what about you? Tell me your story.”

“Me? My life is full of shts!” she said.

“Why?” I ask her.

“For me my childhood is the best years of my life, but I realize that it was all just a dream and woke up to the reality. I was seven years old when I saw mom and dad fighting, then I learned that my dad has a mistress. Then they divorced and the nightmares that came in my life continues, then I turn up into this. My parents worst daughter ever. The end, woah fck life!” I just looked at her and smiled.

“You hate your life that much and that’s not right!” that’s all I told her.


“Hey Jessy!” I turned around when I heard Katie calling me.

“What is it?” I said to her.

“We’re going to the club later, wanna join us?” she ask.

“Of course Katie.” Then I smiled at her.

After the class ended I didn’t go back home and headed straight to the club. I’m sitting alone in our table and drinking alcohol when a guy suddenly approach me.

“Hi Jessy!” the guy said to me while smiling.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“You don’t know me but I know you.” he said.

“Well I don’t care!” I finish my drink, pick up my bag and leave, when he suddenly touch me on the arm.


“Take you hand away!” I said.

“I won’t.” he said.

I was going to punch him when he suddenly avoided it, he grabbed both of my hands and push me on the wall.

“Let go of me! Help!” I screamed.

“I’m the one who owns the car that you crashed,” he said.

“What?” I ask, shocked.

“You remembered?”

“But it’s not yours!” I yelled at him.

“It’s mine, ask Katie.”

“That Katie sht! So what do you want from me?” I ask.

“Pay me.” he said.


“I can’t pay you right away.” I said to him.

“So let’s make a deal.” he said.

“Let me go first!” he just noticed that he is still holding me, so he let go of me.

“Oh! Sorry.” he said.

“It hurts,” I mumble and he raise his eyebrow.

“I’m really sorry because you are going to leave, by the way I’m Brix.” He handed his hand.

“So what’s the deal?” I didn’t take his hand.

“Aw, snob!” he said with a smile.

“Direct to the point, so we can end this.” I seriously said to him.

“Be my girl in a race for just one night,” he said while closing his face to me.


“Yeah! I just need you.” he said.

“Why me?” I ask.

“Cause you wronged me, so I think you should accept.”

“Noo!” I said while walking out and him chasing me.

“You should say yes!”

“Do you think I would?” I said.

“You have no choice! You are just only going to sit beside me while I race.” he said.

“That’s only it? Then find another, not me.”

“Because you are also racing, so I’m sure you’re not going to screamed out of fear while I’m driving.” I stopped at what he said.

“Just one race right?” I ask.

“Yeah! If I don’t win, but if I win, another one race,” I rolled my eyes.

“Then I’m payed?” I ask in confirmation.


“Deal!’ I said.

“So meet you at the race tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, see you there.” I answered.

The night after.

“Hey Jessy!” I turned when someone suddenly called me, it’s Brix, I saw him approaching me.

“You look gorgeous!” he greeted me.

“Don’t fool me, are we going to start?” I said.

“Hehe! Not yet, but only a few minutes left.”


“Are you ready?”

“Of course.”

“Good! So let’s go!” he invited me then we headed to his car.

We stopped in front of a yellow car then opened it. And he prompt me to enter.

“Is this yours?” I said as I entered.

“Yup!” he said then he also entered the car.

“So where’s the black car that I crashed?” I ask.

“That car? I didn’t bring it. I don’t like a loser car,” he told me.

I looked at my right side, I saw the person he is competing and saw him looking and smiling at me creepily. I gave him a disgusted look. Brix suddenly approached me which surprised me.

“Woaa!?” I said.

“Wait! I’m just fastening your seat belt, you know safety first,” he sais smiling at me.

“What the hell kind is this race, why we need this.” I whispered.

“For more challenge!” he smiled at me.

“READY, GET SET, GOOO!!!” shouted the guy. Brix quickly drive the car.

“I won’t lose! So don’t worry.” he said.

“Duh! I’m not worrying!” I said in annoyance.

“Maybe for now.” he replied then drive the car faster.

We are almost in the finish line, and finally he won.

“Okay congrats! So can I get down now?” I said looking at him.

I was shocked when he suddenly kissed me, I was dumbfounded. He removes his lips and smile.

I hurriedly remove the seat belt and open the door to get off, I heard him also getting off and chased me.

“Wait! Where are you going? There is still a next race for the finale.”

I stopped walking and quickly turned to him. “You race alone!” I shouted.

“Why are you angry?” he shouted while chasing me.

“Eh, you’re an abnormal dumbass! Is it in our agreement to kiss me?”

“I just kissed you, I was carried away ‘coz we won.” he explained.

“Carried away my ass! Do you want me to hit you because I’m also carried away in anger to you.”

“Okay sorry, I lied!” he said.


“This is a race when I lose you will going to my opponent.”

“FCK! No wonder the gorilla is creepily looking at me!” I exclaimed.

“But I won’t let it! See, I won.” he said while smiling at me.

“Do I look like I fcking care?” I said then leave.

“Hey! What about the next race, remember our deal? See, I’m really sorry!” he said chasing at me.

“Race on your own freaking ass!” I scream while my back facing him.


“As usual! Here she goes again, going home in dawn from wherever she went and entering through the window.” I’m just standing near the window while looking at her.

I saw her gently knocking on the window motioning for me to open it, so I opened.

“Oh! Why is it closed? Don’t close it so I can enter quickly, it’s tiring.” she said irritatingly.

“I closed it because what time is it, it would be bad if a bad guy enter here.” I said.

“Gosh! Not that,” she said while getting down the window.

“Also outside where you always at, there a lot of bad guy and might harm you.”

“I’m sleepy and tired, save that for tomorrow,” she said then flop on the bed.

“You’re really unruly.” I whispered.

“Good night Allen,” she said and slept.

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