Titan Academy Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Visitor 

The discussion finished earlier than we expected. Miss Aura was also called by the higher-ups so she had to go. We got out from the training room and went to our separate ways. They proceeded to their dormitories while Luna and I headed straight to the hallway to the cafeteria. While walking, I couldn’t help asking her what I wanted to ask Miss Aura earlier.

“Did Miss Aura ever join the Linus Cup?”

Luna paused from walking and slightly turned to me. “No. But her twin brother did.”

My eyes widened on her reply. Miss Aura has a twin? Who?

“Where is he now?”

Luna blinked at my question. “He died at the Linus Cup ten years ago.”

That definitely made me stopped walking. “Oh,” was my only reply.

 “It was the 19th Linus Cup if I’m not mistaken. They were both senior students here in the Academy. Her brother, Calum Lenard, was arranged to join the Linus Cup together with the other members. He’s one of the primary defense.”

“Is that right? Isn’t the 19th Linus Cup the year that Titan Academy won the game?”

That’s what the graph said earlier. Luna readily nodded as we began walking again.

“It was the second time Titan Academy won the Cup. By the way, Sir Apollo was also included in that group, as the Team Captain.”

My eyes completely widened there. “Whoa. Wait. Hold on. Sir Apollo was a former Team Captain?”

Suddenly, I saw that face of Sir Apollo, earlier in the Breakfast Hall, in my mind. He looked like he lacks sleep and currently has a hangover. If only he’s not together with the other teachers, he probably be taking out a cigarette and lighting it. He’s a former Captain? He really doesn’t look like one.

“I forgot that you’re not familiar with these things,” Luna commented. “But yes. Sir Apollo was a captain before.”

Luna hove a sigh. “I really don’t quite remember that game since I was only eight years old to even know. But my mom said Sir Apollo wasn’t like that back at school. Yes, he was a naughty student and always got into trouble but he was certainly serious in the Linus Cup.”

“But how did they win if they lost a member?” I asked.

I remembered Sir Apollo always saying to us: There’s a higher chance to win if all of you get out alive.

“It was the Point System of the game.” she replied.

In those words, it came clear to me the reason why. I was quite sure that the group of Hesperia had the highest acquired points so the loss of one member was overlooked and they won.

We arrived at the cafeteria without noticing. We then sat on the nearest chair since there was no one except for the two of us. There’s still a few minutes left before lunch.

“The other members arrived at the final location, at the safe zone; but Sir Apollo and Miss Aura’s brother were stuck in the field, still fighting. Sir Apollo had half of the points for the whole group so if he couldn’t secure them before the wipeout, another group would have won and both of them, or it should be the rest of them, would have died in the arena as the final result.”

I think I know what will be the outcome of this story.

“That’s why Miss Aura’s brother chose to stay behind and cover for Sir Apollo’s retreat to the safe zone, to secure the points and save the group.”

Oh shit. I silently whisper.

Luna sighed as if that’s the end of the tale. “You know, ever since that day ten years ago, Sir Apollo has never been the same. I think he was still blaming himself because he couldn’t save his best friend back in the arena.”

A question suddenly came out from my mouth. “Do Miss Aura and Sir Apollo get along just well?”

I noticed Luna’s avoiding eyes.

“Of course. They are our advisers. They have to be.”

“No. I mean personally.”

I know ten years had already passed; but since Luna had mentioned this history I realized that besides our trainings and things related to the Linus Cup, I’d never seen the two of them together or at least Miss Aura or Sir Apollo talking to each other.

“After the Cup, Sir Apollo couldn’t look straight to Miss Aura’s eyes anymore. I think he could see the face of his friend in Miss Aura’s. But do you know what’s more ironic?” Luna stared in the distance and let a deep sigh.

“Before the game, Miss Aura and Sir Apollo had a thing for each other. But then, Sir Apollo kept distancing himself from Miss Aura. I think Miss Aura got too tired of trying to pass through that same barrier for the last ten years. So she gave up and they both acted as if they were strangers, now.”

Lunch soon came and the cafeteria gradually filled with the students. We moved to our own table and waited for others. The students had those same eyes towards me. They were staring at me as if I might infect them with a contagious disease.

“By the way,” (Shia)

Luna paused from searching something in her small bag that she always carried. She curiously faced me. “What?”

“If Sir Apollo’s group got the second win in the Linus Cup, who were the first and third, then? Is anyone among them still here?

Luna thought about my question. If I remembered correctly, that third victory was just recently acquired by Hesperia. During that time, I really didn’t care about things like Linus Cup and who participated there.

“I think the first one is almost forty years ago?” Luna stopped as if counting. “It was the third Linus Cup; when everything just started. It was the group of our Headmaster who brought home the first victory.”

Headmaster Grey? I can’t help but scoff. No wonder. I tried to keep straight face when Luna continued.

“And the third one was just recently. I think we’ve both heard of it. It’s the 21st Linus Cup. It was the brother of Gin and his team who won the—”

I couldn’t help myself blurting out a response. “Gin has a brother?”

Luna looked at me as if wondering why didn’t know it.

“Yes. It’s Priam Grey. His group is our third victory after the last glory of Hesperia through Sir Apollo’s group.”

Damn. No wonder the Headmaster was giving that kind pressure to Gin. This ‘winning thing’ ran in the family. Is this why Gin’s such a control freak and so adamant in winning?

I can’t imagine the pressure he’s feeling right now. He had the cursed ability, his Dad brought home the first Linus Cup victory, and his brother also won the third Linus Cup. I don’t even want to be him right now; no matter how perfect and wealthy he is.

“Priam is now a member of UBSL and working in the normal world. Sometimes he visits here, especially around this season. I think we will see him in the following days. He should be here since the Cup is nearing; he definitely will come to support his brother.”

Priam Grey. I don’t know why but I don’t like the sound of his name. There’s something in the mere mention of his name that I don’t like. It’s worse than my dislike with the name Gin Grey.

I had no idea that the following days that Luna mentioned, about Gin’s brother visiting the academy, was literally the next day. When I went down to the Breakfast Hall that next morning, he’s there. He was sitting in front of our table and talking to his dear brother, Gin.

I knew immediately that it was him; not only through how people kept peeking at him or what the whispers were saying, which also reached my ears. There was something about this guy that really bothered me. Although he had his back from me; I know with just this first encounter that I won’t like him.

I don’t like how he stood, how he held himself. I don’t like his appearance; his clean-cut hair which was black like Gin, his earring in his left ear that glistened from where I stood.

Why do I hate him this much?

I sat at the same table assigned to our group. The rest seemed yet to come; it’s only Gin and I here in our spot in the Breakfast Hall. I ignored him and didn’t even greet; besides, they looked busy talking. They were almost of the same height and even when he’s talking to his older brother, Gin’s cold treatment still did not change. Perhaps, he is really like that to everyone.

After I sat, I heard Gin’s brother laughed, the sound filled the Breakfast Hall. Everyone became quiet. I looked at Gin but I didn’t find any trace of mirth or even a smile on his face. What could they’ve been talking?

Suddenly, Gin’s brother looked at me which was really a surprise. He smiled at me, though, it was really a strange smile. It was like a joker’s smile; half pleasant, half menacing. He tapped at Gin’s shoulder as if their conversation had ended there.

Soon he stood up and walked towards me. I didn’t know why but I froze and couldn’t move. I just stared at the strange guy walking his way towards me. My eyes fixed on his— dark gray, almost black. I saw the slight flicker of something dangerous in his eyes. It’s as if he’s smiling at me— but at the same time, he wanted to kill me.

He held my hands which felt frozen and pale within his grasp. He pulled it up and placed it near his lips. He stared at me as if asking for permission but at the same time teasing me. Slowly, his lips curved into a smile then it moved and pecked my hand.

That’s when I knew I needed to do something. Abruptly, I pulled my hands from his grip and glared at him. Calm down, Shia. Remember no more trouble, especially with someone like him.

As if he had expected I would do that; he was no longer surprised, only the smile on his lips widened. He’s staring at me like I’m some kind of fucking little toy. The kind you feel excited to play with knowing that it would be treacherous.

(ED: Somehow I remember some disclaimer: Not for children under 3 years and below. Choking hazard in advised. XDD)

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Shia Sheridan.”

Even his voice sounded like him, menacing. Slow, drawling, yet threatening; like all of what he said had another meaning that he only knew. And how the hell did he even know my name?

“And I’m not,” I answered with no interest.

I wiped the hand that he kissed on my uniform. I stared at him straight into his eyes as if I loathed what he did and then stood up and walked out from the Breakfast Hall. The people gasped on my every action and towards my rejection with Gin’s brother.

“How can she even think of doing that?”

“Does she not know who she’s messing with?”

I rolled my eyes. What makes them think that I care?

I finally got out of the Breakfast Hall without paying attention to the whispers around me. I even heard Priam’s amused chuckle. I gritted my teeth. But then, I remembered Gin’s look when I passed by him—there’s something in his eyes that sent shivers down my spine.

Is he worried about me? For what? Did I get myself in some trouble again?

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  1. Sometimes I think they set up Shia, and her friend at the beginning. They need someone for checking out danger, and strangely they run into one they could blackmail. They had the deal ready far too quick.

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