Titan Academy Chapter 23 

Chapter 23: Close Contact (2)

“You love daggers, don’t you?”

He is, as if, teasing me. The way his every words flow out from his lips, sending short warm rushes of air against my bare neck. And his closeness, this intimate proximity− what is he thinking? I almost shiver when he placed his lips a few inches above my ear.

Damn Shia. Get yourself together, damn it!

My heartbeats got even harder and faster when he shifted and moved closer to me. I was almost breathless when his toned chest made contact with my back. I was confined between him and the table. It was lucky I had my back against him otherwise he would definitely see my rigid expression. I was hardly even breathing.

Why did I let myself in this freaking position?

Gin extended one of his arms to the table so I was more pressed on this position. I’d almost wanted to glue myself to the table just to get a breather away from him. But on this battle, even a bit of space would mean I lost this intimidating game; and I don’t intend to lose.

I know what’s on his mind. He is trying to make me feel uncomfortable for the sole purpose of getting me out of track and provides his ego a fucking entertainment.

I will never give him the satisfaction. Not even one bit.

I didn’t notice I had my eyes closed when he spoke. His extended arm grabbed one of the weapons on the table and slightly shifted away from me after. I breathed a sigh of relief. Am I just over thinking things?

“These are also called thrusting knives.”

I stepped a little away from him before the same scene earlier repeats. I turned around and saw him smiling. Another mischievous smile. As if, he perfectly knew the impact he had on me. I stared back with my blank expression.

“Almost all short-distance blade weapons are thrusting knives. Dagger, dirks, cat claws, ripper. Their aim is to be able to thrust on the flesh within close combat. No air, wind, or distance to make up for the momentum, just plain physical force.”

“I got it.”

Slowly, a smile escaped his lips once again.

“Let’s see then.”

He tossed me a dagger that I barely catch due to the same tense feeling I had earlier was yet to subside.

Gin went to the center of the training room. I noticed that he had already a weapon on his hand. It was a dagger with a double-edge blade.

“Once a drop of blood escapes, you will lose the game.”

I stared at the corners of my eyes, trying to see the wound of my face earlier. The blood was already dry. It didn’t obviously count. So it means I just need to slide the blade wherever is enough to make the blood ooze out from him. Easy.

“Let’s restrict it on the face.”

I froze. “What?”

“On the face,” he said as if it was just playing hide-and-seek. “We can only hit on the face.”

I almost dropped my jaw. Wasn’t it enough what he had done to my face? What is he? A devil? But I guess we’re even now; both had a score. I wounded him the first time we faced each other. He wounded me earlier today. We’re now backed to square one.

I stared back at him then gave my sweetest smile. “Game on.”



No. Right.

Damn it.

I felt Gin’s blade sliced in the air only a few inches away from my cheeks. I quickly drew away from him. That was close. That was too damn close. I was panting while observing him from where I stood.

“Focus, Shia.”

Gin is serious about this. He won’t hesitate to injure me when he gets his chance. But he also noticed that I was too distracted. Since earlier, I couldn’t predict properly his next moves, far worse from how we fought the first time. What is happening to me?

I held the dagger in my hand tighter the moment he began attacking again. I was too confused to think. Nothing entered my mind.

What is he gonna do? Out of the corners of my eyes, I saw his arms twitched— he’s about to attack.

Gin slashed the air in front of me but I managed to dodge. His free hand suddenly extended passed my face and grabbed my shoulder while dragging me down. I keeled to the floor. I winced when my bare knees hit the solid stone floor. I tried to stand but both of Gin’s heavy hands were already on my shoulders trapping me down. Shit.

His hands were so heavy to the point that I couldn’t move anymore. He was using his body weight to trap me on the floor. He was almost leaning on me. I lifted my head and glared at him. He sat in front of me; his hands never left my shoulder.

“I said focus, Shia. You are not like this.”

In our position right now, anyone who barges in the training room and sees us, will think we are having an intimate conversation. With Gin’s hands over my shoulders and myself slumped on the floor, it seems he’s comforting me. But in reality, the situation is far from comforting. It is the fucking opposite of comforting!

But I noticed something strange in his tone. There was gentleness in it. Gentle but threatening. I shook my head mentally. Get a grip, Shia!

With all of my strength I raised my hand holding the dagger. It swiftly slithered in front of his face but he still managed to dodge.  He lost his grip on me. We both stood up from the floor.

“Better,” he muttered.

I rushed again to attack him. We almost fell on the floor. I tried to hit his face several times but he was able to block all of it. One move almost penetrated his quick guard— the tip of the dagger almost cut his forehead, but he also managed to block that one.

He firmly grabbed my wrist that was holding the dagger. I struggled to land the blade on his skin but he is too damn strong. My hands were trembling when out of nowhere, he pulled me. He dragged me against the nearest wall. My back hit the cold wall with Gin’s hand still on my wrist.

I suddenly lost my strength when I noticed how close he was. No air could almost pass through the space between us. I can feel his breath. He’s also panting like me. His warm breath is filtering through my open lips.

Why is he doing this? I need him to stop!

“You’re too distracted.”

I nearly closed my eyes with his deep husky voice. Damn it. His face was coming closer. I wanted to whimper. He positioned his lips on top of my bare ear as if wanting to bite me.

“Tell me, what are you thinking?”

Please stop, Gin.

Both of us can feel the heat caused by adrenaline rush radiating from our bodies. Sweats trickled from every part of our skin. I can hear my heartbeat. It’s filling my ear. Gin sighed when I didn’t answer.

“Let’s just finish this.”

He took the dagger from my weakened hand. I closed my eyes when he placed the tip of the blade on my left cheek. He slowly slid the blade on my skin deep enough to create a cut. I almost whimper when I felt the searing pain. I felt the blood flow down to my cheek. I lost the game.


Author’s Note:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Are you Team #ShiGin? 

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  1. No way, u guys can’t feel the chemistry between Gin and Shia? It’s practically boiling at an insane degree!!! They r like on fire!! The words r barely restraining their passion! #TeamGia I cannot wait for more!!! Thanks for the chapters!!!


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