Come Back Home

[Allen’s POV]

A person suddenly entered the room and lie on the bed.

“So tired!” A female voice said.

I look at her feet and saw that it is not tiny, I am sure that it is not the little girl Jessica.

“I miss this place! I’m sure nothing has change.” From lying on the bed she stand up and roam around the whole room.

I peek outside to see where she is going and saw that she went to Jessica’s study table and touch Jessica’s things.

“How dare she touch Jessica’s things!”

“They are still here, my childhood memories.” The woman whispered.

She had her back at me, from my view I could see that she has a long hai while wearing jeans and a denim jacket. Not any longer I saw her remove her jacket she and throw it that is “supposed to be bed”. Since I was at her back it hit my face.

“Ouch!” I cussed and hide immediately when she turns around..

“Who is it?”She said in shock.

That was close! It made me nervous. What is she doing and meddling other peoples things?

Is she the new tenant who will live here? Is Jessica really not coming back?

Night time came and she fell asleep. I went out to clearly look at her face. The light of the moon illuminates the darkness in the room. It shine in her face while sleeping soundly.

“She is pretty” I whispered while letting my head near her face to further observed.

She has long eye lashes, pointed nose and kissable lips. I didn’t know what came after me as I want to get closer with her until she woke up.

“Who are you?!” she cried. I gesture to her to keep her calm but suddenly her voice become louder.

“You are a rapist! a pervert!” she wanted to shout so I made my move. I covered her mouth using my hand but she bit me.

She freakingly bit me! What a mouth!

“Ouch!” I yelp.

“Help! Help!” she shouted.

“Shut up!” I told her.

“Get out!” she insisted.

“Damn girl, you should be the one who leave. This is Jessica’s room and not yours!”

“You know me?”

“I am talking about Jessica, not you.”

“Jessica and me is just the same because I am her jerk!”

I was surprised to the sudden revelation. But it cannot be, Jessica is just a kid.

“ look familiar” she stuttered while slowly walking up to me.

I flew away from her. I don’t know her. I cannot trust her!

I saw her walking to Jessica’s study table and it seems that she grab something. I stiffened because she was holding Jessica’s drawing of myself.

“Don’t touch it! It is mine.” I was talking to her wanting to snatch the paper.

“Its mine” she says while trying to avoid the paper from my prying hands. “So, you are true. You are actually true right?” her voice suddenly croaked while saying that and I could see the twinkling tears in her eyes.

“Are you referring to me?” I asked.

“You are really true!” she suddenly jump and hug me. “You’re not just a dream or an imagination. It is not like what they said.” she added.

“Jes…jessica?!” I asked. I just want to make sure and clarify what’s bugging in my mind.

“Yes its me, remember?” She told me smiling while her tears slowly streak down to her lovely face.

[Jessica POV]

“You’ve never changed.” I told him. Still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Is that really you Jessica?” he ask me again. He looks like a lost child.

“Yes its me” I smiled and hug him.

“You changed a lot”

“Hmmm. Many years has passed” I explained quickly. Wanting to savor the moment.

“Why didn’t you came back?”

“After a month, my parents decided to stay in the America for good. I asked them to go back because of you, but they reject the idea” I explained.

“So, you didn’t go back?”

“I tried. I told them about you but they didn’t believe me. They told me that you are just an imaginary friend until I got used to the city and forgot you. I’m truly sorry!” I apologized.

I could see in his eyes that he believes in me and understand everything that had happened

“How are you?” I asked.

“Still the same”

“I see” and laughed.

“Why?” he ask me questioningly maybe because I laugh.

“Nothing. It just that remembered before that I had a crush on you and the craziest thing I did was to kiss you. You are my first kiss!”

“I remembered. You actually wanted to be my girlfriend” he laughed for the sudden reminisce.

I didn’t answered. Thinking that the things I did in the past became awkward these times. I am already an adult, a full grown woman.  I looked at him intently. He is laughing and saw nothing has changed. He didn’t grow old. He still have that handsome look that made her crazy since child.

“We will stay here for good and continue my college in the country.” I told him.

“Well, it is good. I miss you Jessica”

“I like the way you are calling me Jessica” I say it with a smile on my face.

Translated by: myn

TL’s note: I’m sorry if there are grammatically errors. I don’t have time to edit this chapter. Have a nice day everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Come Back Home”

  1. Hehe thanks for the chapter! It’s nice to read Filipino stories. You can always tell the difference between, Japanese, Korean, Chinese novels. Well, that’s what I mostly read though. Hey do you think you can translate she’s dating the gangster? There’s some parts that I don’t understand at times and it took me a few reads before understanding it fully.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for reading. About She’s Dating the Gangster, ifrc I saw an English version of it at the local bookstore so it seems not possible for us to do a fan translation because an existing one is already made. I’m not sure though, haha.


      1. If you have other request, as long as it is not a published one, we’ll do our best to accommodate. However, forgive us if we can’t do anything about ‘She’s Dating the Gangsters’. *bows 90 degrees*


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