Titan Academy Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Explosive (1)

I watched carefully how Cain utilized his ability. Both Ethan and Cain were under the mist of the dimensional apparatus. They‘re in the center of the training room while we‘re either sitting or standing on the side. I just found out earlier that they‘re the dueling partners.

I already knew Ethan’s ability. He has ‘matter levitation’ that he took to a whole new level. But with Cain I’m not sure. Luna mentioned something about it yesterday. Though, however she explained it, unless I’ve seen it, I wouldn’t understand.

Just like when it comes to Gin.

I looked at Gin who’s leaning on the wall. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and watched seriously the two in the mist. I couldn’t help remembering the event yesterday. His hands are restored now. I wonder if Corrine accompanied him to Luna yesterday after I left.

She said she’ll take it from there so I let them. I don’t even care. It was better for me. But I wonder what she was doing in that place. Is she still allowed to enter this training room even though she’s no longer part of the group? I heard this room was made especially for this group. I guess there’s an unverbalized rule that she’s still one of us.

I stopped my thoughts on her when the duel began. Cain and Ethan were just a few meters away but the strange mist enshrouded them. I can see them clearly but I know their distance is oddly different from us. So this is the feeling of watching a duel. We were not affected by however they fight but still, I can clearly see how they’re oppressing each other.

Ethan and Cain seemed to be talking inside. They were both on battle position but none of them were charging. That’s when I realized that something was changing inside the dimension. Images were appearing around them. It’s like they were gradually being surrounded by trees and plants. Even the sounds of the forest and its animals inside could be detected and heard. Wait, what is this?

“Real life simulator,” Luna said who’s also watching beside me. She was looking straight to the two in the center. She didn’t even face me as she answered my silent query. This woman is really weird.

“They have to undergo different environmental situation in every duels mainly to enhance their adaptation skill,” she muttered while resting her chin in her palms. “Last time they had the rocky cliff. Now, a forest.”

The Linus Cup is held in a special place where every possible situation and environment is present. Of course, that means it’s artificial. They made a place for the sole purpose of holding the Linus Cup. It is located somewhere outside the boundary of the twin District of the West— Shou and Shinoa.

Unfortunately, Hesperia belongs to the East district. That’s why it takes almost two days to reach the area. But we don’t need to worry about that because, as what I’ve heard, the Council has an underground transportation intended for this specific event.

But nobody was foolish enough to assume that any of them would be able to map the place just because Linus Cup is held in the same place every two years. Furthermore, a lot of improvements can be made there within two years— added to the fact they can also alter the environment.

What you see is not always what you get when you are inside the arena. That’s the common mistake of the participants in the Cup. They are too confident with their environment. They see a normal forest so they assume the danger of a normal forest. But they have no idea that there’re already landmines under the ground that they are stepping so casually. The same incident itself killed half of a certain group on the cup two years ago.

“They have to be exposed to an environment where they can easily spot what can be used to their advantage and what is so-called ‘unbeneficial’.” Luna continued, still watching them.

“We don’t have much time to strategize in the game. So you better watch carefully now, Shia.”

Exactly as I nodded, the fight started. It was not clear to me who attacked first since I was facing Luna but that’s not so important now because in a blink they were already both clashing onto each other.

I almost stood up when a tree uprooted from the ground. It flew rapidly to Cain’s direction who’s, at that time, up on the            top of a tree. I clung on the edge of the table when I saw Cain who had no intention on dodging. What the fuck, dodge it.

It flew straight to Cain while he just sat there like some critter. With a few inches left, he jumped over the flying tree, landed on a branch and touched its trunk. He paused for a moment before jumping away again as to dodge something. A moment later, a loud explosion was heard.

“Ouch. That hurts.”

Luna winced as she watched the blasted part of the tree that ricocheted everywhere. I saw Cain blocking his head from the debris with his arms but some branches managed to scratch his arms. Ethan, on the other hand, had prevented a thick branch from hitting his face in the nick of time.

So this is what Luna meant. Cain can be very explosive. I thought she meant short-tempered or something close to that. I didn’t realize that what she meant was his ability. The ability to generate an explosive impact.

The fight continued while I returned to my seat. Nothing came clear to us anymore after that explosion. Pieces of flying debris were all I could see; parts of a tree, roots, chunks of rocks. Occasionally, the surrounding would subside and we’d find them panting, out of breath. But soon enough, there would be another blast that will cover the whole battle again.

A few minutes had already passed with that same condition. No one could tell if both of them will still live. They were definitely injured by now. That first explosion had nearly filled them with wounds but no one, from the audience, seemed to care.


TL: Finally! Another day has come. I think her first day in the academy lasted for 17-18 chapters. Don’t worry it would be the last. XD\

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve already put a comment section there.

      And I want to know what you considered a stockholm? So that I could warn you early on.

      Not like it would be much of a spoiler, but it will be prerry much shown early on and obvious that one of Shia’s love interest is Gin.

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      1. shes being blackmailed so shes p much being held captive and gin is one of her captors so id consider her being attracted to him as that. i’ll confess im a lil over sensitive tho so after reading the latest chapter its probs best i back out now lol~
        thanks for translating all the same~

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