Titan Academy Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Confrontation (1)

I did not know how Gin and I went back inside the castle that night. What I knew is that, after he kissed me, he rested his head on my shoulder as if he really wanted to sleep without minding the place.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes. He’s looking at me while his forehead was on my left shoulder. I don’t know how to get him off because his eyes are so close and he does not even mind that we are outside.

But eventually, I was able to push him slowly. He was upset because of that. I thought what will greet me was his glare but the weird thing was he smiled at me.

“Stay with me, Shia.” He nearly whispered. I don’t know whether he was awake or really just dreaming.

“Get yourself together, Asshole, we still have training tomorrow.”

I assisted him until we gradually got away from the lake and walked inside the castle. I do not know where his room is. What I know is that his room is separated from the regular dormitory given that he is the Headmaster’s son and all.

I don’t know what to do so I just woke Miss Aura. She’s the one who only knows what to do in this situation. I knocked a few times at the door of her room while holding the shoulder of the half asleep Gin. Nearly one minute passed before the door opened.

What greeted us was a sleepy Miss Aura that hasn’t woken up entirely. She looked at us while slowly rubbing her eyes.

“Shia, Gin, what are you doing here?” She said with a yawn.

She looked at Gin and his form. And that made all the explanation.

“So, he went into his routine again.” She calmly said.

She did not seem surprised to see Gin in such a situation. While I don’t understand, I still can’t believe that our strict Team Captain, that everyone is afraid of, the always serious and almost none feeling, is like a child right now who does not want to be left.

Miss Aura sighed and completely opened the door to her room. “Put him inside.”

I did what she said. Miss Aura went to a phone. She dialed there several times. No one’s answering. She again sighs and looks at me.

“Don’t tell.” She said.

I do not know what she is talking about but I nodded.

After a while, she released a deep breath before slightly closing her eyes to concentrate. As she closed her eyes, her forehead knitted as like she was looking for something or someone.

“Thank God.” She whispered before her eyes finally opened.

“Apollo, I need you here.”

There was a momentary silence as though she’s listening to what the other side was talking about.

“Yes, it’s Gin.”

Mind link, I thought. So that’s why. What she did is a violation of the school rules.

A while later Miss Aura nodded. “I’ll wait for you here.”

After that she faced me. “You can go now, Shia. Sir Apollo is about to bring Gin to his room.”

I looked at Gin where I laid him on the nearest sofa. “Okay,” I answered.

I turned around and was about to go out of the room when I heard my name again.

“Shia?” Miss Aura asked. “How did you know?”

I didn’t answer immediately.

Miss Aura looked at Gin. “He doesn’t do it often but it’s just recently that I noticed that it’s becoming frequent.”

I shrugged as if I did not care. “Like water, too much pressure can cause one to burst,” I answered.

Miss Aura smiled knowingly.

“I sometimes feel the danger around the people close to me.” My answer to her first question. “Good night.”

I went out of the room and closed the door. When I am in the hallway and in a quiet surrounding, I heave a sigh.

And it’s a freaking curse. Especially when the times comes where you couldn’t do anything.

The next day I woke up late. While lying on the bed, I watched the clock in my bedroom. Almost eleven o’clock. I rolled my eyes and stayed lying there.

The sun was almost shining when I fell asleep earlier. I did nothing but stare at the ceiling of my room. Repeatedly playing in my mind what happened with Gin. I cursed for several times. I just hope he did not have any memory of what happened yesterday night when he woke up.

I lazily stood up from the bed and prepared to go. I immediately went to the training room when I went down. Certainly, they are in the middle of training now. What is our scheduled training today? Physical? Survival? Strategy?

I tried to remember the thing as I walked into the hallway. I feel like I had a hang over. I was almost down the stairs when I heard my name.


I think it was the first time I heard my name from her— from that nice voice. Very fine, calm, and sounded like an angel’s voice. I turned around and I wasn’t surprised when I saw Corrine standing in front of me.

I can’t help but wonder. Does she need something from me?

“Can I talk to you?” She asked.

I watched her. She was elegant looking as usual— neatly dressed with the gentlest face I’ve seen in this place. We are wearing the same uniform but with her, it looks more beautiful and elegant. I looked at the downward staircase that was in front of me. I know that I’m late but I can’t reject a person like her.


She smiled before turning back and walked off to somewhere. It seems like she wants me to follow. My forehead slightly furrowed because of it. Can’t we just talk right here in the hallway? There was no one here.

She entered a vacant classroom near the end of the hallway. I sighed and followed. As we were inside, she closed the door and smiled face to face with me.

“Shia, do you know me?” She asked.

I want to laugh because of this. What kind of question is that? Instead of responding, I just looked at her in the eyes, as if asking her ‘what do you think?’

She smiled lightly. “I’m supposed to be the seer of the group, the position you are in right now.”

I did not know why but my amusement suddenly disappeared from what is happening. My face became serious while looking at her. She’s still smiling gently, but it looks like there is something that she wants to insinuate.

“So you are my substitute.” She continued. “I’m glad that they made a good choice for my auxiliary. “

My. That word made it sound like everything is about her. Me being here, me being part of the group, even my existence.

“Shia, can you do me a favor?” She asked sweetly.

I started to grit my teeth. This conversation is going downhill.

“Will you stay away from Gin?”

I blinked my eyes at what she said. I looked at her in the eyes as if I couldn’t believe what she said. And the funny thing is, her expression did not change. She was still smiling as if her fucking request is as innocent as her face.

“I don’t care about the other members. You can get close to them if you want. But not Gin.”

I feel like I went deaf at what she said. I want to laugh. You don’t care about the other members? Only Gin? And what’s your problem? The way you speak to them is like they are just objects you want to give away. Are you really a former member of the group?

I tried to calm myself before responding. I might not be able to stop it if I did not.

“Corrine,” I started. “Are you considering me as a threat?”

There her gentle smile gradually lost.

“Listen to me,” I continued. “I don’t care about the state of your relationship with Gin. I will not say that he is yours because he is not a thing to be given away.”

“Just what I want to say is, instead of making people stay away from him, make a way for him to get closer to you. Don’t blame others for what you are lacking. Do something. Don’t make people do things in your favor.”

“And please, you can’t tell me who I can approach and who I can not because you do not have the right. I am your substitute, but I’m not here for you.”

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  1. A harsh statement Shia, nevertheless, I completely agree. If they are not looking your way and you have no official relationship beyond mere friends clearly you need to be doing more to gain their attention.

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