Face The Reality

[Jessica’s POV]

It was a wonderful night for me, because I am with him. Almost all of the people in the prom saw me with him, they who Allen is to me.  Are we together already? Maybe? I don’t know. But we kissed so we are? Should I ask him? It is not bad to ask right?

I got up on my bed early, I had a good sleep.. It was like a fairy tale happened to us last night. I peek below to greet him good morning. But he did not notice me. He is just there with a close eyes and crossed arms.

“Hey Allen! I said good morning.” I said to him again but did not respond.

“Heey!” I said again.


“You are thinking deep.” I pout.


“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing..by the way good morning” then he kissed me in my forehead.

Days passed I noticed that there is something different with Allen. When I am talking it seems I am talking to air. He looks ill, sad, he doesn’t smile and laugh anymore. Like he is always in deep thought.

“Hey! Are you listening?”

“See. You are not paying attention.” I said pouting.


“What’s wrong? This past few days you seem to have a problem.”

“Nothing. What are you saying earlier?”

“I said, why don’t we go to Disneyland? Or Korea is even better.”

“I can’t.” I was shocked at what he said.

“What? B-but..”

“It was just only for that night. I cant go anywhere again.” He sadly said.

“But why?” I still can’t believe it.

“Just be thankful Jessica, for you and for me it was just like a fairy tale right?” He said and smiled at me.

“I don’t understand.” I said confused.

“Do you remember the story of Casper The Friendly Ghost?

“Yes I remember. What about it?”

“You watched it with me when you were young. Casper is a ghost and could not go to the Halloween party with the girl.” He said.

“Yes I remember, then the girl’s mother who is also a ghost came and gave Casper a chance to become human.” I continued.

“But it was only for a few hours, then he danced with that girl till the time was up.” He added.

“Sadly.. he turns back being a ghost.” I finished. I felt sad and bend.

He held my chin and lifted it to look at him and said. “But that was a night to be remember. Casper was still happy.” He smile at me.

“Is that what it is Allen?”

“Yes, it was just liked that.” He smiles at me but I can still see the sadness in his eyes.

[Allen’s POV]

She is almost in tear, but I am happy that she understood. I rub her hair and invited her to sleep.

“Come. Let us sleep.”

She rest on my arm, her head was on my chest and she is hugging me tight. Then she speak.

“Can we stay like this?”


“Just stay. Don’t let me go and hold me tight.” She hugs me tighter.

“Allen I like it this way, I want to sleep next to you always, I wan’t to rest in your arm. I will be hugging you and you also will hug me.  I want our chest to be closer to feel the breathing and the beating of our heart. I want to stay with you Allen. I love you so much.”

I smiled at what she said.

“I also like that too. To watch you sleeping next to me. I wan’t to hear your voice and your laugh. I want to smell and hold your long hair. I like how your hands fit to mine. I like all of you, everything about you Jessica.” Then I kissed her on the forehead.

I woke feeling that someone is kissing me.

“Good morning Allen! I’m going to school, I cant seem to wake you earlier because you are having a good sleep. I will leave, bye.” She smiled at me and left.

I looked at her at the door, I lazily get up and sat on the bed.

“Do not be selfish Allen.” I’m irritated at myself.

“You will remain like this and she will change, you want to make her happy right? Do the right thing. sh*t!” I I almost pulled my hair in frustration.

My inner battle started..

“But I don’t want to be alone.”

“Do not be selfish!”

“I don’t want to lose her..”

“Ugh! Jessica.”

“I should do right thing.” I firmly said.

“Geez!” I hands turn into a fist. Deep in thought.

“That’s right..”

translated by: seiji

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