My Sacrifice

[Allen’s POV]

I am weeping because I am mad. I can’t get out of this room. I can imagine her alone and crying.

“Do you love her?” A woman suddenly speaks so I turned and got surprised.

“Who are you?” I asked her in fear.

A gorgeous woman around 30’s with a long curly hair and wearing a white dress is in front of me.

“You have already forgotten me in this period of time.” She said smiling at me.

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe you really don’t remember me, well..” She said then she covered my eyes.

Suddenly I am in a place with her, we are in a room that looks familiar to me. I am shock when there is suddenly a person who looks like me and a woman following him. They are arguing and the woman suddenly slapped him.

“You’re a player! A scum in this world!”said the woman to the person who looks like me and went out of the room.

“Do you see him? He is you.” The woman said to me.

“What? But why am I him?” I asked curiously.

I saw different scenes with the woman who took me and showed me to this place. Full of woman who are raging and weeping because me.

I am disgusted to the me that i see, after the women cry and mad at him he just snickered.

“See! You were a playboy, I just showed you a few of the women you deceived and mocked.” Told the woman who brought me here.

“If that is what I really am, who are you?” I asked confused and dejected.

“Hm.. let’s just say that I am like a fairy god mother of the women you deceived, and the one who punished and cursed you.”

I laughed and said. “Those things are impossible! Its not true.”

“That’s what you also told me a long time ago.”

“So are you the one..the one who in prison me in that bed?”

“You’re right, we placed you there to teach you a lesson.”

My memories are gradually returning, from who I am, where I came from and to what I really am. I cannot believe I’ve done all those things.

“And now when I return, the former you who don’t know how to love is finally in love.” She says with a smile.

“That long, I am trapped here for a very long time do you know it!” I shout at her.

“And it will be over.” She added.

“What do you mean?”

“You are free, you have learned, you are hurt because you loved.”

“Then I will be with Jessica?” I said happily.

The woman’s face become sad “ Allen” she said sincerely.

“But why? You said..”

“You are supposed to be gone for a long time. How old are you? You are free but you should not be here. You are should be in heaven.” She said to me.

I laughed, “No, you are crazy, so unfair!” I shouted at her.

“There is a way, you can choose.” She said softly.

When she said that I immediately put my hands on both of her shoulder and said, “What is it? Tell me!”

“To be free and go to heaven or to be with her for a few hours but be trapped in the bed forever.”

I was stunned at what she said, so unfair, why is it like this? The fate is playing with me and its not funny. I will be free but I have to leave, or I will be with her for a moment and be imprisoned for a lifetime.

I have loved for the first time, I have become a different person because my memories returned, so what’s wrong if I choose to be with her? Give all of my best for the last!

“I want to be with her.” I said seriously.

The girl was surprised in my decision, she did not think that would be my answer. My mind is close now, you can call me mad and crazy for my decision. But I have decided. A lifetime imprisonment for a time to be with her? I am prepared.

“Are you sure at your decision?”

“I am sure!” I seriously said to her.

translated by: seiji

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