Jessy Gaile Peyton Guevarra


I am wakeful when I attended the school today, I got home at 3am and now I’m at school 7am and I’m late. Sht I only sleep for four hours wtf!

“Hi Jessy!” Katie greeted me.

“Hi also,” I replied.

“Are you sleepless? You have an eyebags!” she says.

“Really? Ssh! Bad thing happen last night.” I said.

“What happen?”

“That Brix!” I said in annoyance when I pronounce his name.

“You’ve meet him?”

“Yeah! Is he the owner of the car I crashed? What the hell Katie.” I said irritatingly.

“Yes he is, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Jessy.”

“All along I thought it was yours!” I rolled my eyes.

“Jessy! I have no car that I will let you crashed, my dad’s going to kill me if I do that. So what happened last night?” she ask.

I told her everything that happened. When we are entering the classroom, suddenly we heard someone yell.

“Hey Jess!” I turned around and I saw that it is Brix calling me.

My mood became bad when I saw him, Katie suddenly leave us.

“I am really sorry for what happen last night Jess.”he said when he got near me.

“Well sorry your face!” I said then entered the classroom.


“Hey buddy! We heard that the rebel chic humiliated you?” said by my friend Tom whenhe saw me.

“Where did you heard that?” I ask him.

“Dude! You cause a scene after you won the race and left you. Then earlier she said foul words to you.” he replied laughing.

“You’re a gossiper indeed!” I said then I got up and leave.

I won’t let this! I must go to her. I went straight to her classroom but she isn’t there, I look at the window at the corridor and saw her walking fast so I run fast downstairs to went to her.

“Jessy Gaile Guevarra!” I loudly yell to her which cause her to stop and turned to look at me.

What meets me is her annoyed eyes then turned and walk again.

“Hey! Wait!” I yell again but she didn’t stop.

I saw the sprinklers opener, so I opened it. The people near there ran, then I ran towards her and grab her arm.

“How dare you? Let go of me!” she shouted.

“I won’t! I going to the guidance because I opened the sprinklers, so why will I let you escape!”

“You’re the one who suddenly opened it? You’re crazy!” she says and I laugh.

“Aha! I’m crazier than you!” she still struggling from hands that holds her arm.

“Let me go! I’m already drenched!” she complained.

“Well, let’s get out of here.” I said then I carried her like a sack in my shoulder.

“What? Wait! No! Nooo!” she yelled while punching my back.

We went to the Janitor’s equipment room, I put her inside and lock the door.

“What are you going to do?” I see fear in her eyes.

“Don’t think bad! I just wanna talk to you.” I said.

“Excuse me! I will go out!”

“You can’t get out!”

“What do you want from me?” she said.

“I want you to listen to my explanation and my sorry!”I shouted then she become silent.

She didn’t speak and just look at me.

“Okay, first of all I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you the truth about the race, second I’m sorry that I kissed you and third I’m sorry that I wanted the kissed.” I said.

“So that you will stop, okay you’re already forgiven. It’s just a kissed, forget it! Because it’s nothing.” she said then opened the door and went out and left.


“Why are you drenched ate?” Kristoff asked me while watching the TV in the living room.

“None of your business Monggi, just watch in the TV.” I answered then I went upstairs to my room.

As I entered my room I saw Allen playing in my computer.

“Why are you playing silently?” I ask him.

“They might hear.” he answered.

“It’s good that you still feel what you are playing? It’s better with music.” I said then raised the volume.

“That’s okay, they will think I’m the one playing.” I said then I sit beside him.

“Thank you! Wait, why are you drenched?” Allen ask.

“A stupid person did it to me.” I answered.

“Why did he drenched you?”

“Don’t mind him, he’s annoying.” I said.

“Your class still did not end? Why are you here?”

“Because he ruined my day and drenched me.” I said.

“But you have an extra cloth in your locker right?”

“You know that?” I ask in surprise.

“Jessica told me.” he said.

“Is that so? I’m going to shower.” then I put my ID beside the computer.

“Okay. So your name is Jessy Gaile Peyton Guevarra.”

“Yup.” I said.

“Jessica Peyon.” he said then continued playing. I went to the bathroom.

“Allen?” I hesitantly said.


“Can you hand me the towel? I forgot to bring it and suddenly enter here.” I said.

“Okay, wait.”

I’ve been waiting for quite a while to hand me the towel but he still didn’t. “Allen?” I said.

My one hand continued to be exposed outside in the doorway. Then I suddenly feel something, when I look at it I saw my towel together with my clothes.

“I also took your clothes, so that you won’t go out wearing only towel.” he said.

“Ahm thanks!” I said then shut the door, I feel my cheeks becoming warm.

Shiz Gosh! What kind of guy is he? If it’s another man he will take advantage and want me to go out in my towel. But he, he’s different, he doesn’t want that. I don’t know, but I suddenly smile.

This is so bad.


TL: Ate- pronounce as a-te, means big sister.

Monggi- short term for monggoloid(autistic/dawn syndrome)

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