Titan Academy Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Special Abilities

As instructed by Sir Apollo, we tried to avoid any issues or any mess in the following days. Apparently, the other students, who often gave me glares, also had the same idea. I wonder if they had been told off.

However, one thing did change. Everyone now knew where I came from and what I was doing in this place― it’s because their school needed me. But then again, they still don’t know the whole story on how I entered this school.

The group often talked about the reactions of the students’ parents. Many of them couldn’t accept it and the school began to receive complaints from them. Most of the time, Gin and Ethan couldn’t join us because they’re always called upon.

We could only follow the flow. It would be a great blow to our group if we lost the support from the entire school for the coming Cup. We couldn’t do anything so we just focused on our trainings.

We were currently in the training room and a few days had already passed since the incident in the Infinity Room. We sat on the chairs placed around the room, facing the white board, with Miss Aura explaining things we should know. Today is for Strategy and Tactic.

“So here’s the deal—”

Miss Aura pointed the whiteboard to where a graph was shown. If I was not mistaken, it’s a graph of the Cup’s previous winners.

“This year is going to be the 23rd Linus Cup. It means that forty-six years had already passed since the Cup was started by the schools from Magic World under the category of Special Abilities. As you well know, there are also seven towns involved in the game but this year, only six remained to participate in the Cup.”

Miss Aura cleared her throat when she saw Ethan and Cain talking at the back and seemed to be not listening. I, Victoria and Luna were in front while Gin was not around. Maybe, he’s with the Headmaster again.

I raised my hand and Miss Aura looked at me. “Yes?”

“How about the schools that belong to other categories of magic? Like charms, alchemy, and sorcery. Don’t they have a game like this?”

The two at the back stopped talking; even Victoria raised her brow in interest.

“I don’t think they have to prove something to the Ministry of Magic.” Miss Aura explained briefly. “Unlike us who were all by-products of the Great War; they don’t have to prove that they can stand on their own.”

Luna, who’s beside me, nodded. Even I agree, too. Our category was the only one who needed to always prove ourselves to the Ministry. Wasn’t it enough proof that we survived for decades on our own? Then, I remembered suddenly the school in Salem that just closed. Are we repeating the past?

The Great War. What Miss Aura meant was about the war that happened to the Magic World almost a hundred years ago. This involved leaders of different sectors of magic. There created factions, everyone taking sides and alliances, so the chaos only grew.

At that time, a lot of residents of various sectors wanted to avoid the disputes and fighting. Honestly, they really had nothing to do with these conflicts and their differences and if given a choice, they wouldn’t want it to happen in the first place. What the population did, they escaped to remote places and temporarily lived there. The war lasted for years and more people wanted to flee away from the chaos. The war eventually ended but there were still other sectors who still kept their clashes, though quietly. Hence, those who hid initially decided to stay put in the places they found.

Time passed and the refugees from the war grew until the eight towns were created— the town of Boran, Kimmyye, Salem, Hesperia, Prum, Shou and Shinoa, and Dione. Considering that these towns combined were bigger than most of the other sectors, the leaders of towns began to build a separate sector in the Magic World.

However, it was proven a difficult job. Our ancestors were a group of runaways, joined together because of the war. Actually, each and every one of them belonged to certain sectors before the war, but it was difficult to trace now because of the union among each other, thus producing mixed bloods. New powers were also born. This continued and was passed to the next generations until their original sectors or categories could no longer be recognized.

Sometimes I asked myself, if I could analyze bit by bit every elements of my ability, what sector would I belong to? How many sectors could I fit to?

After years of negotiation, the Ministry finally granted— the highest organization that governs all council of the Magic World— the petition of the eight towns. The inhabitants of the new sector were called ‘those with Special Abilities’, or people with powers which don’t belong to any type.

The Ministry, however, had one condition. The eight towns needed to prove their capability to have their own sector. Training and education were the foundations of every sector in this world, that’s why, the Council made it as a basis for them, as well.

Forty-six years ago the Linus Cup was established— based on the name of the seated Council Leader that time, Narkis Y Linus. Following every two years, we have to prove ourselves to the Great Council; that we had good education, we had the best trainings, and that we could go on par and just as equal as those from the main sectors. Even so, it shouldn’t be permanent. But then, no one expected that Linus Cup will last until 23rd time.

(ED: The Cup is held every 2 years; 46 years=23 times (◔ ⌣ ◔)o’rly)

If I remember correctly, base on grandpa Arthur‘s story, the Cup was supposed to be held only on the first ten years of the new sector. But the whole condition didn’t stabilize immediately and so the Cup was extended and extended again until it reached today.

I think this became a permanent criterion for our sector nowadays. Given our sector’s current situation; more people were suffering, a school was closed down. I wonder what will happen in the long run.

We were the last created sector of the Magic World. We then became the least important. That’s why it’s difficult for us to enter organizations like the UBSL or even to other councils. Therefore, it has become a big deal to win the Cup— it means a sure ticket into the world of the prime and recognized magic users. I doubt it’s this difficult to enter the councils or UBSL  for the students from the other sectors.

Our discussion continued which centered on the past Linus Cup that had been for nearly five decades. One by one, Miss Aura stated each town that won what year. The town of Dione won the most— six times. Second was the town of Boran with five wins. Next were Hesperia and the twin-town of Shou and Shinoa which both had three wins. Prum and Kimmyye which each had two wins and lastly, Salem, with one.

“You see, we are in the middle.” Miss Aura pointed the ‘Hesperia’ written on the board.

“Dione and Boran are the leading groups. There was a certain time, Dione won three consecutive games.” Miss Aura raised her brow and faced us. “How do you think they did that?”

Cain snorted with distaste. “They cheated?”

Miss Aura stared at him pointedly.

Cain smiled. “I was kidding.”

“Teamwork?” suggested Luna.

Miss Aura nodded. “It is one of the most vital skills in the game. But Dione has another thing—”

“They were pressured to win.”

Everyone looked at my direction when I answered. “What?” I asked. What’s wrong with what I said?

“They are the first winner of the Linus Cup. They became the leading group for many years. They were scared that their title would be seized so they did everything to win. Death is not the only implication of their defeat but also disgrace, humiliation”

Miss Aura cleared her throat. “Okay,” she said in a hesitant voice. “You have a point, Shia. But the proper word for that is competitiveness. The desire to win. The mindset that there’s no other option but to win.”

I flicked my pen absentmindedly on the wooden table. There’s no other option for me but winning. If I don’t, I won’t be able to see Lucas anymore. I don’t believe that that night would be our last meeting. I promised that to myself. I will do everything to win the game.

“I want you to have that mindset but only better. I want you to have a deeper and greater reason for wanting to win.”

“If the prizes and status are not enough motivation, I don’t know what is,” Victoria commented with a roll of her eyes.

Miss Aura smiled patiently as if she had expected that Victoria will respond as such.

“There are other reasons more important than the prizes and recognition. Believe me, when you are in the game, you will realize the things that you wanted here are all just nonsense. In the matter of life and death, those material things are nothing but words. If you have no other reason besides those stuffs, you will definitely lose.”

Cain and Luna nodded as if each word that Miss Aura shared was very important. I knitted my brow, on the other hand; the way she said those words— as if, she had already experienced them. She seemed to had gone from the game.

“Now let’s rephrase something. There’s no other option but—”

Miss Aura intentionally didn’t continue what she was saying. She just smiled seeing the group’s silence. From the expression in their eyes, I knew they each had their own addition after the words from Miss Aura.

I looked back to the front and uttered in a whisper.

There’s no option but to see him again.


Author’s Note: So this chapter is kind of an explanation. If you have read my other work, Charm Academy, you’ll recognize their connections. But take note, the two stories won’t affect each other; they are entirely two different stories. Also, Charm Academy is already completed. Anyway, feel free to say whatever opinions you have about this story. ‘Til the next update, then.

(ED: I had to rephrase a bit for a smoother read.)

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  1. > But the proper word for that is competitiveness. The desire to win. The mindset that there’s no other option but to win.”

    Sorry, but no. desire to win is not the same as having no other option. If that is the accepted mindset, then it is no wonder that the world is getting worse.

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