Secret’s Keepers


I’m looking at Jessy’s things in her room. I know I’m intruding her things, but I don’t have anything to do and I want to learn the new technologies today. Jessy is not always here, she always goes home late, sleep, wakes up at noon and go home late again.

I released her books one by one from the divider when a book fell, I tried to catch it but I lose my balance and fell on the chair and let go of the book I was holding.

I heard someone running upstairs, I was about to stand but the door suddenly opened. I saw Kristoff standing and surprise to see me there.

“Ateeee!!” [Ate – /aa-te/ means big sister]


From the kitchen, I can hear Kristoff shouting upstairs, I suddenly remember Allen so I climb fast and run.


I stop in a daze when I saw the opened door of my room, Kristoff standing near still holding the door knob. I saw Allen sitting on the floor, my books scattered, and a fallen chair. I went near them.

“I before that you shouldn’t enter my room!” I scold Kristoff.

“Ate I was just surprised to hear a thud above from downstairs.” he answers while still looking at Allen, Allen stands up and gather the books.

“Even so! You’re really hard-headed!”

“Who is he ate?”

I look back and forth to Allen and Kristoff, thinking how I shall explain. I shut the door close and pull Kristoff inside to sit on the bed.

“Don’t tell anyone about this, if yu don’t want your life to be miserable.” I threaten him.

“Why? Is he your boyfriend? Why did you bring a boyfriend here at home?” he asks.

“He is not my boyfriend.”

“Then who is he?”

How shall I explain?

“Hi, Kristoff! I’m Allen.” Allen suddenly interfere.

“Are you being friendly to your girlfriend’s brother so that I will accept you?” Kristoff says in sarcasm.

“What? He is not my boyfriend!” I shout at him.

“Then what is he to you?”

“He will ask and wonder if we don’t tell him the truth, it’s my fault why he discovered me,” Allen says.

Will he tell the truth?

“Well.. how about we strike him a hard object in the head, perhaps when he woke up he won’t remember me.” says Allen.

I suddenly feel scared at what he said and also Kristoff which cause him to hold me.

“What are you! Even though I also want that—” I said.

“Ate!” Kristoff fearfully says.

I laugh at his reaction.

“But this monggoloid is still my brother!” I added.

[monggoloid – autisic]

Allen suddenly laughs after I said that.

“Just kidding!” then he laughs again. “It’s better if I tell him,” he looks at Kristoff and said, “I and your sister are live-in partner!”


“Is it true ate?” Kristoff is shocked and ask me.

“No!” I said in panic.

Allen laughs again, is he going crazy?

“That is my last joke, I’ll tell the truth now to you.” then he smiles at Kristoff.

After the long explanations, Kristoff remained jaw-drop. Maybe he didn’t really absorb it even though the two of us told him the story and explained.

“Really?” that’s all he could say. Sht!

“If you don’t want to believe then don’t! Just don’t tell anyone about this!” I said and pointed at him.


I saw Jessica beside the window, looking outside while the window is open.

“Can monggi stays quiet?” she suddenly ask.

“You should know, he is your brother,” I answer.

“But he might blab!” she says.

“Let’s believe in him, he said he won’t tell anyone right?” I say.

“Yes,” she said looking at me.

“He’s in high school right? He can already keep a secret.” I assure her.

“Yes, he is in his third year,” I suddenly look at Jessy.

“Oh! Don’t tell me you are falling for me?” she says with a smile looking at me.

I smile at her.

“I just suddenly remember Jessica,” I replied to her still smiling.


When I got home from school I learn that mom is still not here because her car is not parking outside. I continue entering the house when I heard a noise from my room so I quickly run towards it.

When I entered the room I saw Allen and Kristoff playing, Allen is playing the computer while Kristoff is using the laptop while lying on the bed.

“Hi, Jessy!” Allen greets me, both of them looking at me.

“What are you doing here ah?” I said to Kristoff.

“What do you mean ate? We are just playing.” Kristoff explained in annoyance because I disturb their game.

“I don’t care, just leave!” I said.

I look at what they are playing.

“You taught him counter strike?” I said at the same time looking at Kristoff.

“He easily learned how to play it! Because is just playing pin ball earlier.” Kristoff answers and he continue playing.

“What!” I shouted while my hands on my hips.

“This is just a game ate!” Kristoff says to me frowning.

“When you master playing this game I will teach you how to play DOTA next.” he said to Allen and smiles.

“Sure,” Allen says. He’s so innocent.


Since then Kristoff always stays in my room, that’s why it’s always messy and noisy here. Although I want to cast him out, but I don’t to be and antagonist to Allen because I saw him enjoying.

“Do you want me to teach you basketball? or skateboarding, because that’s what I like to play.” Kristoff aid to Allen.

“Stop it monggi! He can’t get out.” I said.

“Oh right, what a bummer,” he said in disappointment and rub his head.

“I know,” Allen says.

I look at them, a moment later I feel my head hurts, I don’t know why. I touch my forehead gently stroking and massaging it.

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